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Computers in Business. Jeopardy. Rules:. Each class member must belong to one of the teams. Teams will take turns answering questions. Each class member will take his/her turn to answer questions when his/her team has control. Teams will receive or lose points according to responses.

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  • Each class member must belong to one of the teams.
  • Teams will take turns answering questions.
  • Each class member will take his/her turn to answer questions when his/her team has control.
  • Teams will receive or lose points according to responses
a company that is registered by a state and operates apart from its owners

Business- 100

A Company that is registered by a state and operates apart from its owners ?


Business- 200

A Person who recognizes a business opportunity and organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of starting and operating a business.


Business- 300

An organization or company who is not in business to make a profit, rather they usually provide some type of service.


Business- 400

A business owned by two or more people who share its risks and rewards.


Business- 500

A business owned by one person.


Economics - 100

Money supplied by investors, banks or owners of a business. Start up money used to pay for various assets and expenses of new business.


Economics - 200

The amount or quantity of goods and services that consumers are willing to buy at various prices.


Economics - 300

Physical Products


Economics- 400

The people employed in a business, commonly referred to as personnel.


Economics- 500

The amount of goods and services that producers will provide at various prices..


Stock Market- 100

A phrase which means the stock market is going down.


Stock Market- 200

Ownership of a stock in a company, or also, how much money your stock is worth minus the amount you owe.

Daily Double


Stock Market- 300

A fee charged by brokers for their services.


Stock Market- 400

Shares in the ownership of a corporation.


Stock Market- 500

An investment strategy in which you spread out your investment dollars among different markets, sectors, industries, and securities.


Bonds- 100

An IOU that a company or government sells when it borrows money.


Bonds- 200

A uniform method of identifying municipal, U.S. Government, or corporate bonds. A unique nine digit number assigned to each security.


Bonds- 300

Symbols used to give indications of relative credit quality.


Bonds- 400

The principle amount of a bond or note due at maturity, also referred to as face value.

Daily Double


Bonds- 500

Compensation paid or to be paid for the use of money. Generally expressed as a percentage.


Marketing- 100

The process of planning, pricing, promoting, selling, and distributing ideas, goods, and services.


Marketing- 200

Marketing Mix, the four main elements: product, place, price, promotion.


Marketing- 300

What makes consumers want to purchase or buy a company’s goods or services.


Marketing- 400

Marketing that helps companies focus on the people most likely to buy their goods or services.


Marketing- 500

Different forms for promoting your ideas or products to consumers: magazines, newspapers, TV , direct mail, radio, internet, and billboards.

desktop publishing 100
Desktop Publishing-100

The text on a publication such as a brochure, newsletter, or advertisement.

desktop publishing 200
Desktop Publishing-200

A set a characters such as letters and numbers with a common general design and shape. Also called typeface.

desktop publishing 300
Desktop Publishing-300

Background space with no text or graphic.

desktop publishing 400
Desktop Publishing-400

The parts of a design, includes balance, proportion, contrast, focus, color, and consistency.

desktop publishing 500
Desktop Publishing-500

Computer formats that clip art or pictures are saved in usually .gif or .jpeg

grab bag 100
Grab Bag -100

Certificate of Deposit. Type of saving account that requires a specified amount of money be deposited for a set period of time.

grab bag 200
Grab Bag-200

The possibility of loss or injury.

grab bag 300
Grab Bag-300

The coding of the internet. Hyper Text Mark-Up Language.

grab bag 400
Grab Bag-400

A one to five character symbol used to represent a company when you are buying or selling stock.

grab bag 500
Grab Bag-500

Persistent, risk taking, self-confident, restless, goal oriented, action-orientated, responsible, self-demanding, creative, independent, inquisitive, and enthusiastic.

what is a corporation

Business- 100 - ?

What is a Corporation ?


Business 200 - ?

Who is an Entrepreneur ?

what is a non profit organization

Business 300 - ?

What is a Non-Profit organization ?

what is a partnership

Business 400 - ?

What is a Partnership ?

what is a sole proprietorship

Business 500 - ?

What is a Sole Proprietorship ?

what is capital

Economics 100 - ?

What is Capital ?


Economics 200 - ?

What is Demand ?


Economics 300 - ?

What are Goods ?


Economics 400 - ?

What are Human Resources ?


Economics 500 - ?

What is Supply ?


Stock Market 100 - ?

What is a Bear Market ?


Stock Market 200 - ?

What is Equity ?

what is commission

Stock Market 300 - ?

What is Commission ?


Stock Market 400 - ?

What is Stock ?


Stock Market500 - ?

What is Diversification ?


Bonds 100 - ?

What is a Bond ?

what is a cusip number

Bonds 200 - ?

What is a CUSIP Number ?


Bonds 300 - ?

What is the Bond Rating?


Bonds 400 - ?

What is the Par Value ?


Bonds 500 - ?

What is Interest ?


Marketing 100 - ?

What is Marketing ?


Marketing 200 - ?

What are the 4 P’s of Marketing ?


Marketing 300 - ?

What is Consumer Motivation ?


Marketing 400 - ?

What is a Target Market?


Marketing 500 - ?

What is Advertising Media ?

desktop publishing 3001
Desktop Publishing 300 - ?

What is White Space ?

desktop publishing 4001
Desktop Publishing 400 - ?

What are Design Elements ?

desktop publishing 5001
Desktop Publishing 500 - ?

What are Graphic Formats ?

grab bag 1001
Grab Bag 100 - ?

What is a CD ?

grab bag 2001
Grab Bag 200 - ?

What is Risk ?

grab bag 3001
Grab Bag 300 - ?

What is HTML ?

grab bag 4001
Grab Bag 400 - ?

What is a Ticker Symbol?

grab bag 5001
Grab Bag 500 - ?

What are Entrepreneurial Traits?

final jeopardy
Final Jeopardy

Collection of stocks, bonds, and other securities owned by a group of investors.


Final Jeopardy

What is a Mutual Fund ?