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Deep & Dark & Dangerous

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Deep & Dark & Dangerous. This book is about a girl that torments other people because she wants a proper funeral. The Beginning.

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Deep & Dark & Dangerous

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    1. Deep & Dark & Dangerous This book is about a girl that torments other people because she wants a proper funeral.

    2. The Beginning • It starts by a girl that is very curious finding a picture of her mom, aunt, and a girl named ‘T’. Ali asks her mom who ‘T’ was and mom said in a hiss “I don’t know what your talking about!” When Ali’s father came home he thought they should visit the Gull Cottage (where the photo was taken).

    3. Going to Gull Cottage • The aunt Dulcie wants to take Ali for a Summer trip and Claire (Ali’s mom) was not wanting Ali to go and Claire had another horrible migraine because she had a past never to be spoken of just like Dulcie. Eventually Claire gave in and let Ali go. She said that is was always full of mosquitoes but that’s not true. Someone has drown in it’s lake

    4. Ali • Ali is a curious girl that is 13 years old. In one part of the story near the end she calmed a ghost down because she fought against her siblings and found out something that helped many people.

    5. Dulcie • Dulcie is Ali’s aunt and Emma’s mom. Ali was only brought to baby-sit Emma while Dulcie paints for her presentation in Washington. She becomes very stressful when she hears about Sissy and never seems to be around when Sissy’s there.

    6. Emma • Emma is a very emotional 5 year old but can really be fun instead of always crying. Emma is Dulcie’s little daughter. Emma becomes a brat after she meets a girl named Sissy. Sissy makes Emma become someone who will cuss about her nephew.

    7. Claire • Claire is Ali’s mother. Claire has a very depressing aura orbited around her. She has had migraines since her sister Dulcie did something when they were kids and it follows her around for a long time. She is also very isolated because of the migraines.

    8. Sissy • Sissy is a girl that has a very disturbing past that only she knows. Claire & Dulcie would know if Sissy told her the truth. Sissy has a manipulative mind over Emma and makes Emma a horrible behaving person. Sissy said a very important phrase in the book “You can’t drown twice”!

    9. “T” • In the very beginning of the book, Ali finds a picture of her aunt Dulcie, her mom, and a girl that was cut off the photo somehow. When anyone talked about “T” (or the real name) Dulcie & Claire would be very jittery and suspicious. Ali thinks finding out “T” will be no sweat at all but little does she know that finding the name out may ruin Ali’s Summer…

    10. About Dulcie & Claire’s reaction to the name “T” (or the real name) • When anyone would talk about the name “T” or the real name Dulcie & Claire would freak out and be jittery, suspicious, overreacted, and brittle. One time in the book, one of Dulcie’s friends came and spoke" the name” and Dulcie did everything listed above and Ali asked her a question and when she answered it may have saved many lives.

    11. Sissy’s biggest secret • Sissy has a big secret that no person would believe if she told. Sissy has held a humongous grudge against Claire & Dulcie for doing a action that is sort of Sissy’s (well… kind of). Sissy is actually the girl named “T” and the name of the girl is “T”.

    12. The ruined art • In the book, there was a part that made me wonder about because Sissy knew about a bunch of art of Dulcie’s that got ruined and then Sissy said that the cops were a bunch of morons. Then when Ali was answering she said that Sissy was the art destroyer.

    13. Teresa • Teresa is the true name for “T“. Teresa died by Dulcie throwing a doll named Edith around playing “keep away” with Dulcie and Dulcie got sick of it all and threw Edith into the lake and Teresa couldn’t swim and jumped in and died.

    14. Finding the Bones • In another part of the book, Teresa/Sissy told Ali how the cops she called morons weren’t able to find her bones in the lake. Ali made a promise to Sissy even though Ali didn’t like her but she felt bad for her. Ali asked her where the bones where and Sissy told her and they asked someone to send a diver and they found the bones.

    15. The End • I hope you liked my Deep & Dark & Dangerous!