Communication skills
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Communication Skills. Communication : The ______________ of thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and wants between two or more people. Communication Skills. Communication Skills.

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Communication skills
Communication Skills

  • Communication:

    The ______________ of thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and wants between two or more people.

Communication skills2
Communication Skills

  • Sometimes verbal and non verbal messages can send two different messages. For that reason, be aware of the non verbal messages you send=


    occurs when your ___________________but your _____________________________.

    (i.e. “sorry” while grinning)

  • What does that tell the other person? Other examples??????

Communication skills3
Communication Skills

  • You Messages: (blame /aggressive)

    “You can’t do anything right!”

  • I Messages- A statement that presents a situation from the speaker’s personal feelings/viewpoint:

  • “I’m mad because I wanted to work on the project together”

Communication skills4
Communication Skills

  • Effective Verbal Communication:

  • Speaking Skills Listening Skills

  • Be clear Active Listening

  • Use ___________________________

  • Stay Calm Use correct BL

  • Stick to the point THINK first

  • Choose the right time/place Ask open Questions

  • Be aware of tone and _________________

Communication skills5
Communication Skills

  • ____________________is hearing, thinking about and responding to the other person’s message.

  • More Listening Tips!

  • Concentrate on what the other person is saying. Don’t be thinking about what you are going to say next or interrupt.

  • Nod your head to show you are listening- give feed back”(then what happened?”

  • Let the person finish speaking!

  • Stay calm- even if you’re hearing something you don’t like

  • Keep an open mind; Listen even if you disagree accept that others won’t always think the same way you do.