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2017-2018 AGM

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2017-2018 AGM

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2017-2018 AGM

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  1. 2017-2018 AGM KNB 132 6:30-8:30PM April 17, 2018

  2. Agenda1. Call to Order and Quorum2. Approval of Agenda3. Approval of Minutes of the 2017 AGM4. Presentation Board of Director Reports5. Board of Directors Nominations and Elections - Nominees for Board of Directors- Call for Additional Nominations from the Floor - Voting for 2018-2019 Board of Directors 6. Appointment of 2 Members to review the CSSA 2018 Fiscal Year End Financial Statements 7. Membership Q&A and Feedback8. Other Business9. Adjourn

  3. Board of Directors Reports

  4. President’s Report • It has been a tremendous honour for me to have the opportunity to serve the CSSA first in the role of Treasurer and currently as the President of the CSSA. • Serving as President is possible only with the combined efforts of: • All of our incredible members and the volunteer hours that you contribute to the CSSA • Without your efforts we would not be able to operate this club, deliver our programs, host some of the best competitions in the country or event hold our fall SGM, this AGM and the upcoming Gala • All of our incredible coaches and staff • Without their passion for the sport of Speed Skating and their passion for all of our skaters we simply would not be able to deliver a program of this size or witness the improvement and growth of all of our athletes

  5. President’s Report • The fantastic group of Members who comprise the Board of Directors • The countless hours that are put in by each and every one of these individuals is amazing • Summary of 2017-2018 Speed Skating Season • Rarely does a season go according to script in the world of sports. This is especially true for not-for-profit, volunteer run sports associations. • We had some unexpected hurdles we had to jump and navigate • We had a lot of successes and positives that came out of this season • We continue to identify and to work on those areas where we can improve our program, our program delivery and the overall experience of all of our athletes and members

  6. President’s Report • Unexpected Hurdles • At last year’s AGM our Member’s voted for a Board that consisted of 8 returning Directors and 3 new Directors • This turnover rate balances continuity with fresh and new perspectives, ideas and voices • Shortly after the AGM 2 of the returning Directors resigned from the Board to start a new club • A third returning Director took on the challenge of coaching the Chinese National Speed Skating • Time was required to find new volunteers to take on the vacant roles • We did, however, find a group of excellent volunteers who enthusiastically jumped into their roles

  7. President’s Report • CSSA’s number of registered skaters was lower than anticipated for a number of reasons: • Registrations are cyclical and follow the Olympic cycle and this year was the trough year with registered skaters across the Province at a low point • Some of our skaters graduated to either the AASSA or Oval High Performance Programs • Some skaters transferred to the Grizzlies • However due to the interest generated by the Olympics and our new marketing initiatives our goal is to substantially increase the number of skaters for next season

  8. President’s Report • Loss of the Oval ice for the last two week’s of the on-ice portion of the season: • Due to mechanical failures the ice was removed ahead of schedule • We are grateful that the Oval preserved the RUFast dates • There is no such thing as a good time to lose ice, however, the disruption to the overall program was minimized • CSSA ran off ice training programs for its skaters • Skaters who were attending CanWest were able to train jointly with Canmore/Banff and/or the Grizzlies

  9. President’s Report • Successes • Board governance has improved dramatically: • The current group of Directors have worked very well together • Lots of room for debate and discussion of different views and opinions, however, the Board speaks as one voice once a decision is made • Improved understanding of fiduciary duties and obligations • Working relationship with the Olympic Oval continues to improve: • Open and frank discussions with the Oval about how to improve volume and frequency of training, at the appropriate levels, within the confines of current ice schedules • Exploring opportunities to increase participation in the sport • Joint initiative with Oval to advertise and promote speed skating, the Oval and RUFast through the Fan960

  10. President’s Report • Improved retention and development of CSSA coaches, leading to continued improvement in the development of the technical skills of all levels of skaters: • CSSA skaters continue to graduate to high performance programs • Significant portion of our Senior and Junior Teen skaters qualified for and participated at the three major speed skating meets: Alberta Winter Games, Canadian Age Class Long Track and CanWest • Lots of hardware (medals) brought back by CSSA skaters from these major competitions • AASSA appoints many of our CSSSA coaches to lead the Alberta skaters at CACLT and CanWest and the Zone 3 skaters at AWG

  11. President’s Report • ABLT and RUFast: • Among the largest speed skating competitions in Canada • Very positive feedback from Athletes, Coaches, Officials and Parents • True testament to our volunteer commitment and power • Overall reduction in lost ice time and additional make up sessions for lost ice time (up to the last two weeks of season) • Increased participation in try speed skating programs • Registration fees only increased by cost of living increases (i.e. increases to Oval fees, SSC fees, AASSA fees, etc.) • Successful and well received WestJet fund raising initiative • Improved and streamlined communications between coaches and athletes and CSSA and Members • Well received fall SGM to supplement the spring AGM

  12. President’s Report • Ongoing Areas of Improvements • The Board wants, and needs, to continue to explore all areas where CSSA operations, programs and the delivery of programs can be improved. A few specific areas include: • Operations: • New Board will better define each Directors portfolios • Assessment of revenues and expenses • How to increase revenues through grants and fundraising • How to decrease expenses • Ensure that Members receive full value for all expenditures • Participation: • Increase participation in sport by attracting new members • Retaining existing members, especially 15+ (including the adult and Masters skaters) • Improved marketing post Olympics • Improved relationship with Alien-in-Line

  13. President’s Report • Programs: • Ensure that CSSA maximizes the potential of every skater, regardless of what that potential may be • Ongoing review and assessment of overall CSSA program • Complete review of Technical Director/Head Coach • How to improve and better integrate and unify the technical development o all our skaters from the age of 6 to 86 • Improved communication of the overall CSSA program and what each skaters goals should be • Program Delivery: • Hire coaches as soon as possible • Utilize time from now to September to mentor, train and develop CSSA coaching team • Utilize time from now to September to develop training programs • Increase in season and on ice mentorship of coaches

  14. President’s Report cont.... Thank you to all of our Board members and to all of our staff - Carole Yen, Stacey Fergusson and Janos Englert for the support they have provided to the Board and to CSSA throughout the year. Thanks to Cam Schepp, Ailsa Le May and Kanchana Varnasooriya who won’t be running for a position this year. And of course to all of our tremendous volunteers. Respectfully submitted, W. Tibor Osvath CSSA President

  15. Treasurer’s Report Honour and a pleasure to join the CSSA Board for the 2017-2018 Season after assisting Kim with Meet Co-ordination prior 2 seasons. Objective of the Treasurer’s Report: Four Matters to be Addressed • Specific matters to be addressed in this report: • CSSA’s member audited financial statements for fiscal year ending June 30, 2017 approved at SGM November 21, 2017. • 2 Volunteers required to be the CSSA member auditors for the June 30, 2018 year-end financial statements • Setting the budget and fee schedule for the 2018-2019 Season. • Snapshot of CSSA’s financial position on April 17, 2018 and a forecast on June 30, 2018 • Reminder: • Casino – May 21 & 22, 2018 - funds used to offset on-ice coaching wages…

  16. Treasurer’s Report Cont… Audited Financial Statements for Fiscal Year End June 30, 2017: • CSSA’s fiscal year end is June 30. • CSSA By-laws and the Societies Actallow the financial statements to be audited by way of a members’ review of the financial statements by two members in good standing of CSSA. • On September 19, 2017 Craig and Bar-Jan signed off on the June 30, 2017 financial statements. • According to section 13.2 of our By-laws, the previous year’s audited financial statements are to be presented at the AGM. • Our AGM is held in April of every year, 3 months prior to the current season’s fiscal year end, but, 9 month’s after the previous season’s fiscal year end. • To make the presentation of the previous season’s financial statements and the current season’s financial position more relevant it was decided that CSSA would hold a SGM in October or November. • At the AGM we focus on the current season’s finances as opposed to the prior season. The prior year financials are still included for members’ review anytime. • The following slides are a condensed version of the comparison between actual and budgeted revenues and expenses for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2018. • Please note that the Board, and of course the Treasurer, are always prepared to meet with any of CSSA’s Members to conduct a detailed review of the finances of CSSA, both past and current.

  17. Financial Position Summary 2017-2018 Budget

  18. Financial Position Summary Cont… 2017-2018 Results - Cash

  19. Financial Position Summary Cont… 2017-2018 Results - Cash

  20. Treasurer’s Report Cont… 2017-2018 Season Budget and Fee Schedule: Setting the Budget and Fee Schedule • CSSA is a Not for Profit athletic association. • However, that does not prevent CSSA from generating a reasonable surplus. • The Board owes obligations to current and future members and must ensure that CSSA remains a healthy and viable club on a go forward basis future. • Not for Profits should maintain cash reserves equal to a minimum of 6 months, but, preferably two years worth of funds to cover all operational expenses. • Prudent management for Not for Profits to set budgets that will provide for a surplus of $10,000 to $20,000/year. • AGLC casino licences are not guaranteed. The time lag between casinos is increasing, methodology and criteria for distributing proceeds between groups is always under review by AGLC, and in the current economy casino revenues are lower. • The last casino proceeds were $67,000 (to be divided over the next two seasons), down from $77,000 two years ago. • Excluding the Casino funds offsetting direct on-ice coach costs, CSSA can remain viable for 2 seasons with yearly operational losses of $55,000. • Including current Casino funds, CSSA can remain viable for 5 seasons with yearly net losses of $18,000.

  21. Treasurer’s Report Cont… 2017-2018 Season Budget and Fee Schedule: • Developing the Budget and Fee Schedule • For the 2016-2017 season a significant fee increase was approved to cover the prior season’s revenue shortfall and to cover the increased costs of the Oval ice. • The 2017/2018 season the Oval ice fees increased by approximately $35/skater and the SSC and AASSA affiliation fees have increased by $10/skater. • a similar increase to 2017/18 by the Oval and SSC and AASSA will occur in 2018/2019 • As a result, in 2017/2018 the Board chose to: • Only increase fees by any increase in affiliation fees and oval fees • Provide members with a discount if they registered early • Include the cost of skate rentals in the current fee structure for skates in the L2SS program • The Board will continue to explore further costs savings in the delivery of CSSA programs and with an active VC Skaters and VP the BOD will explore additional revenue streams. This should result in minimal or no fee increases in 2018/2019. • The 2017/2018 season saw the Grizzlies SSC start-up which contributed to an unplanned decrease to registrants and cash-flow. • One Challenge in 2018/2019 will be the timing of CSSA competitions ABLT and R U Fast (during Family Day weekend Feb 2019 due to Oval’s schedule). • With the success of the 2018 Winter Olympics – we hope to see an increase in registrants of all ages


  23. Registrar Report Season 2017-2018 Used RAMP to Register all Participants for ABLT and RU Fast Consolidate Waivers for Program Registrations (Thanks Kjelti) Decrease of 26 Skaters from 2016-2017 season. -15 skaters ages 15 and younger -11 skaters ages 16 and older

  24. Registrar Report cont. Absolute Speed (ABS) Ran a combination of dedicated session and smaller session combined with Y3/I2SS and L2SS groups Increase of 52 participants from 2016-2017 season. Had we been able to hold the ABS program in March, increase would have been a minimum of 88 participants.

  25. Registrar Report • Meets • ABLT – 70 CSSA Skaters (Decrease of 25 from 2017) • RU Fast – 89 CSSA Skaters (Decrease of 11 from 2017) • All ABLT and RU Fast skaters (CSSA and non CSSA) registered in RAMP this year. Simplified reporting for meet co-ordinator , and reduced # of volunteers required to collect club payments. • Considerations for 2018-2019 • Revaluate current system is use • RAMP and WaiversForEver have been used for the past 4 seasons • Is there anything better and a reasonable cost? • Continue streamlining CSSA waiver process • Streamline Oval waiver process • Continue working with Oval/AASSA for smoother registration • Respectfully Submitted, • TanveerVirani • Registrar

  26. VC Development Report Introduction This role was vacant in the early season, and I took on this role in the fall of 2017. Spent early part of season evaluating programs, coaching, opportunities for development and improvement with CSSA programs and meeting with parties inside and outside of CSSA. Thank you to the current board for all the support I received this year. Highlights 2017-2018 Voting member with Sport Calgary All Sport One City – 35 adults tried out long-track and short-track over 3 days at Oval in 2018 All Sport One Day – Scheduled June 16, 2018, Winsport. Tsuut’ina Nation Proposal for Program Expansion 2019. Coach support equipment. Ongoing Projects Program development in line with SSC and ASSA LTPAD programs. Parent ‘intro to Speedskating ‘ during on-ice sessions or evenings. Coach training; certification, upgrades, mentoring. New coach (parent) development pathway for on-ice support. Development of games and program manual / lesson plans for youngers groups. Individual YTP for older / competitive skaters. Membership increase through Sport Calgary Programs for youth and adult level skaters. Support masters/adult-level competition schedule. Establish risk-management committee to address on-ice safety procedures and protocols for all user groups. Integration of Calgary Special Olympics Program into CSSA.

  27. VC Skaters Report High level goals identified for 2017/18 season: • Increase engagement - foster stronger relationships with internal stakeholders (our CSSA Family – skaters, and their families) • Ice level pulse check • Be present! Ask and answer questions - provide transparency Learnings: • Coordinated approach to communication required • Social media presence needed to amp up • Info families needed challenging to find at current state • Lack of guidance for skaters/families new to the sport • More… 2018/2019 Proposed deliverables: • Communications committee required - tasked with the following: - Creation of events calendar within website (ie: races and signup deadlines, picture day, to training for officials) - Newsletter - Tweak website for an optimal user experience - Update CSSA Handbook with a live link sitemap electronically - Social media ambassadors - More…

  28. VC Competitions Report Summary: Coordinated with VC Officials and VC Volunteers to plan and coordinate CSSA’s two major competitions, both the largest in Western Canada. Duties included liaising with the Oval, AASSA and SSC regarding competition scheduling, competition resources, sanctions and all necessary matters. Worked with the registrar and other club administrators to receive and verify entries to set up and finalize meet schedules. Post competition reports to SSC, AASSA and the CSSA board were done after each competition and recommendations made for future competitions. 2017-2018 Activities: Registration statistics from 2017-2018 comparing our competitions: 20172018 ABLT 243 228 down about 7% but changed the format from 3 days to 2 days RU Fast 264 295 305 registered but late cancellations due to weather Competitors registered from 3 provinces, 2 territories and 2 states Respectfully Submitted, Kim Paterson VC of Competitions

  29. VC Official Report Achievements for 2016-2017 Season:1. Organized one Level 1 Officials clinic before ABLT on Jan 12, 2018. (12 total attendees). 2. Member of the Competition planning committee for ABLT and RUFAST 2017. 3. Recruited and coordinated officials for ABLT and RUFast - over 85 officials for ABLT and over 140 officials for RU Fast 4. Represented CSSA while attending monthly meetings of the AASSA Officials Development committee (via Skype) 5.Track officiating qualifications for CSSA members. Have made recommendations to AASSA for new and upgraded officials qualification levels for CSSA members. Respectfully submitted,Blair ToblanVC Officials 2017-2018

  30. VC Volunteers Report CSSA volunteers play a leading role in the success of the 2017-18 season: Our volunteers deserve a standing ovation for their awesome commitment. 2017 – 18 was another successful year and much credit goes to our hardworking volunteers. Working together, from the Board level to meet officials, to the on-ice parents and equipment volunteers, we managed the minutiae of the skating season. Our skaters enjoyed Kick-Off Day BBQ and Santa’s visit. We introduced new skaters to the sport through ABS sessions and All Sports One Day. Skaters from across Western Canada and the US challenged themselves at CSSA’s two successful, volunteer-run, signature competitions: ABLT 2018 and RU Fast 2018.

  31. VC Volunteers Report cont. Season 17-18 Summary: CSSA successfully continued the same volunteer policy implemented last year except for the way to credit volunteer hours for food contributions. This policy was instituted with the intentions of getting very busy parents more involved in the sport and as a way of helping skaters complete their volunteer hours. The plan achieved a considerable success. We asked most of our 138 skating members to commit to more hours of volunteering to fill the needs of our programs and two large meets. This they did in spades. Like most volunteer run sports, speed skating places a huge demand on its members. The competitions require the largest number of volunteer hours, but the Board of Directors, office help and on-ice parents also take up many volunteer hours. Then, there are 13 other activities that place demands on our volunteers; all of which help make CSSA a better club. Over the last 3 years we have needed between on average 4500 volunteer hours to successfully manage the programs and competitions! In 2017-18, with the new, more equitable policy we only had a required 2,210 hours of volunteer time from our membership with which to work. Volunteers from our club and many others stepped up as we needed far more hours. CSSA members completed 2702 hours of volunteering in all the various capacities. In addition, volunteers from other club helped out at the ABLT and RU Fast, putting in 750 hours! Together we worked 3452 hours to make the programs and the competitions happen! In 2016-17, we had 2950 hours of required “volunteering”. We needed 4650 hours to make everything happen.

  32. VC Volunteers Report cont Statistics: Kudos go to the Senior Teen group as 91 % of them met or exceeded their volunteer hours and except one everyone in this group volunteered some hours. Youth 1, 85%, Youth 2, 90% Youth 3, 82% Junior Teen completed or exceeded their hours Junior teen and L2SS groups completed 85% of their volunteer requirement Regrettably 19 % of our members did NOT volunteer at all. Ending on a positive, 26% of the members did more than 30 hours of volunteering. Season 17-18 Achievements: We created and implemented a more equitable Volunteer Policy. The majority of our members fulfilled or exceeded their volunteer commitment. We continued to proceed with a universal minimum 5 hours volunteer commitment to one of the two major events. CSSA hosts: ABLT or RU Fast to better meet the competitions’ needs.

  33. VC Volunteers Report cont Objectives for Season 18-19: Develop a stronger club culture through better communication, greater participation and better recognition of skaters and volunteers. Make it easier for new club members to fulfill their volunteer requirements. Communicate volunteer needs better. Opportunities for Season 18-19: Board of Directors 2018-19 Casino 2018  All Sports One Day – TBD On Ice Parent Helpers 2018-19 Skate Maintenance Crew 2018 Registration Day - August 2018 2017 Kick Off Day - September 2018 Possible Family Day at the Oval - February 2018 2019 Alberta In-Door Long Track Competition 2019 RU Fast Short Track Meet Gala 2019 Subcommittee volunteers Recommendations for Season 2018-2019: Greater prominence of volunteer requirements on the website. More officials clinics to train the volunteers in officiating Respectfully submitted, KanchanaVarnasooriya, VC Volunteers 2017-18

  34. Technical Director Report I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate to ALL of our skaters who qualified for our major competitions of the season. Even just qualifying for these competition is a great achievement. The Canadian Age Class Long Track Champs, the Alberta Winter Games and the Can-West short track. Especially I would like to congratulate to those who came home with medals from these major competitions: Alexandra Volstad Annika Johnston Ivy Bao Sarah Feschuk Elliot Kellough Arman Virani Well done skaters ! ! !

  35. Technical Director Report cont. Our membership went down a bit this season but I’m hoping with the help of the public interest of the Olympic Games, we may have increasing membership for the next season. In terms of promoting our sport: We had a record number of families interested in “Try-Out Speed Skating” during the season. Also hosted a hockey and a ringette team as well for some speed skating experience. Hosted the “All Sport One City” event for speed skating in January, 2018. With a big number of registration in short track and long track. Great success again on our own ABLT and RUFast competitions with record number of participants. It was good to see many of our next generation skaters having a good time, enjoying the sport and achieving personal best times! Congratulations to them and to the coaches too. I’m very happy to announce our summer program, - starts on Monday, May 14th, - and I’m hoping that many of our skaters will take advantage of our dryland training. We are offering organized programs for 3 different groups this summer. L2T group, for anyone under age 11 for the month of July and August. T2T group, skaters age 11 and up from mid-May to late August. Adult group for age 15 and up. All groups will be coached by certified coaches. In terms of our future, I’m looking forward to the next season. My plan as a Technical Director to maintain the fine balance between the high performance programs and the recreational programs we are offering to our members. Our Club is open for all ages and all levels. I would like to mention here that I’m committed to our Adult Group and I’m planning to continue to offer programs to the adult skaters as well on the short track and long track side of the speed skating field. I’m very pleased to inform our members that our highly qualified and dedicated coaches are planning to return for the next season and I’m looking forward to work with them again. Respectfully submitted by Janos Englert Technical Director

  36. Board of Directors Nominations and Elections

  37. Appointment of 2 Members to review the CSSA 2018 Fiscal Year End Financial Statements Yolanda Hernandez Second: Tim Peper 2) Bart-Jan Jorna Second: Louise MacKellar

  38. Membership Q&A and Feedback

  39. Q: Sam Pollok (Coach) suggested a partnership with Alien-in-line to grow our sport, is this something that the board is considering? A: Ailsa looking at how to leverage the recourses as over a 10,000 school kids run though this program a year. CSSA is partnering with Alien-in-line for our summer programs from May-July. CSSA has distributed promotional post cards in the past with no success in new registrants. Must focus on target marketing, must engage the parent instead of the child. Ryan is the operations manager for Alien in-Line, they are a for profit organization, that brings over 2800 kids between grade 3-12, mostly elementary to skate both LT/ST at the oval. Suggested having a stronger connection to CSSAA to have the information to refer their skaters as a pathway upon finishing the school program. Janos informed that he organized a hockey and ringette camps this past season in hopes to draw in more members. In addition, Sport Calgary is connecting with hockey association to incorporate power skating in their programs. We are expecting to run another hockey camp in August. Other initiatives have been; displaying promotional posters in al City of Calgary Arenas and sidewalk signs in Varsity area. Q: Stephanie Loster (Parent) has noticed that many parents drop off their skaters and do not stay on site. Can parents use the oval lounge to get to know one another and build a sense of community? A: The Oval lounge is available for all to use if there isn’t a booked event. Ailsa raised concerns from a risk management perspective if their parents is leaving the building while their young child is on ice. Contact information, medical history and behavioural concerns may pose concern if an emergency were to arise. Q: Cecelia (Past President) asked if we will offer an associate membership options? A: We are revising the by-laws which will include this clause to include Associate membership Q: Cecelia (Past President) states that she was not asked to sign a waiver while volunteering at RUFAST, are volunteer covered? A: All volunteers are covered under Speed Skate Canada for liability purposes during competitions. Q: Cecelia (Past President) asked if we are planning on continuing with the World cup initiative? A: Opportunity for next season; each ticket sold CSSA receives $5 Q: Guy Bussell (Coach) asked if CSSA is interested in hosting a Masters World Short Track Championships? A: Board will consider this as our goal is to engage master skaters. Q: Tim Peper (Parent) asked how we plan on recovering from our deficit? A: Programs such as Try to Speed Skate Sessions (ABS) have been the most successful initiative to grow our skater base. Will work with the Oval to offer succession options from Summer Speed and Active for Living Programs. The Oval is re-branding to update the look of the facility to match the quality of training in performance sports. In order to reduce fees going forward, we must run a couple seasons without a deficit. Q: What is CSSA going to do to keep skaters and grow membership? A: Promoting our sport to the general public to attract new members, Tsuut’ina Nation initiative (if approved) help to diversify to meet the needs of Calgarians who live in the South. Provide more education on succession after the age of 15, will inform parents and skaters that they can continue with the clubs high performance program. This would give our members another option to the OVAL and AASSA programs.

  40. Other Business Introduction of Oval representation: Jamie Seguin, Manager Sponsors Jonathan Guilmette, Manager for High Performance Short Track Laurie Erhman, Competition Support Oval is looking for ways to improve the partnership going forward. Special Olympics organizing committee is looking for assistance from CSSA Feb. 9-10, 2019 (Weekend before RUFAST) Require Officials, TD and Volunteers Willing to provide training for those who need special requirements Words from Josie Daub as the President for 2018-19 season; “Big thank you to Tibor Osvath for his time spent in the BOD. I am hoping to get to know the Board members and staff as quickly as possible to come together a team, please sign up for subcommittees'”