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Omni Land. 3 Hot Spots PKE, JimboLearn,Anthropology Online. Technical Difficulties =. Piece of Cake This is sort of like Open Office but a little bit more refined Cool stuff and I will might...use this in my classroom. Dr. Techyl and Mr Jimbob... Technical Difficulties. =.

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Omni land
Omni Land

3 Hot Spots

PKE, JimboLearn,Anthropology Online

Technical difficulties
Technical Difficulties =

  • Piece of Cake

  • This is sort of like Open Office but a little bit more refined

  • Cool stuff and I will might...use this in my classroom

Dr. Techyl and Mr Jimbob...

Technical Difficulties....


Public knowledge exchange
Public Knowledge Exchange

What's Needed When a Whole Community "Goes Online"

Engines of pke
Engines of PKE

  • One to Many

    ~Amplify single voice, Connect with many.

  • Many to one

    ~Collector of information funneled to one place.

  • Many to Many

    ~Multiplicity of concurrent connections

So what is pke
So, What is PKE?

  • PKE is a container of resources and tools and services.

  • PKE is a hub of connectivity for individuals and institutions.

  • PKE is a way to get "life" done online.

  • PKE is a community working together, online.

  • PKE is a place to learn, to do training, to get help in online functioning. And more.

So what else is pke
So, what else is PKE?

  • PKE is the place to fill out and file a zillion forms for government interactions.

  • PKE is the place for government to reach out with up to date information for its citizens.

  • PKE is the place citizens form and maintain organizations to make their community better.

  • PKE is social interaction with anyone anywhere in the region, or in a group.

Pke is even more
PKE is even more

  • PKE is city and county and schools and universities, and health care providers, and businesses and non profits and more...working together BETTER than ever before.

  • PKE is knowing everything that's going on through a searchable community activity calendar.

  • PKE is learning whatever you need to learn or want to learn. A School for both education and for life.

Pke social networks
PKE Social Networks

  • Can be MetaMind for problem solving

  • Multi-person social problem solving arrays considered as a form of artificial intelligence

Pke mindmeld
PKE MindMeld

  • We are not one person secluded from the rest of the world, and kept apart by the technology we have embraced...

• Rather we have become a part of the technology, we have become a part of something greater than ourselves.

Pke summed up
PKE summed uP

  • PKE is doing what a community does, and doing things in ways that may never have been possible before.

  • PKE brings benefits in enabling what's already being done and making that more efficient and effective.

  • PKE creates new kinds of interactions, collaborations; new tools, new services.

Where will you
Where will you


Where will you be ....



Find me


Why pke
Why PKE?

• A problem for everyone: Too much info, too many tasks, too little time. And it's getting harder.

  • Maximize Local Resources through PKE: coordinate, collaborate, eliminate duplication of services.

  • To educate the public in our complex world, requires the best methods, the best media, the best tools, and meeting the public where they increasingly live: online. PKE helps do that job.

  • Institutions are moving online, but none are online specialists; their core functions are other than perfecting online capabilities. It's appropriate for an online specialist like PKE to work in a community unifying way, to provide online functions and create standards that simplify.

  • PKE is a"third place". It provides a "ground of community" that is not just work, is not just home, is not just public space but is somewhere that includes the functions of all three.

  • This third place helpsrecreate some of the intimacy, connection, and efficiency we treasure, that is found in cities and towns which have a vibrant center.

  • Some collection of online functions is inevitable here in southern NM as elsewhere. But will it be the best it can be?

  • The choice is building it according to a comprehensive plan that allows PKE to be all that it can be, or to accept the kind of development that occurs without the guidance of informed and comprehensive planning.

  • The online world can and will look like Colonias if we don't act to create PKE with intention and purpose.

U r logged off
U R Logged OFF

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