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Overview of Cybernet Systems Corporation Robotics

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Overview of Cybernet Systems Corporation Robotics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Overview of Cybernet Systems Corporation Robotics. Joseph Tesar – jt@cybernet.com Charles Jacobus, Ph.D. – chuck@cybernet.com. Cybernet Systems Corporation 727 Airport Blvd Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108 www.cybernet.com. Cybernet Biography. Founded in 1988 Special Status: Woman-owned

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Overview of Cybernet Systems Corporation Robotics

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overview of cybernet systems corporation robotics

Overview of Cybernet Systems CorporationRobotics

  • Joseph Tesar – jt@cybernet.com
  • Charles Jacobus, Ph.D. – chuck@cybernet.com

Cybernet Systems Corporation

727 Airport Blvd

Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108



Cybernet Biography

  • Founded in 1988
  • Special Status: Woman-owned
  • Over 200 contracts completed – largest SBIR winner in the Midwest
  • 16 Patents, ~20 patents pending
  • Specialization: Robotics, Sensors, Software
  • Commercialization and R&D


cybernet s mission
Cybernet’s Mission
  • Our mission is to apply Cybernet-developed technology to the human machine interface. Areas include:
    • Distributed Simulations
    • Robotics and Computer Vision
    • Human Interface Systems
    • Wired and Wireless Network Appliances


technology areas
Technology Areas
  • Distributed Simulations
    • Scalable Massive MultiNode Simulator (OpenSkies)
    • Simulation engines (3D, terrain, sound, scenario)
  • Robotics and Computer Vision
    • Autonomous actions using vision inputs
  • Human Interface Systems
    • Non traditional methods for interfacing machines to humans, using gestures, eyetracking and voice commands
    • Distributed medical data collection and data distribution


robotics r d track record
Robotics R&D Track Record

Current and past sponsors:

  • NASA:
    • Force Feedback (haptic joysticks),
    • Computer Vision for 3D Object Localization
    • Semi-Autonomous Robotic Command Creation
  • DoD (Army, DARPA, OSD, Navy, AF):
    • Novel Robotic Platforms – omnidirectional, walkers, etc
    • Gesture Recognition
    • Hands Free Control of Computers
    • OCUs (Demo II, Wearable OCU for Man Portable Systems – FCS)
    • Telemaintenance of Robotic Platforms (FCS)
    • Distributed Simulation
  • Future Combat Systems (Boeing)


cybernet firsts
Cybernet Firsts

1989: (NASA) First general purpose FF Joystick

1992: (ARL) First portable robotics OCU

1994: (DARPA/TACOM) First Linux used in Demo II OCU

1994: (JPO) HMMWV Robotics retrofit kit

1996: (CECOM) Laptop touch-controlled OCU for field digital photo intel

(USAF) Computer vision augmented GPS navigation prototype

(NIH, NASA, DARPA) First Internet Medical Appliance

1997: (Mich) Walking/Rolling robot prototype -- experimental design for long endurance, flexible obstacle breaching, fast traversal of flat terrain

1998: (Navy) Small omnidirectional platform prototype -- experimental design for agility and speed

(Ford Motor Co) 6DOF articulated linkage (pantograph) with end effector

1998: (STRICOM) Locomotion Platform, Virtual Test Range

1999/00: (TACOM) Semi-Autonomous Rendezvous and Docking for Robots

(Commercial) NetMAX Linux-based Servers (Secure, Connect, Share)

2000:(JPO) Wearable OCU; (ARL) Hands Free Interface; (Army) Low cost augmented GPS

2001: MedStar Medical Data Collection, (Army) Automated Parachute Deployment

(STRICOM) Gesture Dismounted Soldier Simulation Control

2002: (Army) Telemaintenance for Robotic Vehicles; (Army) “Instant” Communications

Network, OpenSkies Massive Multiplayer Game Network Engine


commercial success force feedback devices
Commercial Success - Force Feedback Devices
  • Beginning: NASA sponsored work (1989-92)
    • Resulted in 10 Patents from 1992 to present
  • Business goal: Create a large sales volume robotic product
  • Result: Force Feedback Joystick for PCs
    • Spun-off to Immersion Corporation, San Jose CA (Nasdaq: IMMR) in 1998
    • Licensees:
      • Logitech, Microsoft, Sony, CH Products
    • Cybernet and Immersion collaborate on Haptics development projects.

PerForce (1992)

Logitech (2000)


commercial success network appliances
Commercial Success - Network Appliances
  • DARPA : Demo II Portable OCU (1994-1996): PC parts & Linux
    • Result: One Patent, Software, and Web GUI Intellectual Property
  • Business Goal:
    • Create Linux-based O/S Products

Demo II Portable OCU

& Radio Set

  • Result: Netmax Internet Appliance Software
    • Server, Firewall, FileServer
    • See www.netmax.com

NetMAX Linux Internet

Appliance Software Family



Commercial Success - Medical Internet Appliances

  • NASA, DARPA, NIH funded Internet Physiological Monitor (1994-1998)
    • Three patents covering medical instruments directly connected to the Internet
  • Business Proposition:
    • Automate out-patient monitoring Sell/License technology
      • GE, Agilent, CyberCare, Guidant

802.11 Compatible

Multiparameter Monitor

MedStar Data Collection Unit


(Holter and Cardiac Event)


commercial success gesture recognition
Commercial Success - Gesture Recognition
  • Gesture Technology
    • Use human motion as machine inputs (eye motion, hand motion, etc.) - 6 patents pending
    • Commercial Software for computer games (see www.useyourheadsw.com)
    • 6 patents pending
    • Webcam based Eyetracker Cursor Control
    • Kiosk API product at Smithsonian
    • Army (STRICOM) hand gesture recognition system

Eyemotion controls cursor – blink detection represents “click”


commercial success distributed simulation
Commercial Success - Distributed Simulation
  • Distributed Simulation Products
    • OpenSkies scaled-up HLA for commercial game pay-for-play, messaging, routing (patented)
    • Engines for 3D, terrain, sound, chat, AI, scenarios, physics
    • Now Licensing to Game Developers for Massively Multiplayer PC Games (MMPG)
    • see //www.openskies.net for downloads and tutorials


platform technology
Platform Technology


Robotics/ Nav

Retrofit Kits


field portable ocu wireless hmi
Field Portable OCU (Wireless HMI)

2002: “Wearable” OCU with software interface




Field Portable OCU (with Wireless Networking)


1998: Ameritech

1992: ARL

1996: CECOM


networked human robot interface
Networked Human-Robot Interface
  • System Architecture
    • Based on LAN technology
    • Client/Server
    • Wireless protocols
  • “Instant” Network
    • Network self-forming
    • Mobile routing as robots move in the field


vision based robotic sensors
Vision Based Robotic Sensors
  • 3D object localization
  • Find “Pose” of the target (position and rotation of the target) in the field of view
  • Matches a known polymodel to an image from camera

Polymodel Match

Image from Camera


novel robotic platforms
Novel Robotic Platforms

6DOF Linkage

Omnidirectional Platform

Walking Robot

CyberStryder (Virtual Environment)



Motion Tracking Products



3-axis Magnetometer


Motion and Gesture Tracking






video based optical tracking

Target RGB Reference Color

Matching Color Space – RGB reference and Intensity volume

Video Based Optical Tracking
  • Optical Tracking Based On:
    • Motion
    • Color
    • Shape


optical tracking video based
Optical Tracking – Video Based
  • Example – UseYourHead™ Headtracker
  • Matches
    • Object Shape
    • Object Color
  • Simple USB Webcam
  • Headmotion is a mouse input
  • Hands remain free to perform other inputs


navigaze headmouse for disabled
NaviGaze – Headmouse for Disabled
  • Move mouse with any selected head feature
    • eye pupil
    • nostril
    • bridge of glasses
  • Click mouse by
    • closing eyes
    • flaring nose
  • WebCam video input


active eyetracking headtracking
Active Eyetracking & Headtracking
  • Localize objects in 3D space
  • Up to 30 tags
  • Up to 900 Hz update rate

Tags on helmet track head motion

Eyetracker integrated into HMD for Gaze Location


eyetracking headtracking
Eyetracking & Headtracking
  • Fuse inputs from ET & HT to control virtual scene

Headtracker (upper left) establishes frame of reference

Eyetracker defines Gaze direction


active tracking of human motion
Active Tracking of Human Motion
  • Attach tags to body part to generate a digital file of complex motions

Raw Video

Raw Tracking Data


active tracking of human motion1
Active Tracking of Human Motion
  • Raw video can be converted into a synthetic, rendered scene

Raw Video

Final Rendered Scene


staff qualifications
Staff Qualifications
  • PhD in Computer Science, EE, HCI
  • Robotics/EE/CS/ME/HCI tech. Staff
  • Business Development
  • CAD/CAM for Mech. and EE.
  • Rapid Prototyping Facility
  • Expertise in electronics, digital, RF, software development, networks, robotics, security, web methods and e-commerce