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December 20th 2006 PowerPoint Presentation
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December 20th 2006

December 20th 2006

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December 20th 2006

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  1. Project outline for Business Opportunity Projects December 20th 2006

  2. A POSSIBILITY FOR SMALL COMPANIES TO CREATE INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS • Business Opportunity Projects, BOPs, promote the internationalization of small companies, i.e. companies with less than 50 employees and sales less than EUR 10 M. • BOPs are carried out by the STC offices outside of Sweden. • Small companies are offered a subsidized and standardized service consisting of three parts together giving a platform for entering an international market: • Market check – a brief yet customized overview of the market. Focuses on issues such as business characteristics of a certain segment, problems of establishment, client and partner information, competition, etc. Also includes suggestions on suitable business partners. Made in PowerPoint and presented before the visiting programme. • Visiting programme – meetings on the market together with STC’s consultants. Meetings with e.g potential clients, partners, distributors, subcontractors, agents, trade organizations lawyers and accountants. Lasts two - three days. • Follow-up – after the market visit an action plan is presented containing STCs recommendations on how to best exploit the business opportunities. The companies are also assisted by the STC in carrying through the activities.

  3. Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Market Check Visiting Programme Follow-up BOP CONSISTS OF SUPPORT IN THREE PHASES • A brief yet customized overview. • Market characteristics? • Potential client segments for the company’s services/products? • Which sales channels show the greatest potential? • Suggestions on suitable business partners. • Initiate discussions with potential business partners. • Deeper knowledge about business partners’ / clients’ potential. • Exchange of experiences. • Possibilities of future co-operation. • Action plan. • Support in e.g. negotiations, follow-up of meetings. • Discussions on next steps and long term strategies. • BOP’s help small Swedish companies entering new markets


  5. THE VISITING PROGRAMME RESULTS IN BUSINESS DISCUSSIONS WITH CLIENTS AND PARTNERS • Business meetings are set and performed with the companies that show the largest potential and interest. • Meetings are carried through together with consultants from the STC project team • The STC prepares the meetings together with the client • The STC sums up the result and the next steps to take for each meeting and each company • The result is deeper knowledge of clients’ and partners’ potential A visiting programme implies meetings and business discussions with those partners showing the greatest potential

  6. TO ACHEIVE BUSINESS, THE STC SUPPORTS THE FOLLOW-UP OF THE VISITING PROGRAMME • The STC gives support in following up the visiting programme. • An action plan is made for future steps • Focus is put on taking the business process forward, e.g. through contacts with local law firms to elaborate cooperation agreements • All contacts and companies in the project are documented and delivered to the company in the form of a database • “Our tool becomes your tool”

  7. Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Market Check Visiting Programme Follow-up THE TIME FRAME FOR STEP 1-2 IS APPROXIMATELY 5-8 WEEKS 4-6 weeks 1-2 weeks Within 2 weeks after visiting programme Start up Workshop 1 Business?! Workshop 2 Continuous dialogue

  8. WELCOME TO UKRAINE Swedish Trade Council Kiev 9/2, Velyka Vasylkivska Str., office 67 01002, KYIV Ukraine Tel: +380 44 496 0626 Fax: +380 44 496 0625 E-mail: