persuasion and social influence n.
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Persuasion and Social Influence

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Persuasion and Social Influence - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Persuasion and Social Influence. Persuasion = an intentional effort to influence, motivate, or change another person’s attitudes, beliefs, or behavior Attitude = mental evaluations of objects, issues, or people Range on a continuum negative/bad positive/good

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persuasion and social influence
Persuasion and Social Influence

Persuasion = an intentional effort to influence, motivate, or change another person’s attitudes, beliefs, or behavior

Attitude = mental evaluations of objects, issues, or people

  • Range on a continuum negative/bad positive/good
  • Attitudes are relational; they only exist in relationship to you
    • School is hard (for me)
  • Attitudes guide behavior!

Belief = mental representations on what we see as true or false

What is or is not

Fundamental ways of viewing the world

Not evaluative

types of persuasion
Types of Persuasion

Compliance = behavior change without attitude change

  • Thesis: You must write your congress person to get them to pass the waiting period legislation for ammunition purchases.

Adoption = taking on a new attitude/behavior

  • Thesis: The ten day waiting period on ammunition purchases needs to be implemented.

Continuance = encourging/strengthening an existing attitude/behavior

  • Thesis: We must continue to support the bullet bill to reduce the impact of firearms on our society.

Cessation = stopping an existing attitude/behavior

  • Thesis: The newly proposed bullet bill does not infringe on our rights.

Inoculation = preventing new attitude/behavior from developing

  • Thesis: Rather than infringe on our rights, the proposed bullet bill will help guarantee all Americans the ability to feel safe.

Appeal = interpretations of evidence that provide listeners with a reason to change their attitudes, beliefs, or behaviors

There are four types of appeals

  • Logos = factual and impersonal evidence that appeals to logic
    • The average child watches four hours of television a day.
  • Pathos = emotional or personal evidence that appeals to the heart
    • Little Johnny is suffering socially and academically because of tv.
  • Ethos = evidence that demonstrates credibility
    • My four years of graduate work in mass communication lead me to believe that extensive television viewing is dangerous
  • Mythos = value and core belief evidence that appeals to people’s belief in the greater good; Law of Transitivity
    • Our children’s rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are being drained aways by their television watching habits.
powerful compliance principles to use and be aware of
Powerful Compliance Principles To Use and Be Aware Of
  • Reciprocity – One should be more willing to comply with a request from someone who has previously provided a favor

-Pre-giving -Door-in-the-face

  • Social validation – One should be more willing to comply if the request is consistent with what similar others are doing

-Highlighting or modeling desired behaviors

  • Commitment/consistency – After committing to a position, one should comply more with consistent requests

-Foot-in-the-door -Bait and switch

  • Friendship/liking – One should be more willing to comply with the requests of someone who is liked
    • Word-of-mouth marketing
  • Scarcity – One should try to secure things that are limited/dwindling
    • Going out of business sales
  • Authority – One should comply more with legitimate authority
ways of persuading
Ways of Persuading

Persuasion falls into two types:

  • Promotive = attempts to make the action/idea attractive and positive
  • Preemptive = attempts to decrease the negative features of the action/idea

Tactics for persuading (based on classical Rhetoric)

Landscaping = the context in which the persuasion takes place

    • Setting the issue up in a way to make it appear more favorable
    • Framing the debate via language (e.g., the “estate tax” a “death tax”)

Relational tactics = how people view the persuader and roles

    • Credibility of the speaker
    • Dress for success

Message tactics = helping the target of influence to create his/her own arguments/reasons for the desired action/idea

    • Central vs Peripheral processing
    • Quantity of arguments when peripheral and quality when central

Emotional tactics = playing on the targets emotional needs and desires

    • Using the target’s feelings and arousal to achieve the desired action/idea
    • Scaring someone to act