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Athens vs. Sparta PowerPoint Presentation
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Athens vs. Sparta

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Athens vs. Sparta

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Athens vs. Sparta

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  1. Athens vs. Sparta And why Athens is better.

  2. My reasons Let’s get right down to it. You want to travel to either Athens or Sparta. Well in my opinion I think that Athens is better. The reasons are why is education culture and government.

  3. Government The government of Athens was one of the first democracies. Established at around 508 bc this revolutionary system of government gave the power to the people. It was much better compared to the systems of oligarchy and monarchy. Proof of this is how long Athens lasted compared to Sparta. Athens is about 7000 bce and Sparta was founded around 1000 bce. Democracy had the people themselves chose what to do. 500 citizens were chosen to be lawmakers and all citizens (men) had to vote.

  4. Athens enjoyed a flourishing of culture because of its relative geography and openness. Athens was the birthplace of many important ideas. People such as Socrates or Hippocrates. They all flourished in Athens which allowed lots of freedom and openness. In contrast Sparta was a place where military came first. This can clearly be shown in its many statues to Ares the god of war. But compared to Athens great people and amazing buildings its very little. Culture

  5. Education The education reflects the culture of the city states. While Spartans training had military training to become tough and ready for the army the Athens were a lot more open. Athens learned things like poetry and literature. You could get different jobs and become who you want. It was much better than Sparta which demanded military service. Sparta believed in a well trained, well disciplined army, Athens trained you for both war and peace. So Athens education was better.

  6. Counter Claim However some say that Sparta is better than Athens. They say that the military of Sparta was much stronger and instead of wasting time writing became the strongest army in Greece. Spartan woman were treated better than Athens because they learned athletics and were allowed to go outside. In fact they were known for their toughness. Finally Spartans were sticklers for perfection. If they weren’t fit as a baby they were left by the woods or mountain. They had to be perfect and not obese.

  7. Refutation However these claims are incorrect. When you come right down to it, yes Sparta had a stronger army. Although that was true having a stronger army didn’t really do anything for the advancement of humankind. Athens had great philosophers and inventors. Now onto the question of the woman. While it’s true that woman didn’t have as many eights they didn’t have complete inequality. Some woman held important posts in religious places or rituals. When people say that the baby rolling was justified that is just incorrect. Babies can always become stronger but if they die than no more.

  8. Map Athens was located in the plains of Attika close to the saronic gulf and had a very nice warm climate.

  9. Cultural Activities The things you could do in ancient Athens were many. You could go to the marketplace and check out the temples. You could marvel at the amazing Athena Pantheon a temple dedicated to Athena with an statue instead. If you feel like it you could go to the Dionysus theater named after the god of wine. Finally you could visit the city on the hill which has many temples and shows just how amazing Athens were.

  10. Pro/Cons If you like strong armies, farming and a guaranteed job then Sparta is right for you. Athens is generally focused on its navy and trading. Also if war pertains to you then Sparta is for you. That also applies if you like colder climates. Athens is quite warm.

  11. Concluding Statement Athens was one of the first pioneers in civilization. It introduced philosophy, humor and drama. But most importantly it invented democracy which we still use today. Sparta may have its benefits but it can’t beat Athens. Without Athens we would not be where we are today. So thanks Athens.