by emily pitman and billierose tacher n.
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Yellow Fever PowerPoint Presentation
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Yellow Fever

Yellow Fever

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Yellow Fever

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  1. By: Emily Pitman and BillieroseTacher Yellow Fever

  2. Pictures of yellow fever

  3. There is currently no yellow fever treatment that can kill the virus. Therefore, treatment is focused on providing relief of a person's symptoms as the body fights the virus. Treatment to relieve symptoms can include resting in bed, drinking plenty of fluids, and taking acetaminophen (not aspirin) to relieve fever and discomfort. In severe cases, treatment of yellow fever requires hospitalization for intensive supportive care. treatment

  4. Doctors have come up with a new vaccine for yellow fever that seems to be helping in some cases. This vaccine does not have a name. They are doing tests in Africa to see if this vaccine really is “the cure”. Unfortunately this vaccine can cause serious side effects just like yellow fever itself. Current research

  5. Yellow fever- a disease caused by a virus carried by mosquitos. The virus damages many body tissues, but especially the liver. As a result of this damage, the liver cannot function properly and yellow bile pigments build up in your skin and makes the skin and eyes turn yellow. (this is how you know you have yellow fever) This usually occurs in west Africa and south America. This disease has been around for about 400 years. This is a viral disease. definition

  6. Yellow fever has lately had a large impact on west Africa and Latin America. In these location yellow fever infects about 200,000 people a year and causes 30,000 deaths a year. date: January 2011. Current event

  7. Infants age 6 months are more susceptible to the disease yellow fever. This is due to a weak immune system. Although anyone can get it. Who is more susceptible

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