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Using LinkedIn for Demand Generation PowerPoint Presentation
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Using LinkedIn for Demand Generation

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Using LinkedIn for Demand Generation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using LinkedIn for Demand Generation
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  1. Using LinkedIn for Demand Generation • Jennifer Agustin • Group Manager, Marketing • LinkedIn • Amanda Halle • Senior Manager, Marketing • LinkedIn

  2. Got a question? Submit it in the Q&A box. • Tweet along with #LinkedInDemandGen • Follow us for more: @LinkedInMktg How to Engage with Us

  3. Let’s Talk About • What’s the Buyer’s Journey Really Like? • Rethinking Demand Generation with LinkedIn • LinkedIn’s “Secret Recipe” for Demand Generation • Q&A

  4. Today’s Buyer’s Journey The only thing predictable about it is its unpredictability.

  5. It’s a challenging world 90% Before customersreach out directly Source: Forrester, “Accelerating Revenue in a Changed Economy” 10 Pieces of content are consumed before a purchasing decision is made Source: Zero Moment of Truth Study, Google

  6. Today’s Approach Display advertising Social media marketing Content marketing Email marketing SEO Paid search

  7. The challenge remains • Reach the right people and convert high quality prospects 41% of online ads reach the wrong audience* 60-70%Content goes unread** *Defining Online Ad Success: How benchmarks are shifting as advertisers take aim,” Nielsen **Inciting a B-to-B Content Revolution,” Sirius Decision ***B2B campaign form conversion rates range from 1-5%, Sirius Decisions Benchmark Survey.

  8. We can do better.

  9. Missed Opportunities No less than 17 people are involved in influencing major enterprise tech purchases. Forty-four percent of B2B buyersresearched company products on a smartphone or tablet in 2014 61% of B2B marketers aren’t using mobile marketing. 95% of website visitors don’t fill out a form. 80% aren’t opening emails. Half of business decisions are made outside of the office. 1. InformationWeek, 2. AcquityGroup LLC 3. SiriusDecisions4. eMarketer5. MarketingProfs6. B2B Marketing

  10. Imagine if the funnel worked like it should Reach only the right people Deliver highly relevant content in the right channel Acquire new customers

  11. The only full-funnel professional platform Full-funnel analytics & reporting Display Advertising Sponsored Updates Sponsored InMail products that impact every stage of your funnel and get results Lead Accelerator

  12. Rethinking Demand Generation with LinkedIn Investing in the top of funnel to drive bottom-funnel conversions Tap into the value of anonymous website visitors Reach prospects where they’re most engaged Tailor messages based on people and interests

  13. Let Top-Funnel Programs Drive Bottom-Funnel Conversions • Longer buying cycles in B2B/high-consideration B2C • Need to get your brand in front of prospects early and often to seed demand • The more interest you drive at the top, the more conversions at the bottom of the funnel

  14. LinkedIn Onsite Display • Reach a professional audience in a premium context Target LinkedIn members with accuracy based on the professional member profile, including audience segments unique to LinkedIn. Reach your audience in the high-quality context of the LinkedIn desktop experience Deploy a variety of formats from IAB standard ads to highly engaging native formats

  15. “LinkedIn’s ability to target our campaign helped us find the quality leads we needed for the sales funnel. We’re starting conversations with the right people, which means increased conversions down the line.” Andrew Hahn Senior Manager of Online Marketing, MarketShare Sharing content to raise awareness Average clickthrough rates of 0.10% - double MarketShare’s expectations Campaign acquires leads in new verticals High-quality leads are engaged and move further down the sales funnel

  16. Turn Anonymous Visitors into Customers • Website visitors are valuable and are interested in your brand • 95% aren’t converting right away—how can you keep your brand in front of them?

  17. LinkedIn Lead Accelerator Nurtures Everyone.Everywhere Online.

  18. FINANCIAL SERVICES “Lead Accelerator gives us a chance to re-engage prospects and educate them on our value.” Jennifer Madrid, Senior Director, Digital Marketing and Social Media, Broadridge Conversion rate 3X higher than benchmarks Cost per lead lower than customer benchmarks Generate leads

  19. Tailor Messages Based on People and Interests • Prospects are at different stages of their purchase decision. • The content you provide must be both educational and relevant to what their needs are.

  20. Lead Accelerator Lets You Nurture Everyone. Differently.

  21. TECHNOLOGY Nurtured IT professionals, marketers, and other enterprise decision makers with display and social ads Generated 640+ leads in just three months Achieved a cost per lead well below target “Multi-channel nurturing makes sense – the sequencing and personalization of ads aligns well with the B2B sales cycle.” Director, Digital Marketing, Workfront Lead generation

  22. Reach Prospects Where They’re Most Engaged • Be where your prospects are • Engage them with content that is useful and relevant, and when they are most receptive to your message

  23. LinkedIn Sponsored Updates • Deliver rich content in the LinkedIn feed across all devices

  24. PROFESSIONAL SERVICES “We’ve engaged valuable prospects who otherwise could have remained out of reach.” Heather Hildebrand, Senior Marketing Manager, Spredfast Drove qualified responses by 7x Increased lead production by more than 500% Generated clickthrough rates 4x above average Reduced cost-per-response to 83% below average Lead generation

  25. LinkedIn Sponsored InMail • Get the attention of your highest-value audiences with personalized targeted messages on LinkedIn

  26. Generate leads Open rate of 48%using Sponsored InMail, with response rate 11xbetter than other social channels Cost per lead 73% lower than other social channels Clickthrough on Sponsored Updates 4xLinkedIn benchmarks “With open rates as high as 48 percent, LinkedIn’s Sponsored InMailknocked the socks off our own email campaigns – and Sponsored Updates gave us the brand awareness we needed.” Brett Chester, Vice President of Online Marketing, Replicon

  27. How Does LinkedIn Use LinkedIn?

  28. Crash Course to Full-Funnel Marketing Campaign

  29. Case study 1: launching an ebook with a multi-channel campaign • Objective: Drive Marketing Qualified leads through eBook downloads • Targeting criteria: • Propensity Model: 0.9 or higher OR Titles: Marketing Manager + • Company Size: 50 employees + • Geography: NAMER only

  30. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions uses a multi-Channel approach to launching new assets Sponsored Updates Off platform paid promotion SEM LinkedIn Display Webcasts Blog Channels Sponsored InMail Email Social feeds LinkedIn Network Display Lead Accelerator Asset Landing Page Landing page Sales Dev

  31. Email

  32. Display On & Off LinkedIn

  33. LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

  34. Webinar

  35. Sponsored InMail

  36. Lead Accelerator

  37. Blog

  38. Results

  39. LinkedIn Channels Drove 52% of all Leads for the Crash Course campaign YTD

  40. Case Study 2: Driving webcast registration • Objective: Drive registration for partner webcast with Dell – “Dell’s Secret to Successful Sponsored Updates” • Email registrations were low – 361 registrations were generated using email, we usually see 700-1000 registrants • Targeting criteria: • Title: Marketing Manager + • Vertical: Technology • Company Size: 200 employees +

  41. Sponsored InMail Performance

  42. Sponsored InMail Drove 47% of Registrations to the Webinar

  43. A Few Final Thoughts • Don’t underestimate the value of the top of the funnel for demand generation • Tap into the value of anonymous website visitors • Tailor your messages and content to both unknown and known prospects • Engage with people when they’re most receptive

  44. More helpful examples of what works on LinkedIn: • Case Study Hub: • • LinkedIn Marketing Blog: • eBook: The Demand Generation Marketer’s Guide to LMS