Autistic disorder
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Autistic Disorder. Alexsandra Garcia Psychology Period 3. Autistic Disorder. Autistic Disorder –characterized by a massive impairment in individuals ability to communicate and relate to others. Which means ,people with autism lack the ability to understand the mental states of other people.

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Autistic disorder

Autistic Disorder

Alexsandra Garcia


Period 3

Autistic disorder1
Autistic Disorder

Autistic Disorder –characterized by a massive impairment in individuals ability to communicate and relate to others.

Which means ,people with autism lack the ability to understand the mental states of other people.

Associated features
Associated Features

People with autism have Isolated feelings and thoughts ,they are always “to themselves” and they just want to do everything on their own/alone.

They have their own daily routine and like to keep everything the same, no changes in there usual lives.

Associated features1
…Associated Features

Some that do speak its really hard to get them to keep talking to you ,or for them to actually start a conversation.

Associated features2
…Associated Features

The physical side affects of it is loss of hand

skills and avoiding eye contact ,trouble upholding and keeping a conversation going.

The way they have physically is repetitive mannerism ,shake arms ,spin around repedetly ,rocking back and forth or engage in harmful ,self damaging behavior like head banging.

Associated features dsm iv tr criteria
AssociatedFeaturesDSM-IV-TR Criteria


One of the ways that causes Autism is by familial inheritance ,that means ,Evidence from family that may play a role in the genetic transmission of autistic disorder.


Another way is, theorist believe that people develop autistic disorder by lacking the innate (natural)way of forming emotional bonds with other people especially with their parents.


20 people

This is common in 2 out of 20 people per 10,000


There are many ways of treating Autism like:

The behavior of the children could be successfully changed through medicated and behavioral treatment programs.


Another way ,is given reinforcement for proper behavior ,like asking for help or getting feedback and it make them less harmful for themselves. Also including punishment like stop hitting your head.(operant Conditioning)


Clinicians also concentrate on motivating the child to communicate more effectively and expanding a child's motivation to respond to social and environmental life is a key treatment.

Ivar Lovass played a big role in because who made treatments that were intended to eliminate all odd behaviors ,including those that involve self harm


For example-little changes like letting a child pick out his/her own toys rather than having the Clinicians choose it for them.


Ivar Lovass did a long term project of research about treating autism and reported that a high rate of complete improvement was done after years of 40-hours per week treatment.

Almost one half of children in treatment programs go to accomplish normal interest and educational functioning by the time they reached first grade .


Finding in a great amount of time study children starting when they were ages 2 to 6 showed that the children who had better skills in communication and play had better language and social skills in there early preteen years.


Persuasive Development Disorders

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Class Textbook

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Discussion question
Discussion Question

How would you approach someone with autism if it was part of Mrs. Marsh project?