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Learning Intention

Learning Intention

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Learning Intention

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  1. Learning Intention We are learning how to write a good blurb for our autobiography.

  2. “She has 2 brothers and 2 sisters. She wants to be a doctor. Her favourite toy is her teddy bear. Bad Blurbs He was born in Vietnam. He loves his toy. He has 1 brother. He wants to be an artist. “I was born in 2005”

  3. “Mrs.Nuan was born in Thailand. She was happy at where she was…but not for long. What made her decide to move to Australia…all by herself?” Mehak Gill is a girl. She was born in India. Will she be a doctor when she grows up? Her favourite food is cake. She can speak three languages. Open up and read more. Good Blurbs Ruben was born in Australia. Find out how he has changed from baby until now. Did you know that he used to go to Hip Hop? What made him stop? Open the book and find out

  4. Let’s have a look at these blurbs. What do you notice?

  5. A blurb is on the back of a book. A blurb tells us a little bit about the book. A blurb gives us a hint/clue of what is going to happen in the book. A blurb makes the book interesting. A blurb makes the book look good. A blurb often ends with a question to make a reader wonder and want to read more. For example, why? Can you guess? What do you think will happen? All about blurbs Common words we use in a blurb are “Find out…” “Open the book and read more”. A blurb must be short and simple. We use a “Third Person” when we write a blurb. (He, she, his, her).