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The Path To Mastery in Chiropractic Practice PowerPoint Presentation
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The Path To Mastery in Chiropractic Practice

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The Path To Mastery in Chiropractic Practice - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Path To Mastery in Chiropractic Practice

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  1. The Path To Masteryin Chiropractic Practice

  2. See How The 3 Little Pigs Build 3 Chiropractic Practices Which Little Pig Are You?

  3. Once upon a time, 3 little pigs went to chiropractic college where they learned about the health and well-being of patients, especially about the spinal column, since that’s what chiropractic pigs specialized in. CHIROPRACTIC COLLEGE

  4. SMALL IDEA BIG IDEA NO WHOLE IDEA The 3 little pigs learned the BIG idea about chiropractic’ science, art, and Philosophy, and they learned the SMALL idea about chiropractic adjusting techniques. But they were never taught the WHOLE idea about operating a chiropractic business. 1. GONSTEAD 1. B.J. PALMER 1. BUSINESS SKILLS 2. ACTIVATOR 2. D.D. PALMER 2. MANAGEMENT SKILLS 3. PETTIBONE 3. RESEARCH 3. MARKETING SKILLS

  5. Soon after graduation, the 3 little pigs left their college to begin careers as professional chiropractors for the first time.

  6. IN & OUT CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC FREE SPINAL EXAMS COME IN TAKE A NUMBER & BE SEATED supermarket hours The first little pig wanted to build a practice very quickly and as easily as possible. He wanted to get rich quick in order to pay off his student loans. The other little pigs warned him that a quick solution wouldn’t last very long. But the first little chiropractic pig laughed at the other two pigs and ignored their good advice. “ I’m going to give Free X-rays and Exams!”, said the first pig, “ and get a lot of new patients really quick.”

  7. The second little pig was astounded andasked, “ If chiropracticIs so great, why doyou have to give itAway in order to attract new patients?”So the second little pig decided not to doAny advertisingbecause he thoughtIt was tacky andexpensive. THE BORING RUT CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC COMING SOON “THE WHOLE IDEA” NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED I Hate Advertising Come by Anytime!

  8. Finally the third little pig told his two chiropractic friends, “ I’m going to take my time and build my practice on a solid foundation of sound management and smart marketing – the Whole Idea of operating a chiropractic office. Without the Whole Idea, your practice won’t last long or be very stable COMPREHENSIVE CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC Informed Patients GOOD IMAGE DOCTOR ADS

  9. The first little pig laughed and said, “ As long as I have the Big Idea, all else will follow. All I need to be successful is a charming personality and a lot of Free spinal Exam ads! That will bring in the patients real quick and easy. I’m going to overwork and underpay my staff, but I will give free chicken dinners to attract new patients.” The first little pig then built a quick practice in a few months with patients looking more for a good bargain than a good doctor. HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! FREE Spinal Exams

  10. The second little pig disagreed with both of the other pigs. He was certain to build a practice on his good adjusting techniques. He didn’t give away his services or use FREE Spinal Exam ads, but he didn’t do any marketing, so his practice stayed small. He had a small staff, and he never educated his patients. The second pig was in a comfortable rut that took him a few years to make. If I’m Such a Good Adjuster Why Is My Practice So Small Good Adjuster Award The Boring Rut Chiropractic Clinic I’M SO BORED

  11. The third little chiropractic pig took the longest to build a practice.He was certain by the time he laid his office foundation of sound management and smart marketing that he would build a solid practice based on the Whole idea. ANNUAL MARKETING PLAN SCOLIOSIS PROGRAM SUCCESSFUL DOCTORS DO THOSE PROGRAMS THAT UNSUCCESSFUL DOCTORS DON'T! PATIENT INVENTORY LOG SPINAL REHAB QUARTERLY PRACTICE REPORTS • WHOLE IDEA • staff training • smart marketing • staff management • patient focused • care HOW TO BUILD A SUCCESSFUL PRACTICE

  12. So while the other two little pigs laughed and played golf, the third little pig built a practice that would be strong enough to withstand the evil wolf who would eventually come to visit. This wolf was the embodiment of all the struggles a chiropractor faces: recessionary economy, bad image, tacky competition, skeptical public, insurance, bad management skills, and dumb marketing.

  13. So the third little pig began to hire and train new staff to build a good working team in his office. BUILDING A TEAM CERTIFIED CA CERTIFIED C.A.

  14. He began to implement patient education programs that taught his patients to understand, and not just ‘believe in’ chiropractic principles. PATIENT EDUCATION PROGRAMS BROCHURE PROGRAM HEALTH CLASS BACK SCHOOL EDUCATIONAL VIDEOS AUDIO CASSETTE TAPES

  15. He began to develop a comprehensive spinal rehabilitation program that would help his patients to stabilize their spines not just once, but and for all time. SPINAL REHABILITATION PROGRAM welcome to the back school learn about spinal exercises

  16. And most of all, the third little pig began a smart marketing program that would build his professional image in his community. Indeed, this little pig wanted his prospective patients to perceive him as the good doctor in town, and not necessarily as the good bargain. SMART MARKETING PROGRAM NEWSPAPER COLUMNS DIRECT MAILERS T.V. PROGRAMS GOOD IMAGE NO FREE SPINAL EXAMS

  17. But this took time to create and to build, so while this little pig worked at building his practice, the two other little pigs played golf, laughed, and sang:“Wwwwhoo’s afraid of not knowing the Whole Idea,the Whole Ideathe Whole IdeaWwwhoo’s afraid of the Whole Idea, we don’t have a clue!” who's afraid of the whole idea the whole idea...the whole idea...

  18. After a few years in practice, the first little pig, who had built his practice on Free Spinal Exams that attracted bargain hunters, began to tire of working. This little pig would “pop and pray” that his patients got better, but his practice was burning him out with high turnover in patients and with his own staff, who felt quite overworked and underpaid. Finally, after this tired little pig began to lose weight along with his charming personality, he went back to the third pig and asked, “ What is the Whole Idea of operating a chiropractic office?” IN & OUT CHIROPRACTIC OFFICE HOME OF THE FREE SPINAL EXAMS I’M EXHAUSTED! I’M UNDERPAID & OVERWORKED!

  19. THE BORING RUT CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC The second little pig slowly built his practice on word-of-mouth only that attracted a lot fewer patients than the first little pig. He slowly attained patients who ‘believed in’ chiropractic, but who still did not ‘understand’ it because this little pig had no patient education programs. GOOD ADJUSTER AWARD I’M BORED & BROKE

  20. His practice was small and unexciting, so out of sheer boredom he decided to get out of his uncomfortable rut by calling on the third little pig and also asking, “ Just what is the Whole Idea of operating a chiropractic office.” COMPREHENSIVE CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC WHAT’S THE WHOLE IDEA?

  21. The third little pig, who built his practice on the Whole Idea, explained to his two chiropractic friends, “ The Big Idea and the Small Idea are taught in our colleges, but the Whole Idea is a work philosophy that focuses on sound management and marketing. Once you have the Whole Idea operating a chiropractic office, you can build any type of practice you want.” WHOLE IDEA IS A WORK PHILOSOPHY

  22. WHOLE IDEA SOUND MANAGEMENT SOUND MANAGEMENT SMART MARKETING “But you must first lay a solid foundation in your office by building programs in patient education and office management. And by building a good image in your town with smart marketing, people will learn that you are a good doctor in town, but not necessarily the cheapest one.” SMART MARKETING A Chiropractic Paradigm

  23. The first two little pigs looked confused about the Whole Idea. It seemed like more work than they were used to doing in their practices. “ I wish there were quick answers to building a good practice,” said the third little pig, “ but there are no short cuts. Just some of our unrealistic patients want quick solutions to their serious health problems, some chiropractic pigs want easy and quick solutions to building a practice. I wish it were that simple, but it isn’t.” “Let me tell you there is a price to pay for chiropractic success, and if you are willing to pay the price, literally and figuratively, then you Might be ready to implement the Whole Idea into your office. And if you are ready, the Whole Idea will help you create the type of practice you have always wanted. I WISH THERE WERE QUICK ANSWERS… BUT THERE IS A PRICE TO PAY.

  24. ARE YOU READY TO PAY THE PRICE OF SUCCESS? “ But anything of value has a price. Are you willing to pay the price it will take to rebuild your practices?” asked the third little pig. “Yes!” said the first little pig. “Yes!” said the second little pig YES!

  25. Home Study Course3 LESSONS ON THE WHOLE IDEA “Great!” said the third little pig. “ it starts by reading the book, “ The Path to Mastery in Chiropractic”, that teaches you how to implement the whole Idea into your practice.” “The course is a challenging series of 3 lessons that discusses Patient Education Programs, Staff and Patient Management, and Smart Marketing. Once you’ve finished this course, you will know the Whole Idea of operating a chiropractic office.” Lesson 1 PATIENT EDUCATION lesson 2 SOUND MANAGEMENT Lesson 3 SMART MARKETING

  26. So Which Little Pig Are You? What type of little pig are you? If you say “YES” too and want to know more about the Whole Idea, just phone (800) 336-2013 and ask for more information about our textbook and seminar. It may just be the best idea you’ve had since you graduated from chiropractic college. And there’s no risk- for only $35.00 you can read for yourself about the Whole idea. Phone when you’re ready to learn new ways to rebuild your practice.

  27. Call JCS at 1-800-336-2012 Logon to