market positioning whom to sell hypermedia n.
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Market positioning – whom to sell Hypermedia? PowerPoint Presentation
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Market positioning – whom to sell Hypermedia?

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Market positioning – whom to sell Hypermedia? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Market positioning – whom to sell Hypermedia?
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  1. Market positioning – whom to sell Hypermedia? Eli Keren Vice President of Sales and Marketing Miami Partner Conference , August 2011

  2. Agenda Our legacy customer based Maximize sales to existing and traditional customer base Evolving with SMS – new vertical markets The ultimate solution to the SMB Whom do our product apply to? Think of the potential..!

  3. Hypermedia Legacy markets • Alternative carriers • Large Enterprises with need for LCR in specific markets Technology: Voice with GSM Key benefit: Least cost voice rout Market size globally: estimated at up to $50M Key competition: other GSM Gateway vendors Method of sales: Key resellers

  4. Legacy customer base

  5. Evolving traditional customer base by upselling We can UPSELL to our traditional customers • HyperConnect for roaming and unified communications solutions • HyperMessaging for SMS termination • HyperOfficeto distributed Enterprises

  6. By upselling to our legacy customer base • Increase “ARPU” • More loyalty • More service $$

  7. With SMS solutions we now EXPAND our reach… Adding SMS robust offering allowed Hypermedia to expand its market to: • New groups of customers • New vertical markets • New geographies

  8. New markets with SMS / customized messaging • Marketing – sales and promotions with IMR • eFinance – secure transactions in eBanking with OTP • Security and Authentication – Two-Three factor authentication for Web and Physical access • Transportation – secure transport and IMR • Call centers of various kinds • Health – M2M secure auto medical data and medication notices • Fund raising and NFPO’s – small donations and information with IMR • Political voting with IMR • Surveys with IMR • And moooooore…..

  9. Target market after SMS evolution • New vertical markets for: • Bulk Messaging and Bulk Marketing • Security, M2M, surveys and ………… • Alternative carriers and MVNOs Technology: Voice and SMS with GSM Key benefit: Sales, promotion, life quality data, alerts, security, high volume SMS…… Market size globally: estimated at up to $500 - $800M Key competition: other GSM Gateway vendors and SMS aggregators Method of sales: Key resellers unique to each market

  10. Customer base expanded with SMS

  11. Now, with Business Enablement Solutions We offer: • HyperConnect+ HyperMobile • HyperMessaging • HyperOffice • HyperID

  12. With Business Enablement • We have the ability to CUSTOMIZE a solution to practically any customer • We can use the building blocks to build solutions to specific vertical markets: • Finance • Health • Security and …… • We can have specific resellers concentrate on specific vertical market thus delivering top PROFESSIONAL SERVICES • We can now build a real VALUE ADD proposition by selling services as single point of contact

  13. Target market after Business enablement evolution Most SMBs and distributed large enterprises using business enablement applications (IP PBX, Call Center+CRM) requiring mobile unified communication Vertical markets for SMS Messaging Alternative carriers Large Enterprises with need for LCR Technology: Voice, SMS with GSM with Business applications Key benefit: Fully integrated solution Market size globally: estimated at more than $30B in 5 years!! Method of sales: Key Value Add Resellers unique to each market

  14. Customer base is expanding with business solutions

  15. Let’s take a closer look.. What actual types of customers we can approach • With our SMS suit of products • With our Business Enablement Solutions

  16. SMS suite of products

  17. SMS for marketing Existing methods: Direct Mail eMail Telemarketing TV and Radio News paper and Magazine advertising Seminars and events

  18. Existing Methods – pros and cons Direct Mail • Cons – costly, not being read, read at irrelevant time, no call for immediate action, average response rate <<3% • Pros - none eMail • Cons - Spam, not read at relevant time, requires internet access, too redundant, response rate <3% • Pros - inexpensive Telemarketing • Cons – Expensive, intrusive – too personal, requires a phone call small amounts of calls can be made, considered a nuisance • Pros – call for immediate action TV and Radio and Magazine ads • Cons – expensive, not affordable to many businesses, too broad, can call for action but usually subliminal • Pros – effective if broadcast frequently, can call for immediate action

  19. SMS – the Clear advantage Inexpensive Fast, effective and direct to specific groups of recipients Call for action Read as it arrives IMR – Interactive Message Response Considered to be the latest most modern media appealing to all age groups Campaigns can be send at same time to many different groups Generates impulse response Not stopped as SPAM Not intrusive as a solicitation phone call The tool of choice of many marketing and call center marketing delivering the best results…

  20. Who can use SMS solutions for marketing? • Companies selling marketing services such as • Telemarketing and Public Relations • Advertising Agencies and Promotion Agencies • Financial services – loans and debt collection • Customer Clubs and local businesses: • Supermarkets chainsand Departments stores • Car dealerships • Cosmetics, consumer goods companies and… • Service departments to bring in customers: • Cars, Plumbing, Air Conditioning, carpet installation • Renewal of service contracts • Health for doctor’s appointment • Public for public services Who else????

  21. Who can use SMS solutions (security, M2M, Survey)? • Authentication of transactions • Financial organizations: Banks, Insurance companies, Credit Card companies • eCommerce: eCommerce operators (Amazon and alike) • Any X factor authentication • M2M: • Security / Alarm companies: Alarm systems, IP Camera events, sensor activation of any kind, smart alerts • Medical Centers: real time data, medication alerts, physical attributes alerts • Automobile Location: Location alerts (GPS / GIS), navigation • Survey • Political campaigns, follow up surveys, fund raising.. Who else????

  22. Business solutions

  23. Who can use our Unified Communications solutions? • Mobile network operators for their business customers • Small to Medium size companies (up to 200 extensions) • Service companies: for total communication, internal, CRM and call center • Manufacturers of all kind: Production line sensing, business continuation, internal/ external communications, CRM, call center • Large distributed Enterprises: • Banks: for remote bank branches • Travel agencies, small hotels, regional sales offices, clinics and… • Military: remote locations, mobile deployment • Bush deployment: Remote locations with no PSTN infrastructure • Government: branch offices in small towns and villages • Any SMB deployment…!! who else????

  24. Summary Are you? We now have the best possible tools for you to win and expand Most every business can be sold We will support We will develop We will listen We will continue to evolve…

  25. Fulfilling the potential.. “Things may come to those who wait...but only the things left by those who hustle.” Abraham Lincoln

  26. Thank you