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Learning Progressions

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Learning Progressions. Red Beach School Hellen Healey and Andrea Smee. Red Beach School is a community empowering life long learners who can achieve and make a difference. Quotes About Learning.

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learning progressions

Learning Progressions

Red Beach School

Hellen Healey and Andrea Smee

Red Beach School is a community empowering life long learners who can achieve and make a difference.

quotes about learning
Quotes About Learning

“The test of successful education is not the amount of knowledge that pupils take away from school, but their appetite to know and their capacity to learn.”

Sir Richard Livingstone 1941

“Pedagogy should at its best be about what teachers do that not only helps students to learn but actively strengthens their capacity to learn.”

David Hargreaves, 2004

purpose of the session
Purpose of the session
  • To find how we produced and use progressions to support learning at RBS
  • To see how they help move the locus of control towards the children
  • To see how teachers have used them within the classroom environment to help make an OTJ

Managing Self is an important part of the Key Competencies and directly links to our Life Long Learning dispositions


The use of progressions empowers our children so that they know:

Where they are as a Learner

What their next learning step is

How to get there

don t make learning a secret
Don’t make learning a secret!
  • John Hattie – talks about best teaching practice being those approaches which achieve an effect size of above 0.4
  • Such practices include having learning intentions and success criteria, peer tutoring, setting challenging goals, self reporting grades
  • How can you set goals and report grades if you do not know what progress looks like and what the possibilities are?
  • Teachers, students and parents need to have a common conception of what progress looks like – “exposing the information” John Hattie
  • The progressions we have produced bring greater clarity to these issues for teachers, students and parents
  • Teachers were unsure of the progression path within each of the number domains
  • We found stages 5 to 8 of the NP too broad and lacking in detail
  • Children found student profiles too vague and often did not really understand the language
The Numeracy progressions were compiled using the Framework and the other Numeracy books
  • They align with the standards as they were based on the framework
  • Each domain is broken down into three parts from stage 5 onwards
  • We have used Basic, Proficient and Advanced terminology to align with asTTle
Each stage shows examples of the types of problems encountered but with increasing complexity
  • They have been written in child speak so the students can understand them and can use them to inform their learning and answer the 3 questions
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Multiplication and Division
  • Fractions Ratios and proportions
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Multiplication and Division
  • Fractions Ratios and proportions
  • Previously, we had had a very linear rubric
  • It did not give children or teachers any real guidance as to how well they were progressing within the level or show the next learning step
  • It raised huge questions with the staff…
producing the writing progression
Producing the writing Progression
  • Using the writing exemplars and the draft standards we broke down each level to create a progression
  • Each proposed level was taken back to the horizontal teams for critique
  • They were trialled and used to moderate work
  • Through our strategic plan we are coming back to re-evaluate them against the National Standards
  • Developed what we had already up to the end of the colour wheel
  • Literacy leaders made the early ones into a progression
  • Literacy Leader developed draft progressions to the end of Level 3
  • Aligned progressions with the Literacy Learning Progressions and the standards.
  • Horizontal teams critiqued against the published documents
  • Feedback/changes made
  • Trialed within classes at group level
  • Used to support OTJ
  • Work in progress

Green to Turquoise

8.5- 12+ (1)

8.5 - 12+ (2)

other progressions in the pipeline
Other progressions in the pipeline



Hearts and values