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GENDER DISPARITY. By Sebastian . Gender. Gender is a concept that refers to roles and responsibilities that are expected of men and women as members of society. Disparity. Inequality or difference in some respect.

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gender disparity


By Sebastian


Gender is a concept that refers to roles and responsibilities that are expected of men and women as members of society



Inequality or difference

in some respect


Gender disparity is the differences between men and women with regards to their roles and responsibilities in some respects.


Gender disparity in my country

With regards to ignoranceand superstition we have a high

rate of gender disparity. Whereas in Bangladesh, most women are illiterates, ignorant and superstitious.


Equality of male and female rights

Constitutionally in Bangladesh as well as in my country, males and Females are recognized to enjoy equal rights but in true terms, their rights are not equal because of the very few number of females in educational institutions, in responsible professions and in security forces coupled with the dogmatic belief of the males in the society


Male and female rights after they get divorce

The life of a divorcee, if it is a female, is merely miserable in Bangladesh. She can get married for the second time but she has to fight against so many odds and social restrictions. Though it is accepted that she can choose her life partner according to her wills and choice, but in society it is regarded as a mean deed. As it is always done in my country too, a female divorcee is avoided by others in the society. But in the case of a male divorcee , he can get married several times without any criticism or any negligence from any side.


Freedom of the girls and boys

Just like that of Bangladesh because girls are allowed limited freedom in the streets, in buses and vehicles of any sort by reserving seats for them and this proves that girls have liberty but not freedom.


Limit of the women by men

Our social reformers are mainly from male sector. Recently some women workers are found in the media to provoke for women rights. But it is simply a partial activity limited in the big cities and towns only. I think the situation may improve, but it will take time.Because in some countries like Bangladesh social reformers are mainly Males. women workers are fighting for women rights but partially in the big cities and town only.


Improve men’s rights through gender disparity

Comparablyin our country and Bangladesh,It is simply impossible to improve a country economically and environmentally leaving half of the country aside from the development activities. Most of them are deprived from social rights. How can we expect proper development of our country socially and culturally depriving half of the force to work. Male rights are not properly utilized here.


High priority of men

Our males are allowed priority in every field of work. In administration, maintaining law and order situation, protecting liberty and freedom of our country, developing infrastructure position of our country, our males are given the top priority. At the same time, our males have to think over the family maintenance and goodness; even in Bangladesh. Does this always happen globally?


Men after divorce

In Ghana our Males are agents of criticisms and drawbacks. They are treated as the banyan tree of the society. So age doesn’t hinders them to get married several times. In our country, females sometimes have the right to marry again but in Bangladesh the females are totally restricted from marrying again.


Class teacher : Sebastian Sackey-Addoo

Students : Eugenia Ofori ( Class leader)

Ellen Adu- Darko

Catherine Ramos

Linda Larbi

Sabina Oduro

Vivian Addo

Abigail Asiedua

Rosemomd Nyarko

Blessing Brown

Elphine Adonkortse

Yawa Djakpo

Gifty Lamptey

Mavis Darko

Supported by Kazi Mahsina Akhter and his students from Bangladesh