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writing a summary of performance sop n.
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Writing a Summary of Performance ( SoP ) PowerPoint Presentation
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Writing a Summary of Performance ( SoP )

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Writing a Summary of Performance ( SoP )
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Writing a Summary of Performance ( SoP )

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  1. Writing a Summary of Performance (SoP)

  2. IDEA 2004 Statute ….a local education agency shall provide the child with a summary of the child’s academic achievement and functional performance, which shall include recommendations on how to assist the child in meeting the child’s postsecondary goals (300.305(e)(3))

  3. Three Components of the Summary of Performance

  4. First Component Summary of Academic Achievement

  5. Markis able to read the words of his textbooks and answer questions that require literal and inferential comprehension skills. He excels at technical writing, and he uses correctmechanics. Mark has difficulty spelling words correctly and uses the computer spell-check feature extensively. Excerpt from Mark’s SoP

  6. Second Component Summary of Functional Performance

  7. Excerpt from Marie’s SoP Marie understands her disability and its impact on learning; she willingly asks for assistance when she needs it. Marie works cooperatively with class- mates and co-workers at the movie theater at which she has a weekend job. She has her own checking account, but she continues to require assistance balancing it each month.

  8. Third Component Recommendations

  9. Excerpt from Juan’s SoP Provide the culinary school disability services office with documentation necessary to receive academic adjustments Meet regularly with Community Services Board case manager for medication management, counseling, and to access independent living opportunities Investigate community recreational facilities and volunteer opportunities near the culinary school

  10. Importanceof the SoP Reason # Provides guidance to students after they leave high school

  11. Importance of the SoP Reason # Provides documentation of effective supplementary aids and services students will continue to need in postsecondary educational, training, employment, and other community settings

  12. Importance of the SoP Reason # Facilitates communication with adult agency representatives

  13. The SoPMustBe Completed… When students are exceeding the age of eligibility or are completing the requirements for an Advanced Studies Diploma or Standard Diploma

  14. It is a GOOD IDEA to Complete the SoP… Near the end of the student’s final year of high school

  15. A Collaborative Team • Student/Family • School Counselor • General Education Teachers • Special Education Case Manager • Related Service Providers • Transition Specialist/Job Coach • Adult Service Providers

  16. For Additional Information Contact a transition specialist at the Training and Technical Assistance Center that serves your Superintendents Region or visit http://ttaconline.org/

  17. Quiz and Questionnaire Please click on the link below to complete the quiz for this webinar http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/HW3WDQD

  18. Answers to Quiz Questions After you click on the link at the bottom of this screen, click on “download” to view quiz answers http://education.wm.edu/centers/ttac/webinar/SoPwebinar/