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The Royals

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The Royals. RNZSPCA The Royal New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals . Fulfilling our Vision – prevention of cruelty to animals. Engaging the community in three initiatives that keep on giving. The Royal New Zealand SPCA.

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The Royals

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the royals

The Royals


The Royal New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

fulfilling our vision prevention of cruelty to animals

Fulfilling our Vision – prevention of cruelty to animals

Engaging the community in three initiatives that keep on giving

the royal new zealand spca
The Royal New Zealand SPCA
  • Largest and most influential animal welfare organisation – over government and veterinary organisations
  • Nationwide reach – national organisation (The Royal), 47 centres, 100 animal welfare inspectors
  • 60,000 animals sheltered annually, 11,000 animal welfare complaints
  • Second most trusted charity in New Zealand
  • Pet overpopulation – immediate crisis!
  • Community engagement – protecting animals in their homes
  • Future proofing – attitudes to animals

The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it.”Norman Schwarzkopf

three major initiatives
Three major initiatives
  • Nationwide free de-sexing
  • Animals involved in family/human violence
  • Education – reaching and teaching future generations
too many cats dangerous dogs
Too many cats, ‘dangerous’ dogs
  • Low income families do not/cannot de-sex their pets
  • Easy come – easy go
  • Ultimately SPCA has to ‘clean up’ either retroactively or proactively
national de sexing initiative rnzspca on the move
National De sexing Initiative – RNZSPCA ‘on the move’
  • De-sexing 5,000 animals per year
  • Assists the 47 regional SPCA Centres
  • Forming community alliances
mobile de sexing clinic
Mobile De-sexing Clinic
  • Custom built clinic
  • Dedicated veterinary team
  • Attracts national and local funding
recognising the link

Recognising the ‘link’

International research confirms the co–occurrence of violence to animals and human violence

Animal abuse is a recognised ‘predictor’ for a range of violence from domestic violence to serial murder

Empathy for animals can form the basis for humane social behaviour

pets as pawns
Pets as Pawns
  • Animals in domestic violence – the most vulnerable victims
  • New Zealand research shows women and children stay longer in life threatening circumstances if animals are at risk
  • Women’s Refuge and SPCA can work together to better protect victims
community alliances

Community Alliances



First Strike


Child, Youth and Family Agency

Women’s Refuge

women s refuge and spca

Women’s Refuge and SPCA

Some immediate solutions:

MOU to define roles and responsibilities

Education and awareness for both organisations

Alliances between local centres

SPCA HELP fund to enable SPCAs to fund boarding and vet fees for animal victims

future proofing

Future Proofing

The Education X Factor

talking to boys

Talking to Boys

Social conscience begins to develop at 10 – 12 years

Teaching empathy for animals can encourage empathy for humans

Research shows that many boys need a ‘hero’ to model empathy