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My Secret Life! PowerPoint Presentation
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My Secret Life!

My Secret Life!

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My Secret Life!

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  1. My Secret Life! By Brooke Agius

  2. I have a secret. It’s that I am a witch! My name is IzzyBroomhigh. I am a good witch so don’t worry, I am not going to hurt you. I have dark, creepy eyes and long, black hair. I like scaring away bullies from little children

  3. II live in a place called Halloween Town, in a small, cosy cottage in Poison Lane. A lot of witches wear long, black dresses but I wear knee-length shorts and a blue t-shirt. My favorite food is fried frog legs with snail slime. Yummy!! 

  4. I have two pets, Hocus a snake and Pocus the parrot. They are the most adorable things in the world! I make spells that can rhyme and turn people into animals like ‘Higady, pigady, pong! I give you a mind of a frog!’ That is the1st spell I wrote. Do you like it? Hocus the snake Pocus the parrot.

  5. As a witch I must have some relaxing time from all those spells, brooms and scary thing. My favouriteactivity is going to the mall for a massage on my warty nose. Some people ask me if I like my life as a witch and I always answer them in the same way,“I love my life! I like it because I can help children and it gives me more time to fly on my broom-mobil.”

  6. So if you are a person who is afraid of witches, don’t be because witches are not all bad and they have feelings just like you sometimes. Oh, I’m so sorry but I have to go because I heard Hocus and Pocus fighting and I’d better run before Hocus eats Pocus. So….

  7. Bye!