Preparing for the job search
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Preparing for the Job Search. Presented by: Suzanne Anderson Stacey Armistead Medical Staff Recruitment Duke Medicine. Today’s Focus. Search Preparation Interview Tips Contract Review. How to Love your J - O - B. The Career Equation ….. ……it’s more than a paycheck. The Career Equation.

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Preparing for the job search
Preparing for the Job Search

Presented by:

Suzanne Anderson

Stacey Armistead

Medical Staff Recruitment

Duke Medicine

Today s focus
Today’s Focus

  • Search Preparation

  • Interview Tips

  • Contract Review

How to love your j o b
How to Love your J - O - B

The Career Equation …..

……it’smore than a paycheck

The career equation
The Career Equation

Examine Yourself:

  • When it comes to work, what do I naturally enjoy doing?

  • What am I naturally good at?

  • What energizes me?

  • What stresses me?

  • What motivates me?

  • What annoys me?

The career equation1
The Career Equation

Examine the Big Picture

  • Do I want to be part of a small group or big group?

  • Do I want a rural location, the suburbs, or the city?

  • What type of patients do I want to work with: wealthy, middle class,, or those in financial need?

  • Do I want to see high volume of patients in shorter bursts? Or work with a smaller number of patients for a longer duration?

  • What type of provider-patient culture do I want to be part of?

  • What type of peer culture do I want to be part of?

The career equation2
The Career Equation

Do something where you can make a difference

  • Use your natural talent and abilities

  • Have passion for your job and your life

  • Be happy at work and at home

  • Be a living example for others

    If you love what you do, you will make a difference in the world.

Before you begin
Before you begin…

  • Establish Email account exclusively for job search

  • Check Cell phone/ Home answering machine

  • Facebook / Social Media

  • Contact preceptors / references

Cv review top mistakes
CV review: Top mistakes

  • Inconsistent formatting - fonts, dates

  • Action verbs/ incorrect tense

  • Unexplained breaks or frequent moves

  • Listing vague objectives

  • “My resume” attachment

  • Multiple email addresses

  • No phone number listed

Example of clarity
Example of Clarity

OBJECTIVE: Seeking a position in Family Medicine or Urgent Care


Registered Physician Assistant–Certified


Guthrie Clinic LTD, Erwin, NY

• Over five years of experience in out-patient primary care

• Experience with pediatric to geriatric medicine in a family practice setting

• Manage care of 20-25 patients daily

• Diagnose, formulate treatment plans, and prescribe appropriate medications

• ACLS certified

• Certified in BLS

• Worked cohesively in a department of 15 providers and additional support staff

Where to look for positions
Where to look for positions

  • Friends/ Colleagues/ Preceptors

  • Websites/ Journal ads

  • Recruiters – in-house vs. firms

  • State and Local Professional Organizations

  • Major Health System Websites in your target area


  • Posting Your CV

    Practicelink and HealtheCareers (AAPA)

    • Key words, never pay to post

  • Working with Agencies

    • New geographic location

    • No internal recruiters

    • Ask if firm has a retained search

    • Ask firm not to send CV anywhere without your ok

Know the market
Know the Market

Salaries affected by:

  • Supply/demand

  • Geographic area

  • Clinical responsibilities

  • Call requirements

    NP Programs in NCPA Programs in NC

    Duke UNC Duke


    UNCG UNCW Methodist

    Western Carolina Wake Forest

    Winston-Salem University

Know the market1
Know the Market

2010 MGMA Report based on 2009 data

Making contact
Making Contact

  • Always address correspondence directly to the contact person

  • The research you do to get the information will make you stand out.

  • Add a reference letter in your correspondence to employer

  • Consider combining Letter of Introduction, CV and a current reference in a PDF

  • Follow up with a phone call

Interview tips
Interview Tips

  • Look professional and do your homework

  • Bring CV and list of key questions

  • Ask right questions at the right time

  • Cite your strengths

  • Eye Contact and Hand shakes

Follow up appropriately
Follow up Appropriately

  • Contact within 3 - 5 days of meeting

  • Restate your interest

  • Highlight areas of mutual fit

  • Confirm next steps

    • Ask for business cards for contact info

    • Email is an acceptable alternative


First impressions are lasting Impressions

If you don’t feel comfortable or are concerned, you may want to consider another position.

Best way to see a practice is to “shadow”

Understand the timeline
Understand the Timeline

  • Licensure 4 – 6 months

  • Hospital Credentialing 3 – 4 months

  • Insurance Credentialing 30 – 90 days

Offer letter vs contract
Offer Letter vs. Contract

Offer Letter outlines key components of offer such as compensation (by pay period), start date, relocation, and can be terminated “at will” by either party.

Contract is more specific and is binding for and according to the terms of contract.

Anatomy of a contract
Anatomy of a Contract

  • Terms and Termination

  • Services to be Provided

  • Credentials and Privileges

  • Compensation

  • Malpractice Insurance

  • Fringe Benefits

  • Sick Leave and Disability

  • Partnership

  • Restrictive Covenants

  • Disputes

Terms and conditions
Terms and Conditions

  • Term or Length of contract

  • Start Date

  • Probationary period

  • Termination – With Cause or Without Cause

  • Renewal notice

  • Employee or Independent Contractor

Services to be provided
Services to be Provided

  • Hour of Operation / Hours per week

  • Work Sites / Satellite locations

  • Practice Duties / Supervisory Responsibilities

  • Rounds

  • On-Call schedule / Responsibilities

  • Moonlighting

Credentials and privileges
Credentials and Privileges

  • Professional Credentials

  • Licensure

  • Hospital Privileges



  • Salary

  • Hourly

  • Percentage of billings or collections*

  • Salary plus productivity*

    *Should define method and frequency of calculations and payment schedule

Fringe benefits
Fringe Benefits

  • Vacation and Holiday policy

  • CME Leave and $ Allowance

  • Professional Dues, Journals

  • Licensure, DEA and Certification Fees

  • Health Insurance

  • Life Insurance

  • Retirement

Sick leave and disability
Sick Leave and Disability

  • Sick leave

  • Short-Term Disability

  • Long-Term Disability

  • Maternity/Paternity Policy

  • Family Leave Act


Usually separate Letter of Intent defines

amount and terms of buy-in

Buy into :

  • Practice Only

  • Practice and Real Estate

  • Method of Valuation

Restrictive covenants
Restrictive Covenants

Also called Non-Compete Clause

  • Prevents practice within defined geographic area

  • With cause vs. Without cause

  • Enforceable in most states

  • Financial buy-out


  • Mandatory arbitration vs. Court system

  • Lawyers fees and court costs

  • Access to patient medical records (if suit brought after departure)


Always have an attorney review the contract before you sign

Always obtain a fully executed contract for your records

Openings at duke with msr
Openings at Duke with MSR

Duke Primary Care:

  • Family Medicine

  • Internal medicine

  • Geriatrics

  • Urgent Care

    Specialty Openings:

  • Oncology (Duke Oncology Network)

  • Duke Cardiology of Danville

  • Duke Cardiovascular Surgery of Danville

Recruitment contact
Recruitment Contact:

Stephen Spaulding

[email protected]