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Teaching and training workshops at Ludzas pilsētas ģimnāzija Meetings with enterpreneurs

Erasmus plus "From Tradition to the Future - Ancient Crafts and New entrepreneurial possibilities for Young People". Teaching and training workshops at Ludzas pilsētas ģimnāzija Meetings with enterpreneurs. Meetings with enterpreneurs.

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Teaching and training workshops at Ludzas pilsētas ģimnāzija Meetings with enterpreneurs

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  1. Erasmus plus "From Tradition to the Future - Ancient Crafts and New entrepreneurial possibilities for Young People" Teachingandtrainingworkshopsat Ludzas pilsētas ģimnāzija Meetingswithenterpreneurs

  2. Meetingswithenterpreneurs • MārīteKronberga - a producer of homemade products from Ludza • Olga Kazaka - a craftwoman from Zilupe • Zeļči family - mastersfrom Zilupe • AinaBorsukova – breadbaker from Karsava • Gunars and RasmaIgauņi– mastersofancientandmodernmusical instruments from Gaigalava • AldisTihovskis – a masteroflaser cutting and engraving • JurisIvanovs – a craftsman,a birch barkproductsmaker • Irena Baufali – a masterofmakinggoodsfromleathermaterial fromRezeknecounty • Inga Ņemša – anaromatherapistfromRiga

  3. Baconpattiesbakingworkshop Home food producer MārteKronberga demonstrated and taught pupils of grades 11ab, 7ab, and 6b to prepare the yeast dough and to cook bacon patties, which were considered as traditional Latvian food from ancient times. Pupils were delighted to make delicious patties from simple products. The hostess discovered her secrets in making the dough. Pupils learned how to cook yeast dough.

  4. Waxcandlemakingworkshop • 2a, 3a and 4b grade pupils participated in this workshop. Entrepreneurs of the workshop Zeļču family told students how wax material is obtained, told about the history of beeswax, where wax was used in ancient times and nowadays.Pupils were able to make different types of wax candles.First of all, the pupils were given wax plates, which, when rolled, could make a simple candle without casting. Then each pupil was able to choose the shape of the silicone candle he wanted (eggs, cones, firs, roses, etc.) and prepare it for casting by placing a special rope inside the shape. The master of the workshop poured molten wax into each silicone candle shape, and the candles were set to cool. After a while, students could remove hardened, finished candles from their shapes and take them home. Students were invited to give their own candles to their mothers and grandmothers, tocongratulatethemonMother'sDay.

  5. Waxcandlemakingworkshop

  6. Baking and bread tasting workshop at “Dzīļi” bakery at AinaBorsukova Classes 1b, 2b, 3b, and 5a pupils visited “Dzīļi” bakery in Malnava. They met an entrepreneur, the ancient craftswoman AinaBorsukova.The hostess told the children about the profession of bread baker, the skills of baking bread according to the methods of the ancestors, and the modern recipes. The children enjoyed a fresh baked bread. There was a chance to cook pizza and taste it. The pizza was made from both traditional products (sausage, tomatoes, cheese) and canned fish, which seemed very interesting and delicious.

  7. Creative workshop of candle cutting with master Olga Kazaka Classes 7c and 6b and 16 high school students participated in the creative workshop "Cutting candles". Craftswoman Olga Kazaka told students about paraffin production and the history of its processing. Pupils were prepared with white paraffin candles, which had to be dipped in various prepared colours to create a colour combination for the candle. The candle had to be dipped in colours about 30 times, and then the candle was ready to cut. The crafts woman taught each pupil the technique of cutting a candle individually using a paper knife and therefore each candle was unique with its pattern and colour combination.

  8. Leather Goods Workshop "Apkalnmājas" at Rezeknes countyMeeting with hostess Irena Baufali Classes 5c and 8b pupils of Ludzaspilsētasģimnāzija attended leatherwork workshop at “Apkalnmājas” . During the meeting, the pupils were introduced to the history of farm building, crafts in Latgale, the opportunity to receive a master's certificate, entrepreneurship in crafts, leather products, students were given the opportunity to create their own leather pendant, as well as to taste the herbal tea and enjoy the beautiful nature of Latgale.

  9. Workshop "Making pipes from birch bark" Class 4a pupils attended the workshop “Bites” in Zilupe municipality. Pupils met with an entrepreneur - master of ancient trades JuriIvanovs. The craftsman makes different products from birch bark. • Pupils watched the exhibition of birch bark things: a sugar dish, a soup cup, bracelets. The master told the students that to make a piece of birch bark, it had to be collected in early June and prepared for work. • Pupils made pipesfrombirch bark.

  10. Meeting with entrepreneur - masters of ancient crafts Gunars and RasmaIgauņi Therepresentatives of folklore group of Ludzaspilsētasģimnāzija from 1st-5th grades visited an old and modern musical instrument manufacturing house, learned about the professions related to music, looked at various musical instruments, learned about their history. The pupils were able to play these musical instruments.

  11. Creative Workshop "Ancient Craft - Making Natural Fragrances and Incense Sticks“Meeting with aromatherapistInga Ņemša The 5th-8th grade girls participated in the master class. Participants were introduced to the effects of natural plants on humans. It was demonstrated how the incense of cleaning the house air and repelling evil spirits was made out of dried Latvian plants in ancient times. Pupils were introduced to the history of perfume making, the variety and importance of essential oils. Later, pupils were able to choose the essential oils from the assortment of aromatic oils and create their own combination of fragrances.

  12. Masterclass at AldisTihovskis“2D Laser Cutting and Engraving” The 7th and 8th grade pupils visited entrepreneur AldisTihovskis at Cibla county. Master AldisTihovskis told and showed the basic principles of laser equipment operation. This machine is used for cutting and engraving of various materials: wood, metal, glass, leather, cardboard. In order to perform material cutting or engraving, a special computer program is modeled in computer graphics and fed into the machine. Throughout the process, from start to finish, the entrepreneur demonstrated to the pupils. He made a pendantfromwood with a school logo and decor.

  13. Concert dedicated to "Mother's Day" and creative workshop at Ludza Social Care Center“Ludza” On May 13, 2019 pupils from Ludzaspilsētasģimnāzija attended Ludza Social Care Center “Ludza” and provided its residents with a concert devoted to “Mother's Day” celebration and a creative workshop on painting. The center residents were keen to engage in creative activities - painted, picked colours and enjoyed their paintings.

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