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What happened in your back yard? PowerPoint Presentation
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What happened in your back yard?

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What happened in your back yard?
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What happened in your back yard?

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  1. What happened in your back yard? by: Sarah Peterson Here are some historical places in your back yard( Cary, NC) Harts Mill: Orange County Ramsey Mill: Chatham County Kirks Farm: Orange County What historical battles are near you?

  2. HART’S MILL: February 17, 1781 * This mill site has a lot of history, starting with Joseph Maddock who built the original mill in 1755 and in 1766. * It was used as the meeting place of the Regulators who were deciding on what to do about their issues with the British government.

  3. HART’S MILL: February 17, 1781

  4. Patriot side…. Patriot: Captain Joseph Graham Killed: 0 Wounded: unknown Captured: 0

  5. British side…. British: unknown Killed:9 Wounded: unknown Captured: 5

  6. RAMSEY’S MILL: March 19, 1781 After the battle at Guildford Court house, a third of Cornwallis’s army was sick and wounded. The ”rest were without shoes." Cornwallis stopped at Ramsey's Mill on the Deep River to tend to his wounded and to procure food and necessities from the locals. While there, Cornwallis ordered a bridge to be built across the river.

  7. RAMSEY’S MILL March 19, 1781

  8. Patriot side Patriot: Major pleasant Henderson Killed: 0 Wounded: 2 Captured: 0

  9. British side… British: Charles Cornwallis Killed: unknown Wounded: unknown Captured: 3 or 4

  10. KIRKS FARM September 12, 1781 * As Colonel David Fanning and his large group of Loyalists rode on to attack  Hillsborough, he dispatched a company of men under Capt. Richard Edwards to detain a Patriot force on the New Hope River - they were located on Kirk's Farm next to the river. * This attack was also designed to serve as a diversion, in hopes that it would confuse the 400-man army nearby under the command of Brigadier General John Butler at Ramsey's Mill in Chatham County.

  11. KIRKS FARM September 12, 1781

  12. Patriot side Patriot: Major William Gholson Killed: 2 Wounded: un known Captured: unknown

  13. British side British: Captain Richard Edwards Killed: 11 Wounded: unknown Captured:0

  14. ABOUT ME : I'm Sarah Peterson and I am currently vice president of the Joel Lane Society (CAR) and have been a member for five years. My patriotic ancestor is Daniel Fitch; born on January 6th, 1762 He enlisted in the army on May 30, 1777. During the year 1777, he wintered with George Washington at valley forge. Fought at the climatic battle of Yorktown. Died on November 3, 1855

  15. ABOUT ME My ancestry goes back 14 generations Daniel Fitch goes back 7 generations. I have been an active member of Girl Scouts for five years. This project is a Girl Scout Gold award project and will be transcribed into a brochure. The brochure will also be made available as a PDF on one of the American Revolution websites. The goal of this project is to get my community interested in local history in our area that hasn’t been well known. * My mentor for this Gold Award Project is Ann Utter.

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