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Waste Management. WM. Spills. Routine or Non-Routine Waste Generation Activities. Remediation/Construction Projects. Hazardous Waste. Hazardous waste is managed in a manner consistent with regulations 90 day generator Yearly County inspections with potential for violations

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Waste management
Waste Management



Routine or Non-Routine Waste Generation Activities

Remediation/Construction Projects

Hazardous waste
Hazardous Waste

  • Hazardous waste is managed in a manner consistent with regulations

    • 90 day generator

  • Yearly County inspections with potential for violations

  • The Waste Management Group will assist with project planning and implementation

  • Questions-WM is only a phone call away, ext#2399

Waste management

  • Work Planning & Control

  • Planning is key

  • IMPORTANT: Lead time to deliver/pick-up waste containers

  • WM supports ALL projects on site!!

Hazardous waste1
Hazardous Waste

  • Hazardous waste storage issues identified by the County

    • Mandatory weekly inspections

    • Keep area clean and orderly

    • Containers closed except when adding waste

    • Keep training current

    • Keep FEPs current and have equipment and processes to prevent and manage spills (if needed); waste generators trained on FEP

Managing hazarous waste
Managing Hazarous Waste

  • Obtain annual refresher training

  • Label waste containers

  • Use acceptable waste containers

  • Segregate wastes

  • Manage waste storage areas

  • Conduct weekly inspections

  • Obtain adequate spill response training

Waste minimization key to better waste management
Waste Minimization: Key to Better Waste Management

  • Do not mix wastes

  • Segregate non-hazardous materials

  • Recycle and reuse manufacturing materials

  • Safely store hazardous products and containers

  • Make a good faith effort

  • Perform and record pollution prevention opportunity assessments

Regulated or industrial waste category
Regulated (or Industrial) Waste Category

  • Does not meet the regulatory definition of HW

  • Examples of regulated waste include soils contaminated with very low levels of oil or polychlorinated biphenyls

  • Strict management procedures may still apply

  • Excluded from disposal to the municipal landfill

Universal or some common hws
Universal or Some Common HWs

  • Batteries

    • Small, Household Batteries

    • Larger Batteries (Not Lead Acid Batteries)

  • Light Bulbs (not Light Ballasts)

  • Mercury-containing Equipment

  • Thermometers

  • Cathode Ray Tubes and Other Electronic Equipment

Emergency response
Emergency Response

Incident /Spill Notification

  • Call

    • 5555

    • 911

Hazardous waste violation
Hazardous Waste Violation

[$37,000 per incident,

per item, per day]