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Week of: October 21 st -October 25 th PowerPoint Presentation
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Week of: October 21 st -October 25 th

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Week of: October 21 st -October 25 th - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Week of: October 21 st -October 25 th. News to Know . Rowdy Readers. Halloween is next Thursday! There is a lot to keep in mind for the upcoming holiday. The fall parade is at 1:40. We will go around the field on the sidewalk. Make sure you bring your camera

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Week of: October 21st-October 25th

News to Know

Rowdy Readers

  • Halloween is next Thursday! There is a lot to keep in mind for the upcoming holiday.
  • The fall parade is at 1:40. We will go around the field on the sidewalk. Make sure you bring your camera
  • Costumes are NOT to be worn to school. Costumes should come in a labeled bag and be easy enough to slip on over the clothes that your child is wearing to school that day when it is time for the parade. No weapons, masks or face paint.
  • The party will take place after the parade. Only the parents who signed up as party assistants on the Shutterfly site will be allowed in the classroom for the party. I’m sorry but we cannot allow any and all parents to attend the party.
  • Our snack has been approved and will be cheese snacks, raisins and juice boxes. If you do not want your child eating the snack, feel free to send your own.
  • If you would not like your child attending the party and participating in the festivities please let me know. But also know that this is considered to be a FALL celebration, not just Halloween.
  • It is getting very cold outside. Please make sure that your child comes to school with appropriate clothing on and ready to go outside. We will always go outside for recess unless it reaches 20 below zero!
  • The permission slips went home this week for the OPRF food pantry field trip. I have not received all of the permission slips back yet, so please send them ASAP if you have not yet done so.
  • This week the class and I worked hard to understand the main idea and supporting details in the books that we read. We did this with both fiction and nonfiction books. Additionally, we stopped frequently throughout our readings to ask and answer questions about unknown words that come up. Here are some of the books that helped us with these skills:
  • Brer Turtle Helps Out
  • The Little Red Hen
  • The Halloween Play
  • Friends All Around
  • We added a new word wall word as well this week. This week we added “a”. Right now our word wall list is up to seven words.
  • We also worked on five new vocabulary words this week: world, game, pleasant, honest and assist. These words are meant to expand the kid’s oral vocabulary skills.
  • Finally, we started reading Barbara Park’s Junie B. Jones book series as a class. These are really fun chapter books that are applicable to kindergarten aged students. We have been reading them in our spare time and the kids LOVE the first book so far.

Math Madness

Mark Your Calendars

  • Here are some dates that you should know and keep in mind:
  • October 30th: Mr. Dolan not present, first day with a substitute!
  • October 31st: Fall parade and class party
  • November 5th: OPRF Food Pantry field trip
  • November 6th: Mr. Dolan gone in the afternoon, another substitute!
  • November 11th: NO SCHOOL
  • November 27th-November 29th: Thanksgiving break
  • This week we continued our work with shapes and their properties. We had some great lessons and great math centers that helped us accomplish our goal of shape recognition. Here were our math centers for the week:
  • Attribute block fishing
  • Cutting and sorting curved vs. not curved shapes
  • “My Shapes Book”
  • Geo Boards

Things We Do at Holmes/Things to Work on at Home.

  • Zipping and unzipping jackets
  • Logging on and logging off of Lexia
  • Waiting your turn to speak
  • Knowing the difference between tattling and reporting
  • Tying shoes