Being a high school principal in the 21 st century
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Being a high school principal in the 21 st Century - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Being a high school principal in the 21 st Century. What’s it like?. What literacies does a citizen of the 21 st Century need?. 21 st century learner. The new things in the mix. New assessment style. Purposeful – a means to an end and not an end in itself

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Being a high school principal in the 21 st century

Being a high school principal in the 21st Century

What’s it like?

21st century learner

New assessment style
New assessment style

  • Purposeful – a means to an end and not an end in itself

  • Actively develops critical thinking and information processing

  • Two highs

    - High expectations

    - Higher order skills

     New conception of formal learning

The lifelong learner
The lifelong learner

  • Implicit - learners encouraged to choose a specialisation or focus

  • Explicit - Life Orientation as a subject

New subject scope
New subject scope

  • All subjects have new subject “content”

  • Increased or different range and depth

    New subjects

    New envisaged learner

20 th century trained teachers parents and learners who are used to a 20 th century system
20th Century trained teachers+Parents and learners who are used to a 20th century system

The biggest challenge …


NCS documents:

policy to be applied

Gazette out for public comment:

this is policy in the making.


Proposed choices to WCED

LSM ordered and delivered




Subject choices









Look after yourself too!


Leadership now 1
Leadership Now 1

  • Don’t wait for others to make things happen in your life – signal clearly that you will give the needed leadership.

  • Use the talents of your staff, parents, RCL, community

  • Identify everything which needs to be managed

  • Delegate/share/involve all layers in your school – large-scale advocacy, information-sharing and shared planning. Don’t keep anyone in the dark

  • Consult/get advice/link with other schools

Leadership now 2
Leadership Now 2

  • Negotiate subject offerings with neighbouring schools where relevant

  • Determine your class sizes and match staff (teaching load) to subjects (ie give shape and offer choices within planned framework – don’t leave things to chance)

  • Encourage learners to compete for places in classes eg offer only 35 places in subject X and then stick to your own rules. Set up waiting lists.

Leadership now 3
Leadership Now 3

  • Have a strategy to help staff, parents, learners with insecurities (likely to mean that you need to contain your own anxieties – find a critical friend to see you through your own difficult times)

  • Arrange to empower staff

  • Relieve staff of pressures where possible

Today s conference
Today’s conference


  • Information-sharing plus news about timelines, WCED plans etc

  • Finding friends – getting networks in place

  • Take home pack

And then what
– and then what?

  • Help see your staff through the holiday training – encourage them to make most of it

  • Set up and maintain good timelines, checklists and procedures


    “How can we be a lead school over the next 3 years?”