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Joint Technology Exchange Group

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Joint Technology Exchange Group

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  1. Joint Technology Exchange Group Joint Depot Maintenance Activities Group Information & Services for the DoD Depot Maintenance Community Steve Siens DSN 986-2774 937-656-2774

  2. Joint Depot Maintenance Structure Joint Logistics Capability Portfolio Manager – USD(AT&L) Joint Logistics Test Director - JCS/J4 Capability Area Manager Supply Chain Operations (Includes Maintenance, Supply & Distribution) – ADUSD(L&MR) Depot Maintenance Process Owner – JG-DM JDMAG Defense Logistics Agency CNO/Navy Systems Commands Air Force Materiel Command Army Materiel Command Marine Corps Logistics Command This Structure is Being Used for the Joint Logistics Portfolio Test Case Nov 06 – May 07

  3. The Joint Group on Depot Maintenance is comprised of the flag-level officers or civilians from each military Service or command who are responsible for depot maintenance. The JG-DM reviews the depot maintenance function within the military Services to achieve effective and affordable support for the nation’s weapon systems. JOINT GROUP ON DEPOT MAINTENANCE (JG-DM) Joint Logistics Commanders (JLC) Joint Group on Depot Maintenance (JG-DM) RDML Michael Hardee (Chair) -Commander of Aviation Depots, Naval Air Systems Command BG Robert M. Radin - Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations G3, US Army Materiel Command RADM Mark A. Hugel - Deputy Commander for Maintenance, Logistics and Industrial Operations, Naval Sea Systems Command RDML (Sel) Joseph Campbell- Deputy Director for Fleet Readiness, OPNAV Maj Gen Arthur B. Morrill III - Director of Logistics , Headquarters Air Force Materiel Command Mr. Michael Madden (SES) - Deputy Commander, Marine Corps Logistics Command Ms. Kathy D. Cutler (SES)- Executive Director, Acquisition and Technical Supply Directorate, Defense Logistics Agency Depots JDMAG MISMO/JAB MISMO = Maintenance Interservice Support Management Office. JAB = Joint Advisory Board.

  4. JG-DM Mission “Corporately Review the Depot Maintenance Function Within the Military Services in Order to Achieve Effective & Affordable Depot Maintenance Support for the Nation’s Weapon Systems”JG-DM Charter, 9 Nov 98 • Activities • Execute JG-DM Strategic Plan • Advance Improvements in Business & Technological Processes • Advance Cost Reduction Initiatives • Adjudicate Interservicing Issues • Establish & Execute JDM Program

  5. JDMAG Joint Depot Maintenance Activities Group JDMAG’s Significant Mission AreasPRODUCTS & SERVICES JG-DM Support Training Technology Exchange Information & Bus. Planning Studies & Analysis

  6. Depot Maintenance Business Profile Depot Profiles Public-Private Partnering Data Cost Comparability Handbook Continuous Process Improvement Website Summary Level Data, DM Legislation / Policy, Service Mgt Strategies(Annual) Summary of Organic Depot Maintenance Missions & Technological Capabilities(Biennial) Summary Level Info on Current Public-Private Arrangements(Annual) Standardized Procedures to Ensure Cost Comparability During Consolidation Studies and when Competing Depot Maintenance Workloads JDMAG Web Site Links to Service CPI Web Sites JDMAG PRODUCTSInformation & Business Planning

  7. Joint Depot Maintenance Program Monthly Report Depot Maintenance Interservice Support Agreement (DMISA) Pamphlet MILCON Summary Depot Source of Repair (DSOR) Guide for Acq. Professionals Provides Status of Program Activities to JG-DM Principals Guide to DMISA Policy, Negotiation, Management & Termination Recaps Projects Reviewed by the MILCON Review Panel during the past FY & Provides Statistical Analysis of Validated Projects (Annual) Guidance on Two Elements of DSOR Process: Organic vs. Contact Source Selection & DMI Review JDMAG PRODUCTSInformation & Business Planning

  8. R D O S 2. Depot Maintenance Interservice (DMI) Review DEPOT SOURCE OF REPAIR PROCESSStudies & Analysis Process to identify cost effective source of repair and prevent unnecessary duplication of capabilities • New Acquisitions & Reassignments 1. Contract vs. Organic Selection Performed by Service (Core, 50-50, Cost Benefit Analysis) $603M in Cost Avoidance Since 1978!

  9. Directed:Results from decisions made at a level of authority higher than the introducing Service logistics commander that preclude any alternative assignment Service Workload Competition: Results from a full & open competition, conducted by a requiring Service for a depot maintenance workload DEPOT SOURCE OF REPAIR PROCESSStudies & Analysis 4 Types of Depot Maintenance Interservice Reviews • MISMO Review: Acquiring Service submits results of its review & DSOR assignment recommendation to other Services for concurrence / JDMAG for tracking • JDMAG DMI Study • Summary Study: Small investment, low-vol workload items; Depot assignment obvious due to known capabilities, etc • Comparative Study: Significant investment; significant workload; Multiple users; Multiple Service candidate depots JDMAG Maintains a Repository of DSOR Assignments

  10. TRAINING • Depot Maintenance Interservice Support Agreement (DMISA) Training Course • Cost Comparability Handbook (CCHB) Training • Depot Maintenance Capacity & Utilization Measurement Training • Instructional Pamphlets & Guides • Depot Maintenance Interservice Support Agreement (DMISA) Pamphlet • Depot Source of Repair (DSOR) Guide for Acquisition Professionals To Sign up:

  11. CURRENT EFFORTS • Supporting JG-DM Participation in Joint Logistics Portfolio Test Case • Supporting Joint Strike Fighter in Addressing Core, 50-50 & Partnering • Implementing JSF Core, DSOR and Depot Support Proposal Evaluation Processes • Preparing FY06 Partnering Report for OSD • Leading DMISA Lean Event • Partnering with DAU to Web Enable Joint Training Courses and Identify Other Areas of Potential Collaboration • Organizing OSD Symposium Panels/Sessions • Co-Facilitating Item Unique Identification (IUID) Customer Days • Facilitating Annual JDM Excellence Awards Program

  12. TECHNOLOGYINFORMATION EXCHANGE • Joint Technology Exchange Group Meetings • Identify Current Depot Maintenance Repair Techniques, Technologies & Processes with Potential Multi-Service Application • Facilitate Cooperation & Coordination in Development of Technology Projects to Avoid Unnecessary Duplication • On-line Technology Development Projects Database Access the Data:

  13. JTEG Mission & Functions • Conduct periodic technology information exchange meetings • Identify depot maintenance requirements for new and emerging technology, processes, and equipment • Identify & disseminate current depot maintenance repair techniques, technologies and business processes with potential multi-service application • Facilitate cooperation and coordination in the development of technology projects to avoid unnecessary duplication • Maintain on-line technology development projects database

  14. JTEG Principals • JDMAG CAPT Patrick Felts JTEG Chair DSN 986-2782 • Army TBD Army Materiel Command DSN 767-9289 • NAVAIR Ben Thompson NADEP Cherry Point DSN 451-7841 • NAVSEA Kurt Doehnert NAVSEA Code 04X2E DSN 332-4088 • Air Force Mike McMillan AFMC/ENB DSN 787-6484 • Marine Corps Greg Russell MCLB Albany DSN 567-6706 • DLA Ron Harris DSCR/JHA DSN 695-6476 • USCG Mike Hanson Aviation Repair Facility (252)335-6451

  15. new compressor blade outline eroded compressor blade After “The Problem” Erosion Resistant Coating GAS TURBINE ENGINE Erosive media new compressor blade Before

  16. NAVSEA “Safe Acid” Cleaning • Organic salt solution removes calcium based scale and sea growth • The new approved method for cleaning water cooled components • Saving millions of dollars yearly in ship maintenance • Reducing new acquisition costs • Eliminating major driver for dry-docking submarines After 2hrs or half the recommended clean time • Safe Acid Cleaning ($31K) vs. Mechanical Cleaning of a Submarine ASW system ($293k). • Approximately $262K in savings. • Hydraulic oil coolers, auxiliary diesel, air conditioning, demineralizers, condensers

  17. Laser Cladding

  18. Composite Region True Heat Affected Zone Unmixed Zone Partially Melted Zone Unaffected Base Metal Laser Cladding • Low overall heat input • Reduce many common cladding problems • Permanent repairs • Stops corrosion • Repairs corrosion/damage previously not repairable with traditional processes • No re-repair • Salvage hardware previously scrapped (reduces scrap) • Increases structural integrity

  19. JTEG Project Groups • Laser Applications • Machining, Metalworking, and Fabrication • Electronics • Surface Finishing • Cleaning and Stripping • Corrosion Control • Plating • Composites • Environmental/Hazmat • Test and Evaluation • Quality and Inspection Processes • Best Business Practices • Improved Maintenance Processes

  20. V-22: Impact damage on blades P-3: Cracking of aluminum structures F-18: Voids under composite patches F-15: Honeycomb component failure Ship Hulls: Internal corrosion Bob Lasser Imperium, Inc. Silver Spring, MD Have specific maintenance procedures drafted using the device Application-specific testing for different platforms Establish collaborative alliances to further refine the technology Transition to Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Departments (AIMD) High Resolution, Low Cost UltrasoundCamera for Nondestructive Inspection

  21. X-Met3000TX XRF Analyzer • Withstands all weather conditions and rough treatment • Proven track record for reliability and endurance • Minimal service costs and down-time • 5 year X-ray tube warranty and 2 year instrument warranty • Lightweight, hand-held, XRF analyzer No limit on sample size • Point and shoot analysis • Intuitive user interface • Brief operator training • Bring the analyzer to the test site • No limit on sample size • Be confident that the accurate analysis of Ni, Co, Cu, Mo, Sn, Ti will allow you to get maximum value for your scrap, even with the tight tolerances demanded by the industry • Avoid penalties by the accurate detection of tramp elements • Grade ID in 2 - 5 seconds • Full assay in 5 - 10 seconds

  22. LENS Deposit on leading edge Stellite 21 onto AM355 Laser Engineered Net Shaping - LENS® • Lower per-piece production costs • Less Upfront Hard Costs: Tooling, Masks,. • Lower Process Costs: Operator, Supplier, Flow. • Lower Material Costs: less material waste • Longer Part Life = Lower Life Cycle Costs • Excellent Material Properties – Improving Reliability, Corrosion Resistance • Better Product Designs • Greater Design/Manufacturing Flexibility • Process parameter settings and multiple alloys can be used in the same part to create manufactured properties. • Additive process offers unique geometries • Repair / Re-Work Improvements • Hybrid - add complex features to machined or cast part • Add material to reclaim overmachined parts • Precision deposition minimizes machining & post processing

  23. NXPowerLite • NXPowerLite can: • Reduce the size PowerPoint files by as much as 98% • No discernible loss of quality, making them easier to manage, distribute and use. • Presentations retain the PowerPoint file format and remain fully editable • NXPowerLite is available in both Server and Desktop editions

  24. SUMMARY • JDMAG Supports the Joint Depot Maintenance Community With a Wide Range of Products and Services • We are the Center of Excellence Within the Joint Maintenance Community for Information and Services in Support of the DoD Depot Maintenance Program Information & Services for the DoD Depot Maintenance Community

  25. SPAWAR Systems Center Charleston Ogden ALC Rock Island Arsenal JDMAG Joint Depot Maintenance Activities Group NADEP Jacksonville Corpus Christi AD CPSG, San Antonio NUWC Div Keyport Portsmouth NSY NSWC Crane Div Puget Sound NSY/IMF NSW Earle Tobyhanna AD Letterkenny AD NSWC Indian Head NEOTC Indian Head NAWC Pax River Norfolk NSY NSW Yorktown NADEP Cherry Point MCLB Barstow NADEP North Island NSW Charleston Warner-Robins ALC SPAWAR Systems Center San Diego MCLB Albany AMARC Oklahoma City ALC Red River AD Pine Bluff Arsenal Pearl Harbor NSY/IMF Anniston AD NSWC Dahlgren SCP Kadena