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Case Study 2. Simulated Case Study 2. Synchronous computer-mediated support for students accessing an Online mental health service

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Simulated case study 2
Simulated Case Study 2

Synchronous computer-mediated support for students accessing an Online mental health service

Case study 2 presents Dominik, who is married and the father of three young children. He has recently separated from his partner, and their children live with him in the family home. Dominik was working full time prior to the separation, but has been diagnosed with depression by the family GP. He is currently working full time and studying at a local college. He is finding the issues relating to his separation very difficult and has been referred to an online mental health support service. He has accessed the service via email with the intent of engaging in synchronous computer-mediated exchanges.

Points to consider
Points to consider

What would be the initial points of focus when responding to this enquiry in relation to:

  • Establishing a focus for the computer-mediated exchanges with the client?

  • The remit of the service offers an open-ended number of exchanges with clients. What would be your initial thoughts regarding the number of sessions you would offer this client prior to reviewing a potential continuation of exchanges?

  • What would you wish to include in the first meeting with the client which could provide a platform for establishing an online relationship?

  • What relevant points would you consider appropriate to include within your email reply where you offer Dominik an initial synchronous meeting?

  • Notice any personal and professional thoughts and responses you may have upon first reading the simulated client email. How might these thoughts influence your response to the client?

Case study 2

Dominik’s email to the Online Mental Health Support Service When you have read this email, construct a reply based upon the points mentioned in the previous slide and any additional considerations you may have. Notice what skills you adopt to ensure an effective and positive computer-mediated dialogue with the client.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to use your online service for clients suffering with depression. I would prefer

evening appointments as I am working during the day time and also have children to look after in the early evening. I’m not sure how much information you need from me in this initial email, but in brief I am recently separated from my partner. Our three children are currently living with me whilst their mother finds permanent accommodation. I am finding it very hard to fit everything in at the moment as I work full time and have recently started a part-time course so that I can change my current work in a factory. I have a few friends who help out with babysitting and getting shopping for me during the week. My doctor has prescribed anti-depressants for me as I had taken the separation very badly. I’m starting to feel a little better now, but need some support to get me through the next few months.

I hope you can help.