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NASA “Guest” Network Access PowerPoint Presentation
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NASA “Guest” Network Access

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NASA “Guest” Network Access - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NASA “Guest” Network Access
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  1. NASA “Guest” Network Access Using any internet browser, when prompted for registration access to NASA Ames Guest Network, provide your User Name and Password in the appropriate boxes. User names and Passwords are on the back of your badges (on table at rear of room). Access for 4/17 & 4/18 This is a Government Network Access…Do Not Abuse!!!! CBP Predator B

  2. Tactical Fire Remote Sensing Advisory Committee (TFRSAC) The Nineteenth Meeting!!! Hosted By: NASA-Ames Research Center USDA – Forest Service (USFS) Bld 152, Ames Research Park 17 April 2013 NASA-Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA.

  3. TFRSAC Meeting Location Citation / AMS CBP Predator B

  4. Building Logistics & Safety CBP Predator B Exits

  5. Adobe Connect Web Presence Using any internet browser, go to Select the option to "Enter as a Guest", enter your name in the field, and then click "Enter Room". You should be able to see and hear the workshop. To ask a question, enter it into the chat window, and a moderator (Mike Toillion) will read it aloud during the Q&A period. If you have any technical troubleshooting questions, please ask them using the private chat function. To do this, go to the Attendees pod on the left of the screen and hover over the name "Mike Toillion". An option to "Start Private Chat" will appear.  Click it, and a new tab will open in the chat pod, allowing you to privately message the moderator (Mike) to solve your issue. CBP Predator B

  6. TFRSAC Schedule (AM) 8:00 AM Badging / Coffee & Refreshments / Danish 8:30 AM Meeting Logistics / Safety / Introductions V. Ambrosia / E. Hinkley 8:40 AM Morning Presentations – Agency Activity Updates / Outlooks Forest Service Update / Outlook (20 min) E. Hinkley NASA Update / Outlook (20 Min) E. Sheffner USGS Update / Outlook (20 Min) L. Brady CALFIRE Update / Outlook (20 Min) C. Waters 10:00 AM BREAK (15-minutes) 10:15 AM Morning Presentations – Sensor / Applications Development Updates NASA-Ames Small Sat. Program (25 Min) C. Frost Wide Area Imager (WAI) Update (25 Min) J. Green StareWAI Update (25 Min) J. Green GOES-EFD Update (25 Min) A. Koltunov 12:00 PMLUNCH (75 Min; Deli Station, In Conf. Room) & SIERRA UAS Viewing CBP Predator B

  7. TFRSAC Schedule (PM) 1:30 PM Afternoon Presentations (20 Minutes Each) Instrument Payload Module (IPM) D. Mandl VIIRS Product Status / VIIRS I-band Fire Detection Work W. Schroeder VIIRS AF Product & proving Ground & Risk Reduction Project E. Ellicott NASA ROSES-2011 Wildland Fire Project S. Khorram / G. Biging 3:00 PMBREAK (15 min) 3:15 PM Afternoon Presentations & Closing Discussions – (20 Minutes Each) NASA Dragon Eye / SIERRA UAS Systems M. Fladeland Recent AMS Work: Short-term Predictors of Satellite Fire Activity D. Peterson RxCadre (20 Min) T. Zajkowski Fire Emissions / Smoke Modeling / Forecasting/Mgmt Smoke S. Larkin Texas A&M Mission / Grand Canyon NP Fire sensor D. Yoel Identifying Areas of Opportunity for Interagency Collaboration Open Discuss 5:15 PM Close Out 7:00 PM DINNER at Tied House Brewery, Mountain View, CA CBP Predator B

  8. Dinner: Tied House Directions 7:00 PM; Group Name: NASA Exit NASA-Ames Main Gate on Moffett Blvd. Proceed 1.4 miles towards Downtown Mountain View (Moffett changes names to Castro St.) Pass over Central Expyand RR tracks. Proceed 1 block and turn RIGHT on Villa Street Tied House is just past next short block, on RIGHT on Villa Street (954 Villa Street). CBP Predator B

  9. Returning From Tied House Proceed on Villa Street to Castro Street. Turn LEFT on Castro St. Proceed 1.4 miles towards Moffett Field (Castro St. changes names to Moffett Blvd.) Pass over Hwy 101 Proceed 1 block to NASA-Ames Main Gate. CBP Predator B 7:00 PM; Group Name: NASA

  10. Ed SheffnerNASA Update / Outlook CBP Predator B

  11. Highlighting WRAP Efforts February 2013 Provided graphic (PPT) to NASA Administrator (C. Boldin), who highlighted our fire collaboration to Congress in his state of agency address. March 2013 Invited Panel Member: UAS in Support of Wildfire Observations: Right Tools for the Right Job!. AIAA – Civilian Applications of UAVs: A California Perspective, a Policy Symposium, Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, CA, 27 March 2013.. Invited Panel Member: Enhancing our Nation’s Wildfire Management Capabilities Through Application of NASA Science and technology. AIAA – Second Annual California Aerospace Week, Sacramento, CA, 12 March 2013. May 2013 May 8th “lunch and learn” on the Hill about our NASA / USFS fire fighting work. Audience: Congressional staff. CBP Predator B

  12. Recent Publications Hinkley, E.A., V.G. Ambrosia, S. Wegener, 2013. “Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Environmental Monitoring Applications.” In Society of American Engineers International, In editing, 2013. Ambrosia, V. G., T. Zajkowski, 2013. “Selection of Appropriate Class UAS / Sensors to Support Fire Monitoring, Real-Life Experiences In the U.S.” In Valavanis, K., (ed.), Unmanned Aerial Systems Handbook, P. X-XX, 2013, In Editing / Publishing. Ambrosia, V. G., B. Quayle, 2013. “Time Sensitive Remote Sensing Information in Support of Wildfire Management”, In Lippitt, Stow, and Coulter., (ed.), Time-Sensitive Remote Sensing, Springer Publishing. 2013. CBP Predator B

  13. Workshop Focus CBP Predator B

  14. Workshop Focus CBP Predator B

  15. Workshop Focus CBP Predator B

  16. Workshop Focus CBP Predator B

  17. Workshop Focus CBP Predator B

  18. Workshop Focus CBP Predator B

  19. Workshop Focus CBP Predator B

  20. Workshop Focus CBP Predator B