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RJI INNOVATION PROJECT. JOURN 4992 FALL 2012 QING TIAN & XINRUI ZHU. PROJECT OBJECTIVES. Futures Lab A vodcast about innovations in journalism Releases every week Three to four stories Total runtime: around 10 minutes. EDITORIAL MISSION. Focus on innovations in journalism Technology

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  2. PROJECT OBJECTIVES • Futures Lab • A vodcast about innovations in journalism • Releases every week • Three to four stories • Total runtime: around 10 minutes

  3. EDITORIAL MISSION • Focus on innovations in journalism • Technology • Ethnics • Management

  4. EDITORIAL MISSION • Reporting include: • Behind-the-scenes case studies of cutting-edge work • Profiles and interviews with leading innovators • Tips on integrating new technologies across multiple platforms • Insights from the latest industry research • Management tips for fostering innovation at all levels, in all types and sizes of newsroom

  5. SWOT ANALYSIS • Strength: • Support from Reynolds Journalism Institute • Support from Missouri School of Journalism • Weakness • Student reporters and producers • First try for us

  6. SWOT ANALYSIS • Opportunities • There is no single publication or website that dominates the market • Diverse needs from the consumers • Threats: • Long established competitors

  7. MARKET RESEARCH • RJI INNOVATION SURVEY: • 11 questions in total • 7 open ended questions, 4 multiple choice questions • Touches on issues as: • Devices • Time • Potential competitors • Consumers’ needs • Show format • Delivery methods • Demographic questions

  8. MARKET RESEARCH • Survey Distribution • Director Brian Steffens • Missouri Press Association • Broadcasters Association of various states • Mizzou Mafia: News Managers by Professor Randy Reeves • Mizzou Mafia: News Anchor / Reporters by Professor Reeves

  9. MARKET RESEARCH • Research Result • Potential Competitors • Most referred: Ponyter • However, no single dominating website • What’s missing in the publications • Divided answers

  10. MARKET RESEARCH • Consumption Time • During the day • In office • Devices • Through computers • Concerned Topics • Innovations in digital news • Newsroom Culture • HR management

  11. MARKET RESEARCH • Demographic Information • Mostly from newspapers

  12. MARKET RESEARCH • Demographic Information • Most are from small market newsrooms • Most are from small newsroom with stall less than 50 employees.

  13. PRODUCTION CYCLE • Five-week production cycle

  14. PRODUCTION CYCLE • Two-week production cycle

  15. STORY IDEAS • Our sources for stories • Reading stories online • Story feeds from other websites • Drawback: timeliness, originality • Contacting previous and current RJI fellows • Received a number of good story ideas • Methods recommended for future development

  16. STORY IDEAS • Some highlights • Collaborations between New York Times and BuzzFeed • Coverage on GOP and National Conventions • Legacy media and online news and entertainment platform • Case Study of innovations in legacy media

  17. STORY IDEAS • Ideas from Bill Densmore • Individualized news feed to readers • Successful example for print media to boost up subscriptions

  18. FINAL STORIES • Interviews with Missouri Honor Medalists • Adam Moss from New York Magazine • Print Media: Innovations in online publications • His insights on how traditional news media can implement innovations in online publications

  19. FINAL STORIES • KETC’s experiment with Google + Hangouts • Stay Tuned, a new public affairs program, is integrating Google+ hangout in the show • Try to create a public forum for the citizens • Topics include • Youth at risk • Infrastructure • Economic development • Art • Health Care

  20. FINAL STORIES • A research on how journalists can engage with public • Partners: • Dallas Morning News • Jacksonville Times Union • Seattle Times • Encourage readers to exchange ideas with reporters during the presidential elections

  21. WHAT WE LEARNED • Our learning objectives • Enhance multimedia skills • Learn the skills of show production • Gain experiences in leadership and teamwork • Exchange ideas with mentors and teammates

  22. FUTURE DEVELOPMENT • Mobile Applications • Continued Capstone Projects • Rotation Teams: • Graduate Students • Capstone Projects • Marketing Strategies

  23. REFLECTIONS • What is show design and production? • A social job • A editorial job • Vigorous Discussions with teammates and mentors • Skills enhanced

  24. REFLECTIONS • Research skills are important. • Survey design • Data processing • Enthusiasm blossomed • Innovation matters • Confident in the future

  25. SPECIAL THANKS TO… • Reynolds Journalism Institute • Reuben and Olga • Mike • Travis

  26. FINALLY • Please watch our final products….


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