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Quote of the Day

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Quote of the Day

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  1. Quote of the Day • “No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.” • Hebrews 12:11 Prayer Breakfast – Tuesday, April 9 at 0700 at Festival • Fanning, Pickett, Kator, Bruccoleri, and Snellings

  2. S1: Battalion Strength Report Contracted Non-Contracted

  3. S1 - Projects

  4. SPO • Key Leaders Rehearsal will be tomorrow during lab • Mraw+Kator- make sure all 1s, 2s, and 3s are tracking on the buses. Only excused from buses are Snellings, Lee, and Lucas.

  5. CULP -No change

  6. S2- Current events

  7. Update on North Korea • North Korea stated that is now in a “State of War” with the South and has cut off all ties to the South. • North Korea announced Tuesday that it has restarted many of its nuclear facilities it shut down in 2007 in return for food for its starving population.

  8. Update on North Korea • In response the US has deployed stealth F-22 Fighter Jets to South Korea, as well as flying B-2 Stealth bombers in a training exercises over the South as a show of force and deterrent. • Analysis: Tensions haven’t been this high on the Korean peninsula in decades and a “WW1” type event or mistake could trigger a full scale war, but for now is still highly unlikely. B2 Spirit Stealth bomber escorted by F22 Raptor Stealth Fighters.

  9. Weather Weekly forecast predicts mild weather for the rest of the week low is 27 and high is 57. Key Weather: 50% chance of Rain on Friday

  10. S3

  11. APR 2013 May Commissioning OPORD Easter JFTX PCC/PCI Final BN Dinning Out Veterans Memorial 5K @ Richmond MS IVs LIVE FIRE MS I/II LAB: SQD Recon #2 MS III LAB: PLT Raid Shenandoah Valley Prayer Breakfast 0650-0900 JFTX CHOICES MS I/II LAB: Raid OPS MS III LAB: JFTX Prep/No LAB JFTX George C Marshall Conference JFTX Recovery MS III WF PCC/PCI #1 All MS Classes LAB: SQD Comp CHOICES SMP Ft Pickett EST/IED SMP Ft Pickett EST/IED MSIV Supply Turn-In Award Ceremony 1535 MS III WF PCC/PCI Final Last Day of Classes Final Record APFT Graduation Comission Ceremony Commission Rehearsal SMP Outbriefs LAB/ TRAINING/MEETING CAMPUS EVENTS CAMPUS EVENTS BN EVENTS BN EVENTS TRAINING HOLIDAY TRAINING HOLIDAY OTHER CADRE ACTION

  12. T-2 15APR13-19APR13

  13. T-1 08APR13-12APR13

  14. 10 APR 2013 -PLT OPORD Fundamentals - Basic Lab • TRAINING EVENT: PLT OPORD Fundamentals • OIC: Rankin • NCOIC: Henderson • MISSION: Basic Lab Cadets and BCCs conduct PLT OPORD Fundamentals class in AO Memorial Hall/National Guard Armory from 1535-1730 on 10 APR 2013. • Purpose: Familiarize MSII Cadets and BCCs on PLT OPORD Planning Process. MSI cadets will receive rehearsal training regarding SQD OPORDS. • Key Tasks: • Initial OPORD planning walk-through • Cadets learn to break down PLT / SQD OPORD correctly. • Conduct OPORD practical • Conduct AAR • End state: MSI’s / MSII Cadets and BCCs are trained to standard on the PLT / SQD OPORD. • Resources: FM 7-8 Chap 2 • Number of Cadets Trained: ~ 84 CLASSES MSI 2 PLT MSII 1PLT CLASS

  15. T 01APR13-05APR13

  16. 3 APR RECON Practical • TRAINING EVENT: Recon Practical • OIC: Park • NCOIC: Mraw • MISSION: Give Basic lab cadets opportunity to use TMK to rehearse and conduct a Recon practical IOT create a better understanding of military basic battle operations on 3 APR 2013 at 1530 • Key Tasks: • Cadets use TMKs go over CONOP • Cadets rehearse battle drill prior to crossing LD • Cadets conduct 1 Recon Lane as a means of training • MSIVs will conduct a brief AAR the lane IOT for the cadets to gain a better understanding of the Recon. • Conduct a final lab AAR for overall improved retraining in the future • End state: Cadets and BCCs will become knowledgeable on TMK, rehearsals, and have a more in depth understanding on how to conduct the Recon Battle Drill. • T.M.U:Group 1: Karski • Group 2: Mraw • Group 3: Cary • Group 4: Pardue • OPFOR 1: Engle • OPFOR 2: Florio • OPFOR 3: Langan • OPFOR 4: Giordano • Det. For Advanced Lab:, Anzalone • Det. For Shooting: All other Basic Lab MSIV personnel Instructional basic movement walkthrough FF 3 4 2 1 1PLT 2 PLT OBJ FF and Class OBJ OBJ OBJ

  17. JFTX PCI and MSIV ASU Inspection Mission: JMU Duke Bn MSIII’s and select MSII and IV cadets conduct a PCI and MSIV’s conduct ASU inspection on 4April2013 in the Armory Gym IOT make sure cadets are prepared for Joint FTX operations and MSIV’s are prepared for dining out and commissioning ceremonies. Armory Gym N Concept of the Operations: This will be done in 3 phases: Phase 1: This phase begins when all MSIV’s arrive at the Armory Gym. MSIV’s will form up and an in ranks inspection will be run by Cadre OIC and NCOIC. This phase ends with the completion of the ASU inspection. Phase 2: This phase begins when all cadets arrive. First Formation will be conducted, and PSG’s will put their platoon in open ranks. Cadets will begin to lay out their gear to standard with guidance from PSG’s and PL’s. Note, SL’s will have gear laid out first so that squad members know where to line up off of. Phase 3: This phase begins When cadets have all their gear laid out to standard in front of them. PSG’s and PL’s will be checking to make sure their platoon has the item that is being called out by the cCSM. All cadets that do not have gear will have their name recorded and given either a negative spot report or a supply hour. Phase 4: Phase begins when PCI is complete. Cadets will pack their equipment up and go home. Cadets that are unexcused or missing items will stay after to figure out why they had a deficiency. OIC – cLTCBetourne Cadre OIC – CPT (P) Lingle NCOIC – cCSMFida Cadre NCOIC – MSG Wilcox Bleachers Coordinating Instructions: -Cadets designated to be PL, PSG, or 1SG will have a copy of the packing list printed out as well as making sure their platoons are dress right -MSIV’s will be checking MSII’s and MSIII’s for deficiencies. -MSIV’s do not need to bring their Rucks or JFTX gear -MSIV’s with ASU’s at the tailors still need to show up in ACU’s Time Line: 0525- MSIV’s arrive at the armory gym 0530- ASU inspections 0550- All JFTX cadets arrive, accountability 0600- cadets begin to layout gear 0615- PCI starts 0640- Cadets begin packing up their gear 0650- Final Formation

  18. AAR for Recon Planning Lab • Improves • 1. • Issue: Full Participation • Discussion: the people who were not in leadership positions during the walk through laid in security the whole time and were unable to fully learn from the practical • Recommendation: Include all participants in the practical and allow those in security to listen and watch everything the SL does • 2. • Issue: Lack of motivation • Discussion: Cadets felt as if others were not taking the practical serious and were just walking through the motions • Recommendation: Increase seriousness during the lane and treat it as if it were real • Sustains  • 1. Good lab concept - liked the class and then being able to go outside and actually do a practical • 2. Good use of white boards - liked having the big visual aids besides just the TMK • 3. Good instructors - felt like they knew what they were talking about and were able to answer any questions they had

  19. FTX Standouts Written: 25 No Go, 48 GoDay: 17 No Go (1 time DQ), 60 GoNight: 39 No Go (6 time DQ), 38 Go Written Land Navigation: MS III: Caron (20/20) II: Clark/Daoud (19/20) I: Thompson (18) Land Navigation: MS III: Brosnan II: Morrison I: Cundiff, Sledge TAC Evaluations: PL: Caron APL: Snellings SL: Fost

  20. S3: TAC OIC • Highlights • JFTX Personnel designated to evaluate (Kator, Gio, Mraw, Langan, Pardue, Rankin) will meet with me today before lab for a blue card refresher

  21. RAID Training Event: Raid OIC: cCrisler, NCOIC: cBaxter MISSION: JMU Duke BN MS3 cadets conduct PLT Raid lane from 1535-1730 on 3APRIL13 at AO Hillandale park in order to develop MS3 leadership potential and familiarize MS3s with PLT Raid operations. CONCEPT OF THE OPERATION This operation will have 4 phases. Phase 1: Phase will begin with the planning of the operation and with the briefing of the plan at Company meeting on 1APRIL13. Phase 1 will conclude with the rehearsals complete on 1APRIL13. Phase 2: Phase begins with placement of OPFOR at the objective. MS3 cadets will then form up in prospective teams-squads-platoons for FF. Once accountability is taken cBaxter with inform MS3 cadets of their respective leadership roles for lab. This phase ends once supply has been issued. Phase 3: Phase begins with movement to the AA. The OPORD will be briefed, the PLT Raid lane will be conducted, and the conclusion of this phase will be the end of the execution of the mission. Phase 4: Phase begins with the AAR and ends with dismissal of all personnel and recovery of all equipment. MS3s will download weapons and gear into transportation prior to the AAR. Outcomes: MS3s are successfully trained in PLT Raid planning and TLPs. MS4s successfully trained in planning and conducting PLT Raid lane and evaluating cadets’ performance therein. Coordinating Instructions: Uniform: ACUs, LBV with compass and whistle attached, Kevlar, eye pro, black gloves, elbow and knee pads, and watch OPFOR: ACUs with black top, necessary cold weather gear Ruck packed with: sleep system, 1 set of ACUs, 1 tan t-shirt, 1 pair green socks, wet weather top and bottom, fleece or field jacket, MS3 kit, and fleece cap AA 3 APRIL 2013 MSCI 300- Raid Supply/Resource OBJ TIMELINE: 1530: FF and equipment Issue 1535-1540: Movement to AA 1540-1720: Start of lane 1720-1735: AAR 1735: Dismissal TTMU: AA: PC 8369 5723 OBJ: PC 8354 5694

  22. MSIII Eval Matrix

  23. MSIII Squad and Team Leaders

  24. FTX JPSC

  25. FTX AAR Sustains: 1. Use of radios for PLT communication 2. Changing the location of the OBJ (not along the power line / dirt bike path) 3. Key leader rehearsals conducted by the PL in lieu of full PLT rehearsal 4. Communication and teamwork greatly improved up and down the chain of command, as well as during the leadership switch 5. Civilian on the battlefield Improves 1. Violence of action 2. Attention to detail 3. SOP's

  26. Garrison and Lab JPSC

  27. S4 • Highlights • MS4 equipment turn-in • Dining Out • Cadre- SFC Winegard and MAJ Gibson • JFTX- MS2

  28. S5 • CHOICES Events: • April 12th • April 15th • Times: 0915-1430 • Support Matrix

  29. S-6 Cadet Lab Current status is GREEN (LABCON 3.0) SharePoint -Upload continuity to SharePoint, nothing has been added since I finished working on it. Be a Hero! Upload to SharePoint now! Misc. News A new condition has been added to LABCON! Blue (3.5)

  30. S-6 • Website – Re Construction Breakdown Phase 1: - MAJ Gibson, McCue, and myself will be taking the class on April the 9th. Phase 2: - Cadets will need approval in order to take this course, no issues are expected. McCue– April 23rd (Currently) Rankin – May 9th Phase 3: Consultations and final website construction is scheduled to take place in May when everything slows down.

  31. S-6 • Cadet Lounge Board Cadet Lounge Board is also scheduled to be worked on in May. Sadly postponed due to severe time restraints. “A task unfinished is a prayer unanswered.” • Continuity Been tossing around ideas for a small guidebook for future S-6’s.

  32. RANGER Group

  33. Week 12

  34. Week 13

  35. A Co C/CPT Kator, CDR C/1LT Wolfe, XO C/1SG Brosnan, 1SG “Y'all Gon Learn Today”

  36. A Co Key Highlights - ASU Inspection on Thursday - PCI on Thursday - Dining Out on Friday

  37. A Co • Unexcused Absences 27MAR13 cBritton MS2 Contracted 27MAR13 cSt. Pierre MS,1 Non-contracted 27MAR13 cKim, Joseph, MS 2, Non-contracted 27MAR13 cLee, Brian, MS 2, Non-contracted 27MAR13 cStout, MS 1, Non-contracted 27MAR13 cCreel, MS 1, Non-contracted 27MAR13 cMery, MS 2, Non-contracted 27MAR13 cKraemer, MS 1, Non-contracted 02 APR 13 cBaxter, MS4 02 APR 13 cKarski, MS4 02 APR 13 cKnoll, MS4

  38. A Co

  39. B Co Major Training JFTX PCI – 04 0530 APR 13 Mill Ball – 05 1700 APR 13 Motto “Suns out, Guns out”

  40. Unexcused Absences Daoud- Non contracted-MS2- 27MAR13 Leshock- Non Contracted-MS2- 27MAR13 Hunter- Non contracted-MS1- 27MAR13 Evans, Ben - Contracted-MS2- 27MAR13 Evans, Joseph- Non Contracted-MS2- 27MAR13 Restivo - Non contracted- MS2- 27MAR13

  41. PT

  42. BN PAO • Email your Component, Branch and Duty Station to cPardue for the Newsletter

  43. Mentorship • Continue doing monthly counseling forms • Talk to any mentees who may be doing summer training and give them tips and advice on how to succeed, especially MS III’s going to LDAC • Any questions feel free to ask • Mentorship.JMU.ROTC@gmail.com

  44. Command Staff • CSM-cCSMFida • XO-cMAJMaisel • BC-cLTCBetourne