Avoid the political undertow with clep policies and promotion
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Avoid the Political Undertow with CLEP Policies and Promotion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Avoid the Political Undertow with CLEP Policies and Promotion. Presented by Cheryl Downey- Eber Manager, Testing Center Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T) And Diane Patterson Coordinator of Testing and Assessment Services Three Rivers College.

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Presentation Transcript
Avoid the political undertow with clep policies and promotion

Avoid the Political Undertow with CLEP Policies and Promotion

Presented by

Cheryl Downey-Eber

Manager, Testing Center

Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T)


Diane Patterson

Coordinator of Testing and Assessment Services

Three Rivers College

Our experience with college level examination program clep

Cheryl’s Experience Promotion

Since 1990 promote and administer CLEP

1995-1999 aided in the evaluation and posting of credit to transcripts

1999-2000 oversaw the transition from paper-pencil to computer based testing

2003 became Manager of Test Center at Missouri S&T and questioned the score of 57 and no definitive answer

Today planned to have a completely revised CLEP policy to present; however, earlier this month discovered possible undertow that may result in the loss of granting CLEP credit

Diane’s Experience

When taking on testing role in 2005, did not understand why credit was granted for some exams and not others

Searched for more information from faculty and floated along without much response

Former VP of Learning wanted any other CLEP credit to be brought in as an elective, but became stagnate

Continued to paddle on…

Our Experience with College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Where did we start
Where did we start? Promotion

  • Reviewed current CLEP policy

    • Followed any files that documented credit granting decisions

    • Spoke with individuals who may have been involved i.e., Faculty, Registrar, Admissions, New Student Programs

    • Took an active/direct approach toward the departments with specific revised CLEP exams (Math and English)

    • Cheryl

      • CLEP Open House for the campus

      • Sent Test Information Guides

    • Diane

      • Sent the Test Information Guides around

      • Approached Assessment Committee

At this point
At this point… Promotion

How we recovered
How we recovered? Promotion

  • Cheryl

    • On a committee to review all Credit by Examination programs

    • Collaborated with Admissions and Registrar’s Office in seeking out other CLEP policies

    • Registrar’s Office then sent information provided by Cheryl to Department Chairs to review

    • Information then went to Curriculum Committee

    • After conference Cheryl will be talking with Department Chairs during their meetings to discuss change in accepted passing score

    • Has to be approved by Faculty Senate

  • Diane

    • Talked with Assessment Committee Chairperson and was directed to send information to Division Chairs

    • Advised of changes and directed them to The College Board’s website

    • Responses starting coming in

Collaboration cheryl
Collaboration PromotionCheryl

  • Researched other college/university Credit by Exam policies

  • Provided snapshot information regarding all CLEP exams with link to The College Board

    • Policy has not changed since 1999 – had to communicate ACE recommendations

    • Show how the tests were peer reviewed

  • Next step is providing student information to Department Chairs

    • Number of students who have earned CLEP credit

    • How many credit hours earned by AP/CLEP/IB?

    • What is their GPA?

    • Did/do they finish their degree sooner?

Faculty may reply in one or more of the following ways: Promotion

  • Bluster

    • Creates a storm

    • Questions everything from student’s ability to the material covered on the test

  • Buoy

    • Floating along with the same old policy

    • Never any questions

  • Sextant

    • Will navigate through the information provided

    • Will ask questions to clarify

Results Promotion

  • Missouri S&T added three exams

    • Scores are still set at 57

    • With a review of the scaled score and CLEP policies from competing schools (MIT, Colorado School of Mines) CLEP credit may no longer be considered by Faculty Senate

  • Three Rivers College added three exams

    • Scores sail along with ACE recommendations

      Revising CLEP policies is something that cannot happen in less than year

      Persistence is the key!

Clep policies
CLEP Policies Promotion

  • Cheryl – Missouri S&T

  • Diane – Three Rivers College

    • Maximum of 30 CLEP credit hours accepted

    • Completed less than 45 cumulative credit hours

    • Students taking the American Government CLEP test must also take the MO Government one credit hour class for state requirement

    • Student is responsible for checking with home college about accepting CLEP credits

Promoting clep
Promoting CLEP Promotion

  • How we have promoted

    • New Student Program resource fairs

    • Orientation

    • Student Life Fair

    • New Student Program’s Flash drive

How have you marketed clep
How have you marketed CLEP? Promotion

  • Do you have a policy revision story that involved a step we do not have?

  • What have been the reactions to CLEP/AP/IB Credit by Exam on your campus?

Questions… Promotion

Thank you!