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The Kluttz Family

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The Kluttz Family - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Kluttz Family

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  1. The Kluttz Family Family History Project -Meagan Kluttz

  2. Kinship-a cultural value, connecting the individual to other people, to land, to community, to history, and to identity.. My family’s story represents how traditions are passed on within entrepreneurships; and relates to how the American Dream can be achieved through hard work and dedication over time.

  3. Immigration from Germany.. • Johann Jacob Klotz left Germany & came to America in 1743. • Settled in Piedmont North Carolina (Rowan County) • The Klotz descendants served within the continental Army, in the Revolutionary War, with the South in the Civil War, & with the US Army in WWI. • During the time of the Great Depression (early 1930’s)Johann’s great-great-great grandson: Elbert Welker Kluttz decided to start a piano business.

  4. Map Rowan County Where we settled, stayed, and all still live today.

  5. Family Tree: Miles Welker Kluttz John Burley Kluttz Elbert Welker Kluttz Ray Kluttz Jonathan Kluttz Harry Lee Kluttz. Harry Lee Kluttz Jr. Darren Kluttz Meagan Kluttz Paul Lee Kluttz Paul Lee Kluttz Jr.

  6. Kluttz Piano Company ownners.. Lee Kluttz first generation “Music was always a big part of the family, so now we share our love with friends & neighbors.”-Jonathan Kluttz

  7. It’s a family tradition.. “Inside the walls of Kluttz Piano Company in Granite Quarry, old can become new, and forgotten can become remembered, as one family keeps alive a piano restoration business that opened more than 75 years ago.” Kluttz Piano then.. • Founded in 1931 by Elbert Kluttz- two old warehouses combined • Started the business to supplement his job with the Southern Railroad during the Great Depression to support his family • Restore/repair heirloom pianos to new-like condition. • Paul Lee & Ray Kluttz took over the business in 1950 after their father passed away in a train accident

  8. Kluttz Piano now.. • Owners: Elbert’s grandsons- Paul Lee Kluttz & Jonathan Kluttz • Services: tuning, moving, restoration, storage, and fire & water repair. • Location: 7645 Highway 52 Salisbury, NC 28146 • Hours: M-F (9-5) & Sat. (10-2)

  9. A well-known entrepreneur of the family.. “Uncle Lee” • (Elbert’s brother) worked in the granite quarries as a young man, was a founder Kluttz Piano, opened a motel in HarkersIsland (owned it for years), & worked at the railroad. • When WWII began, he was considered too old for military service & ordered to work for the Southern Railway • Started with the railroad on August 18, 1942 as a fireman, he began repairing locomotives, & eventually worked his way up to engineer

  10. “The American Dream” • The American Dream is not the same for everyone, for some people it may be to travel some place across the world or to just be successful. • Back then these ideas were mainly focused on land ownership and establishing successful business which would normally generate happiness. • Each “dream” suggests that all people can succeed through hard work, and have the potential to live happy, successful lives. • Kluttz Piano Company has achieved the American Dream by establishing a business & surviving the Great Depression, developing with time, and passing family traditions from generation to generation. • Still up and running today back home, is the old warehouse where it all began and will continue, as long as it is possible.

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