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The Group Activity. The Aadhar Card Project At IIT(D) By NCAT Batch 2013. By : Group 1 Aniket Pandya Shelly Jindal Nisarg Vaghela Kavan Modha Pawan Gundariya. Topics Discussed In The Group. UID as ATM card UID as Education card UID as criminal identification tool

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The aadhar card project at iit d by ncat batch 2013


Aadhar Card Project




Batch 2013

By: Group 1


Shelly Jindal


Kavan Modha


Topics discussed in the group
Topics Discussed In The Group

UID as ATM card

UID as Education card

UID as criminal identification tool

UID as a tool to agricultural ownership

UID as Hospital admission card

UID for the security system

Topic we chose
Topic We Chose

UID (Unique Identification), Aadhar card as a tool to create a

“Door locking security system”

General reasons of selecting the topic

Illegal Construction

General reasons of selecting the topic

Illegal Immigrants

Illegal Possession

Theft In Houses

Main reason of selecting the topic
Main reason of selecting the topic

Assam riots killed 77 (as of 8 August 2012) people in Assam and the riots affected different locations of the country.

The main reason for the riots is illegal Bangladeshi immigrants who moved in India.

Problem statement
Problem Statement

“India needs a strong safety security system to overcome the issues of Illegal constructions, Illegal immigration, Illegal possession of property and theft because it ultimately leads to riots, internal clashes and judiciary issues, loss of property and a major economics of the country which makes the country unsecured.”




The fish bone analysis
The Fish Bone Analysis

Illegal Immigrant

Illegal Construction

  • Lack of space at low price

  • High revenue

  • Improper Boundary definition

  • Better prospective

  • Lack of separation units

Creation of Social insecurity

  • Lack of house allotment

  • Renting to wrong person

  • Poverty

  • Unemployment

  • Population


Illegal Possession


Door Locking



Features of the product
Features of the product

  • Verification through UID and biometrics.

  • A total of 5/desired people can be registered to open the lock.

  • The authorized person can be changed only by going through a definite procedure.

  • A record of the transactions of the person entering the house can be stored.

  • The system implementation and usage is very simple.

  • The information can be obtained and recorded at the central database system.

  • The registration automatically is reverted to the owner of the house after a given period of time when transferred to some other on rent.

  • An alarm system is the lock is tried to break.

The working of the product
The Working Of The Product

Biometric Verifier



Person Accepted

Barcode Reader



i/p UID through Barcode reader


UID in the



Go to Biometric verifier



Input finger print

Does finger

PrintMatch With UID?



“Unauthorized User”


Open the door


Cost of the device
Cost Of The Device

  • Cost of the automatic lock = $130

  • Cost of the Biometric Verification device = $ 70

  • The total cost = $200

  • That makes the equivalent cost to be Rs. 10,000

  • With the help of the govt fund, the lock can be made availed at the rate of Rs 4,000.

  • Also, the price of the product can be paid in installments at the end of every year like the municipality tax.


  • The system gives a précised information about the illegal people living in India.

  • The renewal system offers a security to the owners of the property.

  • This system being a part of the compulsory installation can determine the illegal building built on the govt land.

  • Shelter being the most necessary thing for the humans, the system helps distinguish between the legal and the illegal citizens.

  • The system having the alarm system can notify the theft instantly.