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f r e q u e n t l y asked questions about ro water n.
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FAQs about RO water PowerPoint Presentation
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FAQs about RO water

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FAQs about RO water
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FAQs about RO water

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  1. Frequently asked questions about RO-Water Prepared by BottlingIndia

  2. WhatallimpuritiesdoesRO Water Filtrationremove? Regular water that directlycomesto your houses or workplacescontainsa lot of impurities. The drinkingwater treatment is designed to f ilteroutthese impurities making water cleanand purified which is good for yourhealth and removes all thehazardous contaminants. www.bottlingindia.com

  3. Whatistheaveragecapacityof anROwaterpurifier? The average capacity of thewater purifier mainly depends on the brand and model. Generally, theupper chamber of the device can hold up to9 liters of water and the bottom chamber holds water anywhere ranging from9 liters to 23liters. www.bottlingindia.com

  4. Whattodowhenwaterpurifiers experienceleakage? The f irst thing you have to do isturnoff the power switch and unplugthepower cable immediately. Then close thetap valve and check foranyimproper f itments. In case you are not ableto f ind the cause of leakage it wouldbe recommended to call thecustomer care executive and f ile a complaint. www.bottlingindia.com

  5. DoesROwatertastegood? One of the most frequentlyasked questions is about the taste ofwater. However, RO water purifiersremove lead, iron, nitrates, f luoride anddozens of other contaminants which ultimately improves the taste and the qualityof water youconsume. www.bottlingindia.com

  6. IstheROwaterfiltrationsystem noisy? You may hear a littlegurglingsound from the RO water purifiers, it isthe sound of wastewater f lowingfromthe membrane to the drain. Incaseyou hear the“hissing” soundsfrom your water purifier then call yourwater specialist as there might be a problem with the air gap or the waterpressure. www.bottlingindia.com

  7. ThankYou! -BottlingIndia GetinTouchWithUs https://www.bottlingindia.com/contact-us