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Indisk Catering | Bindia in Copenhagen 45 35 43 88 38 PowerPoint Presentation
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Indisk Catering | Bindia in Copenhagen 45 35 43 88 38

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Indisk Catering | Bindia in Copenhagen 45 35 43 88 38 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Our company provides best Indian restaurant in Copenhagen city. We can online order eating Indian foods. Indian food is very tasty, so Indian cookers prepare this dishes in the best way. Denmark people are also like this Indian dishes.
Our company provides other many dishes like:
1) Butter chicken
2) Chicken or Lamb Biryani
3) Wine and beverages
4) Butter chicken
If you need further information then visit us:
Contact us: 45 35 43 88 38

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Indisk Catering | Bindia in Copenhagen 45 35 43 88 38

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Presentation Transcript
if you do not appreciate artificial colors

If you do not appreciate artificial colors and processed food, the organic (30-60%) Indian food, made with the most interesting and refreshing spices, obtained from traditional Ayurveda knowledge at Bindia, is perfect for you. We have mastered the traditional Indian recipes, which are mixed with the many Asian food cultures such as Arabic, Persian, Mongolian, centuries back in time.

Bindia Take Away

our bindia company supplies many dishes

Our Bindia company supplies many dishes in Denmark country. Indian food is the best food in the whole country in Denmark. In Copenhagen city, many Indian restaurants offer our company. Our company offers delicious dishes to live branded afford people. Our company delivers Indian food at the cheapest prices so everyone can easily the taxes on each dish.

Indian Restaurant

we also make sure to make use of all the real

We also make sure to make use of all the real Indian values ​​when it comes to preparing food for you, such as: 1) use as many organic ingredients as possible.2) No artificial flavors or additives.3) No preservatives, but only fresh ingredients for each recipe.4) No frozen food.5) No artificial food colors.6) No preserved food ingredients

When Prepare Indian Foods?

food dishes in copenhagen many indian restaurant

Food Dishes:In Copenhagen many Indian restaurant provides good services, but in these restaurant Bindia restaurant is one of the best and delicious foods for Denmark people.Butter chickenlamb spinachVegetarianChicken or lamb biryaniWine and beveragesIndian drinks White ChickenDalTikka CurryParathaIrish Coffee

Specialties Food Dishes List

some indian foods

Some Indian Foods

Butter Chicken - Is rated by food critics to be "addictive" for a reason. When you can taste the perfection of Ayurveda spices and organic ingredients all the way down to the most sensitive taste buds, we can guarantee you want more.Wine and beverages - organic Indian wines in the most unique presentations to wash all the delicious food taste with pampering in their own taste.Indian drinks - fresh mango lassi made of Indian Alphonso mango and organic natural yogurt. Or try a glass of our sweet sandalwood drink anytime during your meal.

bindia is located on the corner of trianglen

Bindia is located on the corner of trianglen and just in front of the upcoming metro station.Large boulevards, delicacies, designer shops like Normann Copenhagen, Rambow and moshi, green oases and Denmark's most famous statue. Østerbro, also known as Copenhagen Ø, is cozy and exclusive, but at the same time relaxed and down to earth.Østerbro is located north of Copenhagen city center and is one of the city's most attractive residential areas, especially for families with children or dogs. The reason is that Østerbro is one of the greenest areas in the city, home to Fælledparken - Denmark's largest public park - with sports facilities, playgrounds, football courts and parked national park.

Bindia Restaurant Located Area

Phone: +45 35 43 88 38Address:Blegdamsvej 130 2100 Copenhagen Ø

Contact Us: