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Psi Chi International Honor Society . February 1 st , 2011 . PSI CHI BOWLING SOCIAL. THANK YOU for “Socializing” with PSI CHI. HOPE TO SEE YOU NEXT TIME!.

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Psi chi bowling social


Psi chi international honor society

Not the biggest fan of Valentine's Day? Looking for something to do that's NOT for Valentine's Day? PSI CHI will be hosting an ANTI-Valentine Fundraising Dance!

This will be a great way for us "romantically-challenged" folks to have even MORE fun NOT celebrating the hallmark-made holiday that we have come to know as Valentines Day!

Instead we will focus on the LOVE we have for one another and express it through the art-of-motion!

Psi chi international honor society

For the low price of: something to do that's NOT for Valentine's Day? $7 for one person$10 for two peopleWe will have the opportunity to show- off our LOVELY dance moves on the dance floor! Light snacks will be provided! Everyone is invited! If you have PSI CHI love, or know someone who does-- please join us in our anti-valentine celebration! Friends, family, and loved ones are MORE than welcomed!

 The "Fun-raising" Dance will be held at CPP AGRIscapes! It is right in front of CPP's infamous Farm Store! 

Psi chi international honor society

TO HELP something to do that's NOT for Valentine's Day? 


Angel guardian provides long term housing for mothers with disabilities and their children

Angel something to do that's NOT for Valentine's Day? Guardian provides long-term housing for mothers with disabilities and their children.

Fun with Kids at Angel Guardian

Wednesday, February 2nd

7-8:30pm, but will be leaving campus at 5:45

Located in Downtown LA, carpools will be arranged from campus


Chocolate fundraiser
Chocolate Fundraiser something to do that's NOT for Valentine's Day? 

  • Please continue selling as much chocolate as possible.

  • If you can no longer sell, hand in the money and candy bars you have left and we can have someone else help.

  • If we sell all the chocolates-the club makes ~$800

  • Please give money to Sara after the announcements

T shirts
T-shirts something to do that's NOT for Valentine's Day? 

  • T-shirts are in

  • Prices are $20 for both the regular and v-necks.

    • We only have a few sizes left of the V-Necks so act fast!!!!

  • See Sean and Sara to purchase your shirt after the announcements.

Cpp calendar events sdli workshops
CPP Calendar Events something to do that's NOT for Valentine's Day? SDLI Workshops

  • What does it Mean to be Socially Responsible?

    • Wednesday Feb. 2nd 12-1pm, BSC: Andromeda BC

  • Interest Me! Career Possibilities

    • Thursday Feb. 3rd 12-1:30pm, Career Center: Building 97-120

  • Psychology and Sociology Department Presents RAP Conference

    • The Psychology and Sociology Department presents Research, Application, and Pedagogy (RAP) Conference on Feb. 3, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. at BSC Ursa Major AB.

      • This is an all-day conference, open to students and faculty, focused on emerging trends in research within the fields of sociology and psychology.  Email<> for more info

Wpa room prices
WPA Room Prices something to do that's NOT for Valentine's Day? 

  • Wilshire Grand ~at conference

    • Each room sleeps 4

    • $200 for 3 nights per person

  • Milner Hotel ~5 minutes walking

    • Economy Twin Rooms

      • Each room sleeps 2

      • $135 for 3 nights per person

    • Deluxe Suite

      • Each room sleeps 4

      • $115 for 3 nights per person

Graduate school interview questions
Graduate School Interview Questions something to do that's NOT for Valentine's Day? 

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?

  • If you're not accepted into graduate school, what are your plans?

  • Why did you choose this career?

  • What do you know about our program?

  • Why did you choose to apply to our program?

  • In what ways have your previous experience prepared you for graduate study in our program?

  • What do you believe your greatest challenge will be if you are accepted?

  • How will you be able to make a contribution to this field?

  • Tell me about your experience in this field.

  • How do you intend to finance your education?

  • What skills do you bring to the program?

  • How will you help your mentor in his or her research?

  • Why should we take you and not someone else?

Interview tips
Interview Tips something to do that's NOT for Valentine's Day? 

  • Prior to interviewing, get to know the professors at the school you’re considering.

  • Do your homework on the program you’re interviewing for.

  • Prepare like you would for a job interview and be ready to discuss your professional goals, areas of interest, and motivation for graduate study.

  • Answer questions in a way that demonstrates how you solve problems and articulate your ideas.

  • Interviewers are probably more interested in your character than how much you know.

  • Ask questions that matter to you and give the interviewer insight into your personality and priorities. Don’t ask questions that can be answered in the school’s literature.

  • Dress as if you are going to a professional interview.

  • Present yourself as positively as possible. Talk about your strengths, not your weaknesses.

    • If asked about your weaknesses, discuss how you’ve had “difficulty” in certain areas, but how you’ve worked on these issues and what you have concurred. STAY POSITIVE.

Phone skype and face to face interviews
Phone, Skype, and Face-to-Face Interviews something to do that's NOT for Valentine's Day? 

  • Phone:

    • Make sure that you are in a quiet area (this is not like a library or starbucks). DO NOT DO IT OUTSIDE WHERE CARS CAN DRIVE BY.

    • Dress professionally. It will put you in the mood of an interview.

    • Make sure that you have material printed out about the professors that you like, certain work that they have done, certain programs the school offers, and any questions that you have.

  • Skype:

    • Biggest mistake people make is that they only dress professionally from the “waist-up”.

    • Have lists of questions and materials on hand. It will make you look like you “prepared” for the interview, which is what you would do for any type of professional interview or meeting.

    • Again, choose a quiet place.

  • Face-to-Face

    • Some places have GROUP interviews, while others are INDIVIDUAL.

      • Make sure you stand out in either one. Group ones you need to make sure you talk!

    • Most places will be for a weekend or entire day “visit”.

      • You will visit the campus, meet other graduate students, meet the professors, etc.

      • Clinical Programs especially want to see how you “interact” with others.

Tips other information
Tips & Other Information something to do that's NOT for Valentine's Day? 

  • Remember, this is an ACADEMIC interview.

  • You might not know:

    • You should find out if you’re accepted (if they like you) within a week.

      • They wouldn’t invest time into you coming out to see them if you weren’t on their short-list. This means that basically unless your personality doesn’t match the program, or they hate you, you’ll get in.

    • Faculty is interviewing you to see if they can use you to “teach” or to “research with”.

      • This is a lot of times how people pay for their schooling.

  • You’ve got their attention and made it through the hardest part! GOOD LUCK AND PRACTICE!