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HOW TO SET UP FOR CATFISHING - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  2. How To Get Dressed • You Dress in pants, thermals, a long sleeved shirt or sweater.

  3. How To Pack For Fishing • You Would Pack your fishing tackle box, fishing poles, and especially bait, lanterns and flashlights, chairs, a fishing net, and maybe a radio for music. Make sure you have all the gear you need.

  4. Where To Fish At • There are many places to fish at. You can fish at lakes, ponds, the ocean, the sea, and rivers. One good place to fish at is Lake Evergreen in IL.

  5. Unloading Your Gear • You would then unload all of your gear ( fishing poles, tackle boxes, bait, and lanterns and flashlights). Unpack Gear

  6. How To Set Up Your Gear • You then set up your lanterns, chairs, radio, and check your phone.

  7. How To Set Up To Throw Your Pole Out • You would then set up once you have chosen a place or spot to fish at. You set up your pole by: • 1. Put a lead on your line for support. • 2. Put a sinker or bobber on after you put the lead on. • 3. Put a hook on your pole. • 4. Put a worm or any other bait on the hook. • 5. Throw your pole out. • 6. Tighten your slack on the line.

  8. What To Do When You Catch A Fish • When you catch a fish make sure its on the line by setting the hook and reel in as fast as you can. Most time at a lake or pond.

  9. What To Do When The Fish Is On Shore • You would have someone grab a fishing net, hold your pole, use the fishing net to hold the fish in, grab a stringer, poke a hole in the cat fish’s mouth and run the stringer through it and tie it and make sure it is tight, then throw it out in the water.

  10. When You Get Done Fishing • When you're done fishing you would pack up all of your gear but pack your fishing poles last in case you get a bite from a fish, make sure you have all your gear and walk up to your vehicle and put your gear away. Pack Up

  11. When You Get Home • When you get home you unpack all your gear in put it right back in its original place and make sure everything is right and that you have everything.

  12. How To Skin A Cat Fish • When you skin a fish you would set up a table and spread news paper all on top of it. You would then put gloves on to keep form getting slimy and protect yourself from the catfish. You then make a cut around the head on each side and then you would take a pair of pliers and slowly peel the skin back on each side, once you’ve gotten to the lower stomach you try to be careful and not rip the fish open while you’re skinning it. Sometimes it will move around. Then you will cut off the head and you remove the guts into the kitchen and rinse it off very well, then the fish will be cut up into nuggets or fillet placed into freezer bags and placed into the deep freezer. He intestine. Once you’ve get all the guts out you take the fish