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CSCOPE End of Year Update PowerPoint Presentation
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CSCOPE End of Year Update

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CSCOPE End of Year Update

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CSCOPE End of Year Update

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  1. CSCOPEEnd of Year Update Planning for 2010-2011

  2. There are 652 CSCOPE • districts and 2,743 • campuses statewide. • 19 ESC Partners

  3. Content Area Update

  4. Math and Social Studies • Math and social studies documents are currently under review. Based on any feedback or state requirement updates, minor edits and enhancements are being addressed. • The math and social studies curriculum documents (VADs, TEKS Clarification Documents, IFDs, TEKS Verification Documents, and YAGOs) will be posted to the Developer by June 1, 2010. • 2010-11 versions of the math and social studies lessons will be available by June 1, 2010.

  5. ELA Update • The ELA curriculum documents (VADs, IFDs, TEKS Verification Documents, and YAGOs) will be posted to the Developer by June 1, 2010. • NEW ELA Unit 1 lessons will be posted to the Developer beginning June 1, 2010. • The ELA first semester should be posted by August 15, 2010. • The ELA second semester should be posted by November, 2010.

  6. ELA Update • The ELA lesson templates have changed. The file names are: Lesson Organizer and Daily Lesson • 5-E Model is embedded within the framework of the lessons, although the 5-Es are not labeled. • Let’s take a look at the samples…

  7. Spanish Language Arts (SLA) Update • The SLA curriculum documents (VADs, IFDs, TEKS Verification Documents, and YAGOs) will be posted to the Developer by June 1, 2010. • NEW SLA Unit 1 lessons will be posted to the Developer beginning June 15, 2010. • The SLA first semester should be posted by September 2010. • The SLA second semester should be posted by December 2010.

  8. Science Update: • New science TEKS implementation for 2010-11. • New CSCOPEscience curriculum developed for teachers to utilize for the upcoming school year. • Science curriculum documents (VADs, TEKS Clarification Documents, IFDs, TEKS Verification Documents, and YAGOs) will be posted to the Developer by June 1, 2010.

  9. Science Update • No new science lessons will be available for 2010-11. • The 2009-10 CSCOPEscience lessons will still be accessible on the Developer. • The ESC science teams will provide support resources to help teachers look at the new standards, the specificity of the standards, and other components of the content to help with the transition process.

  10. Science Update • Science transition documents (K-8) are being developed to help guide teachers in moving from the old standards to the new science standards. • Unit comparisons between the 2009 standards and specificity and the 2010 standards and specificity will be a component of the transition documents. • The transition documents will be distributed to each ESC to support their training during the transition school year. • It will be critical that teachers participate in the training before utilizing the science bridging documents.

  11. Changes to Curriculum Templates • Process TEKS will be added to the IFDs in a separate chart at the end of the document for math, social studies, and science. For ELA/SLA the ongoing TEKS are located after the key academic vocabulary section of the IFD. (see handout example) - ELA/SLA: Ongoing TEKS - Math: Underlying processes and mathematical tools - Science: Scientific processes - Social Studies: Social Studies skills

  12. Changes to Curriculum Templates • Footers on Vertical Alignment Documents (VAD) have been revised to ensure consistency and added clarification across the content areas. • Instructional Focus Documents (IFD) will be adjusted to separate the Misconceptions and Underdeveloped Concepts components.

  13. Changes to Curriculum Templates • Based on the new science standards the Vertical Alignment Documents (VAD) are no longer formatted by the unifying concepts. • The VADs now reflect a K-2, 3-5, and 6-8 formatting. • The high school science course documents are classified as TEKS Clarification Documents.

  14. ASSESSMENTS • The assessment process is going through a review process. • Assessments for 2010-11 will be available and based on the IFDs. • The assessment process review will guide the release date determination. More information will be forthcoming.

  15. Professional Development (PD) Update New PD Modules have been created for use statewide CSCOPE Overview Session which will include: • Implementation Guide Training • Vertical Alignment Document: Aligning the Curriculum Gr. 12-K • Navigating the Year at a Glance (YAG), the TEKS Verification Matrix, and the Instructional Focus Document (IFD)

  16. Professional Development (PD) Update Additional training modules developed: • Leading Change and Level 5 Leadership • CSCOPE 101 for Administrators • Instructional Coaching for Leaders • CSCOPE for Librarians • 5-E 101 • The CSCOPE Curriculum and Assessment Connection

  17. Professional Development (PD) Update • The two year Implementation Guide training will be one of the major training modules added for 2010-11. • Gaining momentum to capture true fidelity of implementation can be enhanced via the Implementation Guide training.

  18. Professional Development (PD) Update • The additional PD modules will enhance administrator and teacher understanding of the CSCOPE process. • In-depth training in the CSCOPE components will greatly impact utilization effectiveness and support processes.

  19. Development Chart Review

  20. CSCOPE Component Document Review

  21. College and Career Readiness Information Alignment and correlations of the College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS) have been addressed.

  22. CSCOPE DEVELOPER (Online Housing Management System) • An enhanced Developer interface will be available August 1, 2010. • Training will be conducted for school personnel on the enhanced updates. • Math and SS will be separated into the various 5-E sections for ease of use with the lesson planner. ELA lessons will be provided by day of instruction. • New science lesson files will reflect the same change in 2010-11.

  23. CSCOPE DEVELOPER (Online Housing Management System) • New Developer INTERFACE Coming!–Brand new look and feel! • New interface is currently under development. • The new interface will be piloted before official release. • The release of the NEW interface is projected for spring 2011. Both the ENHANCED version and NEW interface versions will be available for districts to access.

  24. CSCOPE DEVELOPER (Online Housing Management System) • The “assessment” toggle switch in the Developer will be defaulted to the ON position. Districts can choose to turn the assessments to the OFF position in the system. • A HELP button icon will be added next to the sections where a Quick Start Guide is available.

  25. CSCOPE DEVELOPER (Online Housing Management System) • The CSCOPE RESOURCES (and all related documents) in the Developer will become a dropdown menu in the IFD called “Related Resources”. • The “YEAR at a Glance” in the drop down menu will be removed and the listing of units for the year will be titled “UNIT MAP”. The Year at a Glance will only refer to the one page document in the resources. • This above will aid in the user-friendliness of the system.

  26. CSCOPE DEVELOPER (Online Housing Management System) • Principal walk-through tools and training webinar are located in the Developer • Districts will be able to choose between a 6 or a 9 week Unit Map. A toggle button will be added in order to select the 6 or 9 week Unit Map version. • Teachers will be able to be assigned as users at multiple campuses, rather than the current one campus designation.

  27. District User License Agreement (DULA) • Superintendents will need to sign the 2010-11 CSCOPE DULA. • Signed DULAs must be returned with the ESC 8 Contract Booklet.

  28. Vendor Relationships • The Vendor Relations link located at the bottom of the CSCOPE home page provides additional information about vendor relations. Please visit • ETA/Cuisenaire is the only approved CSCOPE vendor. • Dialogue with the three big three publishers (Pearson, Harcourt-Houghton-Mifflin, and McGraw Hill) regarding correlations is currently underway. • THERE IS STILL NO AGREEMENT OF ANY KIND DEVELOPED AT THIS TIME with the three publishers.

  29. Other Resources • CSCOPE Newsletters – Posted each six weeks at • CSCOPE Parent Portal – Please access at

  30. Summer Conference Update • June 21st State CSCOPE Pre-Conference – Completely full - 1200 participants • June 22 – 23 State CSCOPE Conference- Completely full - 3000 participants • Reviewing future conference needs to determine solutions for larger conference venues.