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Gulf of Mexico Hypoxia Task Force

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Gulf of Mexico Hypoxia Task Force - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Gulf of Mexico Hypoxia Task Force. Agenda Item 13a. Ohio River Sub Basin Steering Committee. Sub Basin Team formed in 2003 to represent the interests of the States in the ORB Originally Illinois was only ORSANCO member state represented on the Task Force John Kessler, ODNR

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ohio river sub basin steering committee
Ohio River Sub Basin Steering Committee
  • Sub Basin Team formed in 2003 to represent the interests of the States in the ORB
    • Originally Illinois was only ORSANCO member state represented on the Task Force
  • John Kessler, ODNR
    • Chairman 2004-Present
  • Looking for new Chairperson
meeting of the task force
Meeting of the Task Force
  • Des Moines, Iowa September 11-13
  • Combined meeting with National Association of State Departments of Agriculture.
federal nutrient reduction strategy
Federal Nutrient Reduction Strategy
  • Cooperative efforts to assist the states in protecting in-state water quality to also reduce nutrient loadings to the Gulf
  • Aligning existing federal programs with hypoxia efforts
    • Approach for implementation of nutrient strategies
    • Financial Assistance
    • Monitoring and Modeling
    • Technical Assistance
    • Communication and Coordination
monitoring collaboration
Monitoring Collaboration
  • Establish an integrated long-term, multi-scale MARB water-quality monitoring collaborative based on existing sites and resources and identify monitoring needs/priorities and funding needed to develop a comprehensive MARB-WQMC.
iowa nutrient reduction science assessment
Iowa Nutrient Reduction Science Assessment
  • Partnership of Iowa State Univ., Iowa Dept of Ag, IDNR , USDA, NRCS, Univ. of Illinois, Univ., of MN
  • Performance of Ag BMPs evaluated
  • Level of implementation and costs evaluated
  • Workshop November 13-15 in Davenport Iowa
    • Hear how Iowa created their state science assessment and generated results. The focus of the workshop is to examine the process and lessons learned, consider the extent to which this can be used by other states, and provide an opportunity to develop state or regional partnerships and next steps.
pending litigation
Pending Litigation
  • Petition seeking EPA action to require all states to develop numeric criteria for nutrient pollution or EPA promulgation of federal criteria and TMDLs for nutrient pollution in the MARB
    • July 2011 EPA denied petition
    • March 2012 plaintiffs filed lawsuit contesting denial
    • More than 30 parties have been granted intervenor status
    • Parties are now negotiating a briefing schedule
  • Petition seeking EPA revision of "secondary" treatment standards to include nutrient controls at municipal sewage treatment plants
    • March 2012 lawsuit over EPA delay in response
    • August 2012 EPA told the court it would respond by end of year
next task force meeting
Next Task Force Meeting
  • Spring 2013
  • Location TBD
    • Some interest in having it in conjunction with an ORSANCO Commission Meeting