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Brain Hurricane

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Brain Hurricane
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Brain Hurricane

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  1. Brain Hurricane - A Revolutionary Technique Of Education

  2. Brain Hurricane provides free tutoring for students up to 8th grade that allows the students to study in an interactive and creative way. Students are encouraged to take part in the group activities which teaches them how to work in a team and solve various curriculum related problems. Brain Hurricane was founded by Reed Howard who herself was from teaching background.

  3. Her research into the teaching methods and her teaching experience led her to create the Brain Hurricane tutoring program. The curriculum at Brain hurricane is matched with the state and national standards. Brain Hurricane tutoring methods aims at total participation from each of the students.

  4. Brain Hurricane tutoring methods are far better then the regular classroom learning methods which involve only class study with least involvement of the students. The curriculum of Brain Hurricane tutoring program is made by keeping the teachers and students in mind. Everything is taught through practical knowledge and activities that make students a part of the learning process.

  5. Practical knowledge has more impact on the students as compared to the theoretical study. The good results of the students at Brain Hurricane are proof of this innovative and creative education system. Brain Hurricane tutoring requires students to solve curriculum related problems through many ways by making different groups.

  6. It enhances the creative and imaginative abilities of the student. The students learn to be competitive by working in groups. The Brain Hurricane team has developed curriculum related to different grades to help students in improving their vocabulary, reading comprehension and fluency. The teachers at Brain Hurricane tutoring classes are given extensive training to provide them a complete

  7. understanding of the teaching techniques used by Brain Hurricane. The highly skilled teachers at Brain Hurricane make sure that students use and apply knowledge in solving problems and enhance their creativity. For more information on the tutoring programs offered by Brain Hurricane please visit