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Brain Hurricane Chicago PowerPoint Presentation
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Brain Hurricane Chicago

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Brain Hurricane Chicago
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Brain Hurricane Chicago

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  1. Brain Hurricane Teaches Students To Develop Individual Creativity

  2. Brain Hurricane is a tutoring program, designed by Reed Howard especially for the students from Kindergarten to eighth grade. Reed Howard, a lifelong teacher, created innovative and creative teaching methods for this program. These methods help the students in learning by making it a fun process. It helps in lessening the burden of cramming on them and increases their grasping power.

  3. Highly qualified and skilled professionals are employed at Brain Hurricane. These teachers undergo extensive professional training before teaching the students in order to understand the teaching methods adopted here. The curriculum is designed by the teachers while keeping the interest of students in mind.

  4. It lays stress on reading skills, mathematics and vocabulary development of students and includes short fictional stories which are suitable for different ages. These stories help the students in building their phonics skills, phonemic awareness, and fluency.

  5. The students are taught by utilizing unique strategies which are efficient enough to hold the attention of students and help them in improving their academic performance as well as in earning better test scores and grades.

  6. Each day starts with several movement activities like Multiplication Basketball and Spelling Jumping Rope. These activities help the teachers in invigorating the sleeping minds of students and in making them alert and responsive towards teaching. Brain Hurricane is defined by the qualities like cooperative, fun, effective, experienced and professional.

  7. Each tutoring session consists of short 15 minute activity which helps in keeping the students attentive. These activities are designed to keep the students active, engaged and having fun. Brain Hurricane conducted a survey in 2008-2009 involving 253 parents of students studying in Chicago Public School System. According to this survey, 68.7% parents accepted that the tutoring program is liked by their children 72.2% parents

  8. showed interest in signing up their child again for this program and 75% students said that they like the instructors at Brain Hurricane. To know more about Brain Hurricane teaching program, please visit