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1519. Spain Begins Exploring Texas. The World in 1519. Remember, there are only Natives (indigenous people) living in the New World (North, Central, and South America).

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Spain Begins Exploring Texas

the world in 1519
The World in 1519

Remember, there are only Natives (indigenous people) living in the New World (North, Central, and South America).

Natives lived their own lives free of the influences of power, money, royalty, etc. from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East that had existed there for centuries.

All of this was about to change … very quickly.

the world in 15191
The World in 1519
  • Europe has experienced many years of religious turmoil.
    • The Crusades – 200 years
      • Christians and Muslims battled one another for control of the Holy Land from 1100 – 1300. Extremely bloody.
    • Reconquista – 800 years
      • Occurred in Spain between the Catholics and the Moors.
      • The Moors were Muslims who took control of Spain in 711
      • Catholics slowly regained control until 1492 when they completely pushed the Moors out of Spain

King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella are very glad to win the Reconquista.

To get past the hardship of spending 800 years at war, which had taken a great toll on the Spanish people, the King and Queen sought a way to bring pride to their nation.

They hire Christopher Columbus to travel to Asia and bring back the riches of the spice trade and other treasures.

This is a replica of what one of Christopher Columbus’ ships would have looked like. Not exactly a luxury cruise ship, right? This was a very long, hard voyage across the Atlantic Ocean.
christopher columbus
Christopher Columbus

When he reaches land in 1492 Columbus believes that he has landed on islands off the east coast of Asia. However, he actually lands on islands in the Caribbean, NOT Asia.

He meets the indigenous people of North America – the Native Americans.

He returns to Spain with many riches for the King and Queen who agree to finance future voyages.

  • Following Columbus’ voyage, many Spanish explorers begin sailing to the Americas.
  • Spanish soldiers called “conquistadors” sought to defeat all “non-believers” and spread their faith in the New World.
  • 3G’s: Gold, God, Glory
    • Gold – Seven Cities of Cibola (legend)
    • God – Defeating non-believers
    • Glory – Pride and power for Spain