making a community skatepark who else can help l.
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making a community skatepark - who else can help? PowerPoint Presentation
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making a community skatepark - who else can help?

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making a community skatepark - who else can help? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Uploaded on The local business community is usually tired of skateboarders bombing down sidewalks, scary consumers, and ripping up their benches, ledges, rails and other constructions.

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making a community skatepark - who else can help?

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    1. Making a Community Skatepark - Who Else Can Help?

    2. Developing a skatepark will take all the help you can get. Here are a set of suggestions on whom to visit for assistance.

    3. Religious Officials: No matter what a individuals very own religious practice or belief, these individuals are mighty members of practically any community or government. When you contact the religious community, it will help to stress the community-based need for the skatepark. Take time to emphasize the positive aspects of skateboarding and the skateboard group. For example, highlight how the recreation area can aid children promote the sport in a positive way by keeping skaters "off the streets" and out of trouble with the law.

    4. This is the type of importance that will get their assistance. Provide examples like Skate-Church in Portland, Oregon that has ramps and obstacles for skaters to use in a safer and controlled atmosphere. Try to make contact with as many religious agencies as possible and when you find ones that support your cause ask them to write letters of assistance to the city council.

    5. Non-profit Companies: A non-profit network service agency can assist in a lot of means. In addition to offer writing, they might offer staff time to over-see the challenge, accommodate the payment of funds and work with the panel to contract for building. This also enables the committee to run under the umbrella of their non-profit status. In short, when you go asking for money or materials you are able to say those magic words - "it's tax deductible."

    6. Almost all umbrella organizations will not take just any group under their wings. They will take into consideration the dynamics of the mission and the impression that it will have upon the neighborhood. Non-profit and umbrella businesses really rely greatly upon funds to pay overhead and salaries. Their capacity to get grants relies upon primarily upon the good results of the projects that they support. Do your search before approaching an organization. This will maximize your likelihood of successes. Your exploration should include discovering about the long-term objectives of the business and past initiatives. Figure out in advance as precisely as possible what your needs are, and how much of the businesses time and assets will be essential. Then, make an scheduled visit and consult for what you need.

    7. Nearby Business Community: The local business community is usually tired of skateboarders bombing down sidewalks, scary consumers, and ripping up their benches, ledges, rails and other constructions. The fact is that, this indicates affiliates of the business community can be powerful partners. Make an effort to gain the public support of the business community as they ordinarily have deep ties within the local community and may come up with leads that would have otherwise been neglected.

    8. The tactic that satisfies with the most success is to actively demonstrate that the issue is not skateboarding, but the shortage of a perfect place to skate. After the local business community is convinced of the seriousness of the skatepark panel they may continuously offer in-kind contributions of construction materials and items for fundraisers, as well as budgetary donations. If you can't get business managers to city council meetings to speak out in your favor, ask them to write letters of support. At the very least ask them to sign a request set aside only for businesses and professionals.

    9. At any time when your organization wants something, identify firms that can best deal with that need. Then, just walk right in, express why you are there, what you are out to fulfill and what you need from the business. This simple approach can get the skatepark committee free typesetting, printing, tools, construction materials and all sorts of other products and services.

    10. Law Enforcement: Many cities have ordinances against skateboarding in certain or all areas of the city. Of course, it is the obligation of the police to enforce these ordinances. All jokes aside, the police truly do have better things to do than write tickets and take skate boards because of a city code. Nevertheless, until laws change or more skateparks are created, it will remain the job of law enforcement to stop individuals from skateboarding wherever it is banned. If you can get a few law enforcement administrators on the side of the skatepark committee your endeavours to build a skatepark will go much less difficult.

    11. In many instances the chief of police, or another representative from law enforcement consistently reports to the city authorities. So, go straight to the top. Speak to the chief of police or head of emergency services and ask his or her viewpoints about building a public skatepark in the community. Most likely, the result will be positive. In our experience, the law enforcement and medical services communities were very accepting and accommodating. They backed the innovation of a skatepark mainly because they realized the problem that skaters were in and could see the skatepark as a solution to a challenge. Principally, law enforcement did not enjoy stopping skateboarders on the street and confiscating skateboards, so they were interested in reasonable solutions.

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