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Website presentation EMILY MIDWINTER(5119524). Design & Planning. When designing and planning my website I decided to use colours that are interesting and have not seen on many websites before, because of this it will make my website innovative . These colours are: #7b0046, #959595 and #ffffff

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design planning
Design & Planning
  • When designing and planning my website I decided to use colours that are interesting and have not seen on many websites before, because of this it will make my website innovative. These colours are: #7b0046, #959595 and #ffffff
  • I decided to have three main colours for my website which are used for the header section, main section of the page and also the text. These colours are purple/burgundy, grey and white. I used a 20pt font so that it would be big enough to clearly read.
  • This will be effective because there is not too much going on that may distract the viewer from the main and vital information and this also emphasises on the colours and style of my web pages.
the demographic client brief
  • The demographic for my website is people who are aged 15 and over because that is the starter age for people looking into college.
  • The main age range for the college is people between the ages of 16 and 19 and my website meets and also expands the target audience given out by the college itself.
  • I decided to aim my webpages at people who are 15 and older because anyone younger would not want to know vital information that I have included.
  • I have kept a large demographic because people of all ages can go to the college and this is part of why I used a simple layout
how i met the client brief
  • I met my client brief of people who are 15 and older by:
  • Having a clear layout that anyone will be able to use
  • Having detailed information that is concise but not too complicated so that younger people will also understand as well as older people
  • I have included images and text so that the website looks more interesting and younger people will be interested
  • I also met my client brief by specifically aiming my information at 15 year olds and over, with more emphasis on students and parents as a majority of people who would look at the website are around 15 and 19.
the aim or purpose of my website
The AIM OR Purpose of my website
  • The aim or purpose of my website is to promote Gloucestershire College in a variety of ways including:
  • Appeal to a variety of people in a variety of ways.
  • Showcasing the college in a way that is informative yet interesting.
  • Having a clearly laid out design that people from the age of 15 will be able to use and also understand the type of language used.
  • Meet the needs of students, staff and the public (Wide age range).
  • Needs to show real students doing real things (examples of work).
  • Be innovative & creative at all times.
  • Needs to fully explain what the college is like and give vital details such as how to get in touch with the college.
  • Have a simple yet effective layout and house style with the most important information at the top of the page.
reasons for choosing my topic
Reasons for choosing my topic
  • My chosen topic was Learners at work and enjoying the college, I chose this topic because:
  • I wanted to give real examples of work done by students.
  • Give out information that is true and will be relevant to all.
  • Show what media (a very popular course) is like and give details of the course.
  • I thought this topic would be able to provide a lot of information whilst being fun and interactive to the user.
  • I would be able to showcase the college in a realistic yet interesting way.

This webpage is the main page for my website and is all about Gloucestershire College (GC)


This webpage is my second page and is all about the media course at Gloucestershire College (GC)


This webpage is my third page and is showcasing the work of students on the media course at Gloucestershire College (GC)