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Who we are

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  1. Who weare

  2. The Publicity GmbH is a joint venture of two leading companies in their business: NorCom Berger & Severyuk Media Group • Software & Consulting since 20 years - founded 1989 in Munich • specialization in Broadcast Management Software • Core Business: Sustainable Cross-Platform Framework for TV and Enterprise Communication • Collaboration: Mobile Devices, Desktop and Digital Signage • Employees: +250 • Europe-wide leading Full-Service marketing agency, beginning 2006 in Leipzig • specialization in Ethnic-Marketing • Core Business: Advertising on Russian TV-Channels • Worldwide main stream advertising campaigns for governments of CIS countries and brands • Employees: +25

  3. References Unfortunately there is still no useful ad-platform that understands the difference in the requirements of online and TV-advertisements TV advertisement is our core business:

  4. MonetizingInventory& Starting Advertising Campaigns: Actual Situation • When it comes to participating in the Online-Video market many players end up finding themselves in this situation Over 1+ Mio Video-Websites Over 12.000+ Agencies in Germany Over 300+ Networks & AdExchanges

  5. Monetizing Inventory & Starting Advertising Campaigns: Conclusion • This oftenresults in confusionof all participants

  6. Actual Market Situation - Monetizing • Multiple systems are required for operating, confusing administration • High setup, revenue sharing, provision and ad-transaction costs • Integration and adaptions at own expense • Complicated API's and frustrating integration processes • No direct sales to advertisers, dependency on networks • Refuseif3rd party System implementation and fixed Networks or Trading Desks with bad conditions • Obsessive lock in attempts to gain exclusivity • Missinginventoryforecastingcapabilitiesandcapacity-filltools

  7. Current Market Situation - Advertising • Crude campaign deliverylogicand poor global performance scalability • Noprice transparencyforbuyinganddealing ad-impressions • Missingcross device and platform delivery possibilities • Manual transcoding and multiple campaigns for different codecs • Limited Ad-Formats and no individual interactive content • Small inventorysourceandplacementvariety • Inaccurate and non-certified delivery and measurement systems • Restricted statistic without interactiveplayerdata • Lackingad-policyimplementation in contextualenvironment

  8. Whatisneeded • Marketplace-Platform represents a • one-point-access platform • for all online-video-advertising participants • Where • Advertisers can buy inventory • Publisher can sell inventory • Advertisement can be delivered on different devices

  9. The Solution- AdNeptun!

  10. AdNeptun – Video AdvertisementPlatform • Full-Integration of all Market participants

  11. All-in-One Solution • It provides a complete solution • for the buy and sell process • for campaign- and inventory-management of video space • the distribution of the video ad • Optimal matching of inventory and campaigns to attain the best performance. • Friction which could occur reduced to a minimum: • the buy and sell process • the cross device and platform delivery • different video formats • targeting and display properties

  12. AdNeptun Workflow Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3

  13. AdNeptun 3-Tier-Architecture

  14. Benefits Advertiser Publisher • Access to global inventory • Easy campaign management through Live booking Wizzard • Care free delivery • Rich range of delivery and targeting options • Buy based on CPM or CPC • Individualize: complex creative contents and properties for campaigns • Live statistics, results and campaign editing • Start as registered: instant booking after registration validation • Tripple tier sales & toolsarchitecture: • 1. State-of-the-Art inventory and campaign management software: master your direct salesandgetyourowninhouse Ad-Server oruseourcloudsolution • 2. EnableExternal sales team on yourdemand: make use of our existing world wide distribution by agents & agencies – definesalesrules • 3. Maximize your inventory sales revenue: sell to the most popular global trading desks, agencies, networks ofyourchoiceand let them work for you • Live forecasting, analytics, statistics and reports

  15. Benefitsofusing AdNeptun Platform • No setup costs for accounts or technical supply and system-connection or Player-integration: web-based service • Avoid hidden costs and get one bill for all the ads you booked or inventory you sold • Increased publisher performance and decreased inventory waste ultimately results in more ROI for advertisers • Rich cookie and tracking possibilities to gain information about the audience • Huge 3rd partyintegration possibilities with a flexible API for external platform integration

  16. Formats • Pre, Mid & Post-Roll(Interactive, Multi-Selector) • In-Display (Click or Rollover-to-Play, Expandable) • Stream take-over (Replacestandardcommercialswithcustomads) • Custom formats with premium interaction possibilities

  17. SolutionforAdvertisers

  18. AdNeptunAdvertiser-Products

  19. WhyAdvertiserslove AdNeptun? • AdNeptun campaign, trafficking and management environmentwas designed from the ground up for video • Participationona global market place • Interface is intuitively designed to streamline the ad trafficking process, with time saving features • This makes the process of setting up, managing and tracking video campaigns faster, richer, easier and more efficient • Concentration on access the video-ad-inventory of numerous content providers on AdNeptun, to give Advertisersa maximum possiblereach • Advertisersgain an easy web-based one-access-point user account to book advertising campaigns

  20. Bookingcanbe that easy • Easily set up and execute a video campaign in minutes • Take control: buy premium quality, standard or remnant inventory (global reach vs. local reach) • Manage your campaign budget directly and modify it as needed (total amount, time allocation, prioritisation) • Leverage complete control to continually adjust and refine your strategy • Take advantage of the world wide range of networks and publishers through seamless 3rd party integration • According to a target audience AdNeptun automatically moves impressions to the top performing placements, optimizes campaigns to achieve the best possible performance

  21. Step by step booking wizard

  22. Targeting, Pacing and Delivery • Rich targeting capabilities allow to target a campaign • Broad high-level parameters such as geography (to DMA) and day-part all the way • Targeting, pacing and delivery rules • Apply on a per-publisher or per publisher-group basis • Control and flexibility to make ad delivery to large groups of publishers simple • Real-time calculation depending on channel, audience and property selection • Quantitative reach (unique and views) • Regional coverage

  23. Comprehensive campaign properties • Geography | which regions you want your ad to be shown: country, state, region, city • Context | categories like news, economy, politics, etc. • Frequency capping | how many times the user should see the video: week, day, hour, etc. • Demographics | audience segmentation by gender, age, nationality, income etc.) • Time of day | specify the time zone in which the content is shown • Device and system | chose from operating systems and executing machines • Custom segments | logical expressions to combine properties (AND, OR, IS/NOT, etc.) • Individual content tags | complex targeting, categories and sources • Specific sources | matches your demographic and pricing goals best • Third-party attributes| specifyuser behavior, intent and complex data

  24. Creative Distribution Network (CDN) • Once uploaded available on your account for streaming or download • Creative upload with automated trans-coding in all formats • Ready for action self-deployment on CDN • Multiple creatives for one campaign for best results • AdNeptun takes care of • File encoding • Trafficking • Reporting & Statistics • Invoicing • Relievingadvertiserfrom the fragmented and time-consuming process of online video execution

  25. Creatives Conversion • Automatic conversion into all appropriate formats for all chosen devices

  26. RespectingAgency needs • Independent trading platform that takes the individual needs into account • Convenient dashboard that supports the efficient management of campaign placements and advertising space • Transparency: Agency-Advertiser can create and manage their placements, campaigns and reports • Administration through master accounts • Sub-accounts with restricted rights and data-view • Agency-Customers as projects with granted rights to sub-accounts • Agency clients always can see what, when, where and how long has been booked and which results have been attained • Invoicing based on CPC and CPM • Access to all performance figures - detailed reports that provides youwith information about which sites and segments are delivering and performing best for your campaign • Set restrictions for sub-accounts • Full overview on distribution level and budget • Possibility to adapt the campaign at any time

  27. Advantages of AdNeptun forAdvertisers • Real-time insight into pricing and performance. Understand the impact of every campaign before the first impression even runs. • Buy your audiences online - Drive fresh reach, while balancing the frequency of ads across platforms • Brand-safety that runs deep. Each site is pre-screened. All content is monitored in and around every video to ensure ads are guarded against any objectionable content • Know exactly where and how every ad appears online, from page placement to video player type • Get in-depth insights into how the campaign is delivering and performing, such as which audiences it is reaching, what is working and what is not • Instand start. Don't waste time for integration process or technical inhous setup. Contact our personal and get an active account within minutes

  28. Solution for Publishers

  29. Video-Ad Management Server • Take control now and start managing your own Video-Ad Server • Participate with your video portal and plug into the Video-Ad ecosystem to generate revenues and maximize your earnings • A complete web-based solutionwithout technical in-house setup • An intuitive user interface and work-flow makes your life easier, so you spend less time on operations, and more on generating revenue • Real-time tools push new premium optimized campaigns live in real-time and make mid-flight changes to campaigns quickly and easily • Improve your productivity with timely reporting

  30. Publisher Management features • Price management • Fixed price for a specific set of impressions | Specific buyer or individual campaign • Buyer controls • complete control over who can buy • limit the buying groups which have access to the inventory • important for premium publisher who only want to run ads from high qualitybrands • Inventory controls • control which inventory is available for buying • which channels, sites or group of sites can be bought by all advertisers or a specific advertiser • Data controls • limit buyer access to user information • Data transparency • see the buyers on their exchange, the prices of each bid, the bidding volume and more • Simplified optimization because of one unified platform

  31. AdNeptun Workflow for Publishers

  32. AdNeptun Publisher-Products Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3

  33. Tier 1. Direct Sales • AdNeptun‘s comprehensive inventory and ad management capabilities empower publishers, content distributors and networks • Use our state-of-the-art online based software solution to expand your business • Manage, target and track direct advertiser campaigns and optimizerevenue • Automatically have DSPs and agency trading desks bid for your inventory in a real-time auction • Protect yourself by setting rules about • which inventory is available • who can buy it • what price

  34. Tier 2. Existing Sales Channels • Make use of AdNeptun's existing world wide sales and distribution channels • Enable our sales agents to sell your enabledinventory to our customers and clients • System synergy allows a painless overarching action between your AMS-Instance and AdNeptun-Core-Platform • Keep control of your business and decide how much can be sold • Decide for certain percentage or fixed number of impressions • Ceded geographical or democratically segments • Maintain your quality • Keep your qualitative high placements and leave whatever you cannot sell • Premium • Standard • Remnant backfill • Focus on certain daily times

  35. Tier 3. 3rd Party • Offer your residual inventory to 3rd party services likeAd Exchanges • Enable certain amounts, as described in tier 2. • Do not worry about integration of other platforms • We cooperatewith any relevant Network • Exclusive setup for new partnerships

  36. Multi-Platform Delivery • Sell your inventory across all platforms - AdNeptun automatically transcodes, stores, delivers and tracks creatives in multiple video formats and bit-rates • Automated transcoding in all target devices after upload • Ready for action self-deployment on CDN - use our existing structures to enable location-independend and high end scalable video-ad delivery • Multiple creatives for one campaign for best results • Draw on our technology and logical delivery algorithms: eliminate manual trafficking of multiple versions of the same campaign, through pre-built • Flash, Silverlight, HTML5 (live streams & media libraries) • iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry devices (phones & tablets) • Smart TVs (Samsung, Sony, Apple TV, etc.) • IPTV Platforms (iPlayer, Totem, Canvas, Free, SFR, YouView etc.) • Gaming consoles (PS3, Xbox, etc.)

  37. Intelligent Player Integration • Connect your Publishing-platform easy and carefree to your account on AdNeptun • A player integration through VAST or VPAID is mandatory • Our technical staff grants their complimentary expert support during the system integration • Intelligent Video player manages • Ad-insertions • Number of ad calls • Interactivity • Tracking interaction • Pixel tracking • Video specific reporting (sound, screensize) • Provide audience with comfortable features: "Skip Ad", "Chose Ad"

  38. Advantages of AdNeptun forPublishers • Maximize the revenue potential of your inventory • Access hundreds of demand sources within one place with a user-friendly interface • Use 3rd Party Services and Networks to leverage your ROI • Once your account is setup the most common Trading Desks and AdNetworks are already integrated for you • Rely on accurate and proffesional certified technology • Control your account, Inventory and dealer-relationsships • Create subaccounts to fulfill your companies‘ needs • Chose who canaccess your inventory and how much • Restrict unwanted advertising contents on our sources and categories

  39. Advertisement Management System

  40. Technology • Integration of newest video advertising standards • SSL-Certified Web-service • IAB Quality Assurance Certified Network • Open and dynamic API's for ongoing evolution

  41. Technology - Details ForExperts • OpenX 2.8 Source • Open Source Online Advertising Frame Work • Open API and highly customizable • IAB Measurement Audited and Certified for Click Measurement, Web Impression Measurement, Digital Video Commercials and Rich Media • Amazon Cloud-front Webservices • Worldwide acknowledged hosting service • Proven security and never been paralleled scalability • 3rd Party Integration possibilities • Impression & statistics validation • Targetgroup Data • Ad Exchange • Intelligent Player • IAB Standards Compliant: VPAID, VAST, Rich Media, Digital Video, UAP and MRAID • Any program-standard player Integration • Dynamic actions between player and platform

  42. Inventory Management • Publishers maximize the value of their in-stream video inventory through the AdNeptun marketplace, which connects them to a large ecosystem of buyers (advertisers, agencies, trading desks, ad-networks, and DSPs) competing in real-time for their inventory • The marketplace allows publishers to offer inventory directly in a format to transact in real-time • Creating exclusive pools of ad inventory • Within the network publishers can optimize and report on campaigns across all partner sites from one single point of control • They get more access to supply and demand via DSPs, SSPs and the AdNeptun marketplace

  43. Centralized Network Management • Push campaigns to your publishers through a centralized system • Ensure campaign targeting, pacing, flight dates and goals are honored • Changes to creative, delivery targets and priorities are reflected in real-time

  44. Forecasting, Reporting & Analytics • Provide your advertisers with deep data analysis for tracking reach, conversions, frequency, rich reporting and analytics • Accurately forecast and measure ad performance (bid price, fill rate, response rate, and more) • Optimize inventory allocation and direct sales decisions to improve performance of your ad network partners • Drive higher revenue with video-specific metrics like percentage viewed/completed, pause/resume across all of your sites, audiences, shows and content verticals • Reports can be filtered and customized to offer valuable insights into the performance and engagement of your network • We also natively track per-publisher financial reporting, streamlining business operations

  45. Start working withVideo-Ad’sProfessionals!