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Recommended Activities for Community Skatepark Campaign PowerPoint Presentation
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Recommended Activities for Community Skatepark Campaign

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Recommended Activities for Community Skatepark Campaign - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Uploaded on We need to have all the help we can get when we prepare for community skatepark.

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We need to have all the help we can get when we prepare for community skatepark. We need to have all the assistance - financial or in kind from all people not only from local government or businesses. Here are some proposed activities to acquire additional support.

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Open Forums at Town Hall Meetings

A town hall assembly can be scheduled to open the idea of a skatepark up for community comment. The town hall meeting ought to be reserved in an easily accessible public location and if possible happen in the evening when everybody is not at work. Spread the word with regard to the town hall meeting through the press, your web site and word-of-mouth.

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Personally request all interested parties that you have met via your networking campaign. Generally request members of the press to town hall meetings and offer each press member with a media kit. Together with supporters of the skatepark, it's quite possible that opponents of the skatepark and people who are undecided will also attend. Be ready to talk with opponents and individuals who are undecided.

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Just before any town hall meeting you must get ready. Get ready to enable you to provide data and answer questions about the sport, liability, injuries and damage to the area. It's essential to be capable to answer questions correctly to be able to solicit as much help as possible for the campaign and to deal with the concerns that the meeting participants possess. When you are ready and addressing questions fully, you'll stop future vocal opposition of the skatepark. It is advisable to deal with opposition and unsure community members at a scheduled town hall meeting than at a city council meeting. If you wait to address the worries of community members at a city council meeting, it will more likely than not increase the risk for immediate death of your skatepark plans.

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Fixed Kiosks

While campaigning and fundraising for the skatepark it is wise to get a fixed details kiosk that circulates around the community. This could consist of a three fold cardboard pasteboard created for this intent. This can be bought at office supply stores. This pasteboard should feature information regarding the project, the budget, your existing needs, and contact information. A model of the facility and a secure donation box can go with this display.

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Through the planning and fundraising campaign, the kiosk may make the rounds to chapels, city hall and the public library. This display may compliment speaking engagements. After speaking events, inquire if the display can remain at that place for a week or so prior to being moved to another area. Depending on size of your community, it usually is useful to get numerous stationary kiosks to position in several places.

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