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Our Services

Our Services

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Our Services

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  1. Our Services

  2. Services

  3. Vessel Inspection 1. Sale and Purchase 2. Condition Assessment 3. Pre-charter 4. On-Hire and Off Hire

  4. Inspection details • BLUE TRITON undertake ship inspections on behalf of banks, financial institutions, investors and ship owners. These inspections are conducted for pre-purchase, condition assessment, pre-charter, on hire and off hire. The inspection is carried out by our experienced inspectors and we can provide our services world wide. On completion of inspection, an extensive summary is prepared and forwarded electronically for the prompt attention to the client. The report includes class records, relevant plans and photographs as well. Any client specific requirements can be incorporated into our standard report format and fully addressed by our inspector.

  5. S a l e & P u r c h a s e S e r v i c e s • The primary objective is to provide assistance in connection with the sale and purchase of vessels by giving an independent view of the condition of the vessel(s). Based on the client's specific requirements, this service involves the inspection of class records to provide the status of class and statutory certificates and surveys; the status of recommendations and memoranda affecting class; dry-docking records; major and significant overhauls and repairs; and a review of thickness measurement results where applicable.

  6. C o n d i t i o n S u r v e y s • Superficial afloat inspections with limited or no opening up. Areas covered include corrosion protection, cargo systems, deck and navigational equipment, accommodation, machinery systems and maintenance, logbooks, information on trade, performance reports, loading / discharging rates, out-turn discrepancies, safety equipment and safety consciousness, records ad status related to classification and marine administrations.

  7. New Building & Plan Approval • 1. Shipyard evaluation and selection • 2. Assistance with review of technical specifications and contracts. • 3. Design and Equipment review • 4. Site supervision using a team of experienced personnel • 5. Commissioning and trials

  8. New building project BLUE TRITON provide specialist support services to new building projects from the initial feasibility study through to in-service evaluation.

  9. Plan Appraisal and Design Support If required BLUE TRITON shall provide on-going design support during the building process, especially for non-class approved drawings and within the production limitations that may be imposed by the yard. Plan Appraisal and Equipment Review is carried out by our team of Marine Engineers, Naval Architects, Electrical engineer, Masters and Mechanical Engineer.

  10. Project management Our team-members have everyday exposure to the current requirements of international maritime trade and we strive to ensure all vessels handled by our team members are built to the necessary standards and able to trade safely and cleanly in international waters.

  11. Repairs and Conversion • 1. Pre-docking inspection • 2. Writing specification • 3. Shipyard evaluation • 4. Project management • 5. Cost control and purchasing

  12. Repairs specification • In this increasingly complex sector of the maritime business, BLUE TRITON is able to undertake supervision of the whole range of management applications associated with docking, repairs and conversions of every type of vessel.

  13. Our services include: • Onboard pre-docking inspection, assistance with renewal surveys, • UTM, structural and coating repairs • Writing specification, including steel work calculations, preparing drawings, shipyard evaluation and budget proposal, purchasing, • Supervising docking repairs including cost control and project management.

  14. BLUE TRITON offer full engineering services for vessel conversions, and can undertake the structural, mechanical, electrical aspects of any conversion, repair and upgrading requirements, providing both design and drawing services suitable for Classification Society approval and shipyard tendering.

  15. Marine Services • 1. Marine vetting and inspection • 2. Shipboard maritime enhanced training • 3. Port State Control preparations and training • 4. Maritime Security monitoring and surveillance • . Manuals and Document Development

  16. BLUE TRITON offers "Quality SMART" services in which we have a proven track-record in • vetting, ISM and ISO implementation and preparation. Our experience can be used by companies with vessels due for inspections or audits while trading world wide. The company also offers several accredited crew training programs that include simplified course books and correspondence course video/DVD lessons that allow crew to learn as the videos/DVDs are viewed.

  17. Manuals and Document Development With the ever increasing demand for compliance to new regulations and requirements, BLUE TRITON has also assisted clients and owners in the development of various statutory compliant documents for Class Approvals, namely : • Shipboard Ship-to-ship Transfer Operational Plan (STS Plan) • Volatile Organic Compound Management Plan (VOC MP) • Emergency Towing Booklet (ETB) • Ballast Water Management Plan (BWMP)

  18. QA Services • 1. Manuals and quality document development (HSSEQ) • 2. 3rd party quality and integrated ISO shipboard and office audits

  19. Safety Management System (SMS) Manuals • BLUE TRITON develop and supply simple, easy to use English SMS manuals. The manuals are tailored to client's company structure and organization chart.

  20. Training of client's company Staff for SMS Implementation. For the SMS to work successfully, we will provide trainer to conduct training for the company staff and ship officers / engineers. • Attendance of Interim DOC Audit conducted by Class Society BLUE TRITON can assist in the attendance of DOC audit. An Interim DOC Audit will be conducted by the Class Society at the company's office as part of the process for the attainment of DOC.

  21. BLUE TRITON offer 3rd party ISM audits, both ship and office audits