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IEN Overview Annual Superintendents’ Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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IEN Overview Annual Superintendents’ Meeting

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IEN Overview Annual Superintendents’ Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IEN Overview Annual Superintendents’ Meeting . Aug 5th, 2010 . What is the Idaho Education Network?. We are a legislatively mandated virtual private educational network

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Presentation Transcript

IEN Overview

Annual Superintendents’ Meeting

Aug 5th, 2010

what is the idaho education network

What is the Idaho Education Network?

We are a legislatively mandated virtual private educational network

Purpose is to provide an equitable and reliable high-speed level of connectivity for all Idaho public schools to support 21st century collaborative learning environments and increase educational outcomes

how are we going to do it

How are we going to do it?

Connect 200 High Schools over three years with ample bandwidth and additional technology

Current deployment is 170 Receiving Sites/30 Origination Sites

Primary funding through a Statewide E-rate Application-Education Networks of America

Video Teleconferencing Systems at each school

ien organization
IEN Organization
  • IEN Program Resource Advisory Council (IPRAC)
  • IEN Technical Subcommittee
  • Technical Director (208) 332-1840
    • Brady Kraft
  • Communications Director (208) 332-1842
    • Garry Lough
ien project status
IEN Project Status
  • Schedule Updates
    • Directional Changes
  • IEN Advisory Council
    • New Membership
    • Organizational Structure

Where are we now?

  • 79 schools connected in FY 2010
  • 121 schools left to connect in FY 2011 and 2012
  • 300+ students received courses over video
  • 800+ credits earned over video
  • 250+ Teachers and Administrators trained
  • Established a management system for network
  • Established training for users and teachers
  • Established a search engine for neighboring VTC sites and curriculum
ien applications to date
IEN Applications To Date
  • Increased efficiency and flexibility for administrators, teachers and students
  • Higher Education classes to Grades 9 to 12
  • Professional and Workforce Development
    • Certification, EMT, Fire, Police, Business, E-Commerce, Masters, PhD.
  • Peer to Peer delivery (Intra-district or Inter-district)
  • Supplemental Curriculum, Virtual Field Trips for K-12
    • Royal Botanical Gardens, St. Louis University School of Medicine, Royal Tyrrel Paleontology Museum, NASA, Smithsonian, etc…
  • Collaboration, Meetings, Interact with Subject Matter Experts
the noc network operations center
The NOCNetwork Operations Center


ien delivers a fully managed connectivity service
IEN Delivers a Fully Managed Connectivity Service

Video Teleconferencing and Support


Network Backbone

ien adoption mou
IENAdoption (MOU)
  • Open House Presentations with VTC
    • Invite parents to see the system and share your vision
    • Conduct Professional Development and Open House trainings with Teachers
    • Conduct open house meetings with Community Leaders-
      • Police, Fire, Chambers
ien adoption
  • Community Leaders Open House
    • ISU workforce training
      • Joe Fleischman and Jeff Hough at ISU
      • E-Commerce Training
      • Online Marketing
      • Customer Retention Techniques
      • 208-282-3372 or
ien adoption19
  • Teacher Proctor Training and Origination Training
    • Andy Lanning 208-861-3773
      • What does VTC mean to me? Overview of VTC in the class
      • Proctor Training (4hr)
      • Origination Training (16hr)
what are our neighbors doing
What are our neighbors doing?
  • Wyoming Model–Heavy focus on K-12 to K-12 delivered courses
  • Utah Model—Heavy focus on Higher Education and Dual Credit.
    • 20% of concurrent enrollment credits were earned through distance education.
  • Idaho Model—Expand on their strengths and included community opportunities, PTE, STEM, Graduate Degrees, Emergency Training, etc…
big picture of the ien website
Big Picture of the IEN website?
  • We have created a mechanism for schools and providers to find what they need, post what they need, and post what they offer.
  • This search function operates with the same principles and rules as many of the search engines you currently use like Google or Yahoo.

Contact Garry Lough

Communications Director 208-332-1842