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brain hurricane offers simple and easy ways of learning l.
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Brain Hurricane Chicago PowerPoint Presentation
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Brain Hurricane Chicago

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Brain Hurricane Chicago
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Brain Hurricane Chicago

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  1. Brain Hurricane Offers Simple And Easy Ways Of Learning

  2. Brain Hurricane is a free tutoring program which emphasizes on the involvement of the students in the classroom as it believes that students cannot learn unless they are paying attention. Developed by Reed Howard, a lifelong teacher, this program has worked with more than 6000 students in seven different states over the past six years. Several interesting and new teaching methods have been adopted here in order to teach students in an efficient manner.

  3. These teaching methods are extremely different from the ordinary methods of lectures where the attention of students easily drifts off. Brain Hurricane lays stress on imparting practical knowledge as it believes that practical knowledge has more impact on the students in comparison to theoretical knowledge. The teachers employed here, are highly skilled and proficient.

  4. They undergo extensive professional training before teaching the students in order to understand the teaching methods adopted here. The curriculum is aligned with national and state benchmarks and includes all the relevant content. The teachers utilize divergent techniques to make the lessons interesting for the students. The students are encouraged to work in groups and which helps them in understanding the importance of teamwork and also makes them learn how to handle peer pressure efficiently.

  5. The students are taught that each problem has multiple solutions and there exist several creative and innovative ways to solve them. Brain Hurricane conducted a survey in 2008-2009 involving 253 parents of students who studied in Chicago Public School System. This survey revealed that 68.7% of the parents believed that the tutoring program is liked by their children.

  6. 72.2% parents were so pleased with this program that they showed keen interest in signing up their child for this program again, 68.15% said that they would definitely recommend this program to other parents, and 75% students said that they like the instructors at Brain Hurricane. To learn more about this tutoring program, please visit